Why You will Fail as a Photographer

Why You will Fail as a Photographer

hi and welcome back to my channel and today's subject is why you will fail as a photographer to many the title may seem like tick bait and in essence perhaps it is to an extent because I want to explain to you that becoming a professional successful photographer is a lot harder than just being a good photographer there are many people out there who believe that you just need to attend courses on photography and that you just need to learn your camera very well that you need good equipment you need the right lenses and you will become a successful photographer they attend cause of the course of the course paying a lot of money to learn photography to become good photographers and yes many of those people do become very good photographers but do they become successful photographers and this is where photographers fail where young aspiring passionate new photographers become failures because they believe all they need to be is a good photographer they believe that they need this lens or this next new lens all the slings a big lens and these will make them a good photographer and make them successful and when they've gone through those they get to a point where they think you know it's not the lenses I need a better camera I need hold on I need this camera or no no hold on I need this camera oh maybe that's what Oh hold on no I need this camera and they keep buying cameras not knowing that the camera the lasers attached to the camera is not going to make them a successful photographer it has nothing to do with your gear you can be the best photographer in the world and you will still fail as a photographer now why do I say you will fail as a photographer even if you have all this gear even if I have all this gear about four years ago I lost all of this I had none of this gear I had to start from scratch because everything was stolen and my insurance didn't pay I had to reacquire everything it's not about the gear I acquired this gear for a very specific purpose I needed every specific piece of equipment to perform a specific task being a successful photographer as nothing to do with your gear and I restarted my entire company four years ago after I lost everything with the minimum of equipment with very basic equipment I restarted and I read all of this in just four years does that make me a successful photographer maybe yes maybe no to some it'll say yes some nerve I'm not a rich photographer I do consider myself successful because I work hard I have a passion for my photography and it is my only form of income I have no other form of income other than some hobby working some laser cutting in some wood work which is hobby work but it's not an income Photography pays my rent it pays my insurance it pays my license fees yes I actually pay license fees for all the software on my PCs I have no pirate software on any of my PC's and that is very important you are a failure if pirate software is all you can depend on keeping two and abiding by the law is very important because abiding by the law shows self-discipline without self discipline as a photographer you will fail but that's not the most important reason why you will fail most photographers fail as photographers for one simple reason you can be a very mediocre photographer or you can be a very good photographer and you will fail because if you don't know how to sell a photo if you don't know how to sell your photography you cannot be successful so no matter how good you are no matter how many courses you have attended no matter how good a camera you have no matter how well you know your camera or your lenses or how good your lighting is your photography will fail you will fail as a photographer if you cannot sell a single photo so I tell people the most important thing to learn is to learn to sell photography sell it to the people who really need it if you don't know how to sell photo don't go to more photography courses because more photography courses are going to make you a good photographer but not a successful photographer go to marketing courses go learn marketing I'm not gonna teach you marketing I've got my own style of good my own way of selling photos and know how to advertise into the market that makes me a successful photographer that's my markers every marker is very specific and you need to know how to sell yourself into a market and for that you need to go study marketing if you want to become a successful photographer stop going to photography courses and go to marketing courses I know photographers who are absolutely brilliant fantastic photographers some of the best people I've seen way bigger than I have ever dreamed to be but they cannot sell a photo and then I know photographers who are well mediocre even below me mediocre I know some photographers who actually hmm pretty bad but who continue in the markets they survive and some of them thrive they are successful even though they are not very good at what they do they are not very good photographers purely because they've seen a market and I approach that market and they sell to that market because they have figured out how to sell to that market if you want to become a successful photographer first learn to sell photos becoming a good photographer is something which takes time practice you don't become a good photographer overnight and learning the technicalities of photography aperture shutter I suppose and all how all that stuff works why do I need a full-frame camera why do I need it 70 to 200 lens why do I need low light prime lenses one point eight one point four lenses 120 lenses why do I need this stuff it doesn't matter not now if you are learning photographer the first thing you need to figure out is how to sell a photo because if you can't sell a photo you cannot make a success you cannot grow that camera in your hands you might have a camera because most photographers I know only at least one camera and they are using it and many of them are giving away their photos for free because they don't have to sell it or they're selling it on the cheap they selling their photos for nothing and in a few months down the line or maybe a year or you know of two years the camera breaks down or even gets stolen and they are stuck with nothing and they fail or they give up giving up this painting because they never figured out how to sell photography no matter how good a photographer you are and I don't want to break down anyone it doesn't matter how good you are it matters how good you are it's selling photography sell your photos first before you figure out how to become a good photographer guys take that black button I appreciate it because I want other people other photographers to hear about this I want those who have already filed it photography to understand why I failed because photography needs to be an industry where you sell photos and learn to sell photos first before you become good at taking photos you don't need to be a good photographer to become a successful photographer you just need to know how to successfully sell the photo see you in the next video

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  • June 26, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    you bring up a good point here . i had never thought about it.
    cheers mate


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