The Battery-Man Song – Live at joiz – Premiere

The Battery-Man Song - Live at joiz - Premiere

so I wrote a little song to try and help us all encourage us all to recycle some batteries there it is the battery bag I like to call this the battery man song pick me battery man in my bright yellow lycra with my recycling lad it's the battery bag you can use it again you can give it to your friends but 30 million batteries every year get thrown away and almost every part of every one of them we can say we can say say if we can say here comes battery man in his emerald green cloak with his battery bag in his hand he's a recycler at heart and he strides every day just to change the way we behave it's so easy every battery thrown away can be saved eleven thousand places around the country you can take your platter is too say go by trees too yes it's battery man and he's smiling at you is he sliding right into your mind leaving a battery back in your head and your heart and your hand and you're feeling sublime all you need is his bag in your hand to stop the precious batteries ending up in the waste in did incinerate you can be a superhero like me just remember always recycle your batteries bring teeny linear path wizard reckon say Kelly to a penis I ipod tape users a shame battery man is inside all of uh

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