Street photography with a film camera, My first street photography shoot with my Nikon FM2

Street photography with a film camera,  My first street photography shoot with my Nikon FM2

we’ll go the right way but you we need
to go that way hello how we doing so today I’m with Julien a good friend of
mine and we’ve just been down to bath to see a photo exhibition show con thing
called photo fest and I thought well we’ve got amazing evening we’d come down
and try and do some street photography and in the absolutely gorgeous city of
Bath and it’s not somewhere more fat beautiful up in Christmas sort of time
here but it’s not somewhere actually been and especially not with my camera
normally just come here for a wonderful Christmas time sort of thing so it’s a
really really cool to see everyone get some nice street photography especially
with the harsh light that we’ve got today a little bit of difference though
I’m actually going to be shooting with my film camera not using the Fuji x100f
I can only do more videos I’m actually shooting with the 100% manual or nothing
electronic in this camera does have a light meter actually but what me using
that so it’s a Nikon FM2 film camera and I’m going to be shooting with an
ilford HP5 film which I’m going to push the film to 800 ISO just to give me a
bit more flexibility with the ISO so yeah we’re going to wander round oh yeah
and that’s the DJI Osmo action on the top there just to get some of the shots
so another one around try and find some nice light it is a gorgeous place so
we’re not going to show all four sort of composition but it’s a yeah yes quite a
touristy place hopefully won’t be too busy now so coming to the end of the
date right then we’re only through my
settings obviously shooting with a film camera
there’s a few limitations say limitations it’s almost like it frees
your feet a few complexities you have with digital cameras so don’t have the
luxury I’ve caught a lot of the other things you get used to with a digital
camera like histogram changing ISO and that sort of thing focus peaking
clipping a lot something but it’s gonna be really really good fun it’s a I love
this camera I absolutely love shooting film it’s only something I’ve been doing
for the last sort of six months a little bit of a project I was trying to run and
which I talked about I’m actually developing my own film as well using
them passing tanks it’s really really good phone I really am enjoying using
film again I haven’t shot film since I was a college going back to
many years ago so yeah a few things I learnt no didn’t know when I initially
used to shoot film that you could actually push and pull film so basically
what that means is you never you buy a 400 film whatever it said on the box a
si or ISO 400 and you can actually change the ISO in camera to add more and
more contrast or to be able to give you more flexibility or to to pull the film
back and shoot at 200 ISO just to give you a bit more of a flatter look so what
I’ve decided to do is to push this 400 film to 800 that’s going to give me a
more option for debt bigger depth of field and a faster shutter speed
especially when the light starts dipping so I think 800 ISO is a good way to sort
of base my exposures and with I’m shooting with a 50ml lens on this now
we’re going to trying these try and keep it as much as I can to f8 reason being
obviously I want to get as much depth of field as possible but I want to try and
keep the camera as simple as possible so I haven’t got to worry about the
settings and stuff I can literally for the most part trying to keep the the
focus in one place the aperture F 5.6 f/8 so I’ll get my depth of field and I
want to try and keep my shutter speed about five hundredth of a second as well
the lowest all goes to is 250th of a second obviously cuz I want to try and
maximize the amount of light coming into the camera so yeah keep it all very
simple but hopefully we’ll get some good images it’s gonna be good fun I didn’t
go didn’t I think I didn’t get the right side of the the line that’s on the floor
there so my my shadows ruining it anyway but what I want is that shadow pointing
up to that light but I miss it with that shot
was a bit of a rush Constanta just literally getting the camera focused
there’s so many commonalities one in the film on go to 500 5 6 actually the lights really really good
that way they said that way window and if we can get this guy sitting on a
railing from the side and realize in servant 500th of a second f8 come on go
to five six focus at five meters he’s the rail in I had to cheat a little
bit there because the forgetting that I was on a 50 mil lens and I wasn’t even
looking through the camera eyes to try and get the same shot again but using
the using the viewfinder because the first one was too much right now it’s
far too close oh I think I like that one
I like a shadow see we’ll get ours a woman come in the way it’s gonna get her
again get this shot now enjoy just episod the
road rather annoying you to pose lovely for that shot but wanted him to wouldn’t
have been street photography then though would it have been cheating and he
seemed eager to take the pictures who had to pick up his bag to get out the
way that’s really quite not even would have been a good char Peter stood that
is when I spotted him he was taking a picture from a distance it was really
really good I loved the scene of the war Lee okay it
was just a fantastic live fantastic background not the part with his vintage
camera they were showing that well this is fantastic light up here this has to
be a good shot there has to be all these fantastic and pillows and stuff around
me nobody seems to be walking in the shade but the shadows and the low-light
is absolutely stunning gotta be a good shot amongst this lot if I can get over
this shot I think now be a good shot the guy was
studying dappled light really likes a nice frame what he was dead by nice and
relaxed pose and and it’s just difficult with with not especially with filming
with this camera as well because I haven’t got the haven’t got the Nick
onto my eye so I’m having to sort of just do this thing just holding the
camera down so there’s have been a few shots where I’m pretty much certain that
the first attempt isn’t gonna work I might have the moment I want to have the
light I might have that the person in the right position but I’ve been taking
a second shot just to see if I could get a better composed shot and just by
keeping the camera to my I like that because without the screen on the back
it just goes to show how much we take for granted having an LCD yeah really
yeah really enjoying this challenge though it’s been really really good fun
no boosters in the way like it’s amazing a bit slippy as well was this worth I
think I was gonna happen that it did I did not think that was gonna happen sure I’m not sure if I was Square and I
got that horrible background I was a bit of a rush I really really like this like
going up it’s that corner I was concentrating I’m trying to get rid of
that close that gap with the tree is there just trying to be over here at
same time I ones at the line of contrast here and there’s a chap going from the
right sorry from the left to the right it’s gonna see if there’s anyone else
coming it was really exciting machine for film
course you’ve got no idea what your pictures are gonna come out like so I’m
really keeping an eye on my I’m using an app on my phone and I’ll keep checking
just to make sure the light hasn’t changed so much now it’s not overcast
now actually but I’m just making sure that the law isn’t changing that motion
I can keep to the same settings but it’s really exciting because I’ve got no idea
if your pictures are coming out after the sharp or not I don’t know if you
guys have seen anyone put them at the end of it over it’s really really
exciting of course it just means that you’ve got to make sure you set into the
right slows you down yeah less about the camera more about seeing it and
obviously just making sure the settings hopefully if the settings say the same
I’m looking for the same light there shouldn’t really be any reason to change
the settings in the camera because I’m not going to be taking any photographs
when I’m locked in a shaded area even if I’m in a shaded area I’m going to be
metering for the light the same life as if I was standing in a really bright
area so not street photography I know technically but look at the the shadows
on these houses here absolutely fantastic so shame there isn’t more of a
shape going around but I really love that shadow so I’m gonna take a quick
portrait shot at last that’s really really cool by walking from my right
I focused at like two meters away so I’ll focus at three meters away go in
that gap there I think he was more than three meters away should have left it
off five meters that’s across the road here now if he walks to the right in
that light over there I’ll have a job China voice like the refrain but
hopefully look like she’s gonna go right I don’t like the hotel there but what
can you do in the shop that’s a good that light on that corner
chain the bins there Oh Coco didn’t get it but I was focused at infinity f8 on
that light that lady Chinese able to push a walk in the opposite way to that
sign might have been okay she was just nowhere near the side always focused at
pretty much infinity to get that sign sharp and there’s no way on a full frame
camera that her being about three meters away from that song Julia dude just try
again okay going up for that location but
losing lights the problem we’ve got is I’m trying to I’ve still got like I’ve
only taken 18 pictures I’m probably got half an hour left before I lose light
and I can’t stand my images when I’ve got no light so I’m going to do if I put
them put the camera next to this glass here quite a nice reflection and a pre
focus on that curb the only thing I don’t like about the sign now in the
back of it so I’ll have to do is wait for somebody to come around here close
enough to this corner people seem to walk on the road around it that’s like
there are cars driving up and everybody seems to use the road and not not the
path all over the steps there the light has gone really low which is
gorgeous but it means that we have to be careful where we’re standing so there’s
a shot that I’m in now which are really really like fantastic textures on this
wall I was the guy just walking up to it and as he smoked you could see I was
just showing Doolin you could see like fantastic sort of silhouette of him
against that wall there and it was really really cool but as we’re standing
here we get an our shadow in it as well it’s even with a 50 mil then standing
right back because the Sun is so low my silhouette is over there so it’s a
making things been difficult to be putting it politely it’s the nightmare
we’re running out of time and the other thing I didn’t worry I’ve
got is I keep seem to be falling into a trap of taking the same folk life over
and over again because the light is so I’m not finding any like walkways or
anything like that even slightly lift and all I’m finding it’s nice side lit
buildings so it just it just means that I’m constantly falling into the trap of
taking the same photograph over and over again but you really don’t want to do
and I’m trying to try to get out of that yeah I just found a shot then that was
completely different and then my shadows on it so he can’t weigh in Kenya so I
just took a snap of a guy put a little bit of a g-body he was walking just
across this I was getting a bit frustrated because the light is gorgeous
here but I’m just desperately trying to do something different there’s a guy
coming here now anything again it’s just it’s just like I’m pre focus to five
metres and perhaps that needs a bit three metres I’ve gone down to five
point six and I just know these shots aren’t gonna be shaft or try another
explosion one thirty thirty exposures now so I’ve got about five or six left
and all I want to do is I know that if I exposed for the light here on the
right-hand side that is going to be pitch-black so I’m going to crop it at
the back of that pillar there so Ivan I’ve like just to put just the front of
someone’s face as they walk they the transition as they go from the dark side
to the light side here but I want to be quite close to them so let’s go to two
metres I’m probably not even two meters away let’s go two meters and just wait
somebody coming this way but they need to be one person on their own I’ve
missed two shots I think they would have been the ones to have well that was focused at two meters away
from the camera f8 500 per second don’t know how close to this column I
want to be and I don’t want to people there really but I have to get a shot focused at infinity using these columns
blowing them out f4 not gonna work because they’re focusing infinity anyway
he’s not really see how this is gonna beat this photograph but hits the floor some of the cheese I’m back at infinity again occurs when I
clear this line of pillars the lady is there if I just use the line of pillars
wait for somebody to come out about say five meters away from me losing light so
this is a flat photograph anyway there’s no decent contrast to at all but so
focusing out five meters like five point six I’ve gone down to 200 250th of a
second so I’m going to construe on the shot because I’m going to be all day off so that is the end of my film 36
exposures I’m pretty certain that now because I’m not taking any more
photographs I’m probably gonna find a belter on the way back to the car but
it’s been really really really really really good fun awesome challenge really
good for you enjoy it so haven’t even had to I was in bath I
mean but definitely you gotta come back because 2 hours is just not enough from
the problem we had was just running out a light and I can’t really even find a
composition in flight I just need contrast I need something so yeah it was
very very limited so we’re but it’s really really good fun but no really enjoy shooting with the
film camera I mean I’ve I bought a medium format
camera as well which doesn’t really work that well for street photography because
it’s even slower but I didn’t find the actual film side of the camera
restricting tutorials just the folks in but no I really really enjoyed using it
out of 36 exposures out of the 36 exposures and I’m probably looking
forward to seeing three I don’t think there’s many younger like that the idea
was there a few times I was getting a bit frustrated as well because we were
so limited with like the the different compositions of what nothing was jumping
out at me and bath is so beautiful such an amazing place so much charisma so
much charm ideal place for street photography lots of people around but
yeah just because the light disappeared but no really really enjoyed using the
the Nick on FM 2 I actually give a shout out to Scotland cameras for sorting this
out for me because they knew I wanted this camera and they found a really
really mint one so yeah thanks guys and but yeah I hope you enjoyed the video as
I said I’m going to scan and develop my own negatives using a person tank and I
might do a video on that but I’ll put a link to a few of the guys and put them
up there as well feel the guys that have helped me out of the youtubers have
helped me out with my year with my film learning process haven’t done it for so
long but yeah really hope you enjoyed the
video thanks so much for watching hit the subscribe button if you haven’t done
so and jump over and see Julian’s channel
as well he’s a good landscape salesmen from the south go so thanks again I’ll
see you guys soon take care

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    Really liked the look of that low perspective shot at the base of the column with the people in the distance. Close up shots of people near walls or other structures with vertical shots I often tilt my camera one way or another for effect. Sometimes it helps eliminate unwanted elements out of a shot. I always have a lot more fun shooting film over digital.
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    Glad you've got the film bug. It does make you think about not boxing yourself in as you're limited by the roll of film. Maybe invest in a Trip 35 as the 4 zone focusing makes it ideal for street photo's…even less to think about. (Certainly my vote for the best camera ever made).
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