the thing that's most interesting about street art is it sort of screaming at you it's demanding your attention if I can put it just wait man this homerun what I'm trying to do is whip people up to who we are I want to wake people up to realize we are all one a part of that same connected human family welcome to street art stories I go to a party I'm I'm like the weirdo who's just staring at everybody I'm just people watching and taking it all in and the thing about being an artist that is most intense is it's a constant observation constantly reflecting on that I mean personally I'm very grateful to have come up with the concept where I get to step out into the world and connect with person after person after person it's kind of like speed dating one by one as soul steps up and we just stare at each other today we live in a very disconnected society but what's interesting is both the aesthetic and the actual creation of drawing people I'm connecting it's a mix between a live performance piece and the end we have an aesthetic I'll see the outline of eyes and eyeballs hoping that it's somewhat in the right place sometimes people want a hug afterward you just gotta roll with it it's a complete surrender I don't think a lot of people understand how much courage it requires to share one's creation every day before I have a big project or a mural or something big I don't sleep the night before there's just so much running through my consciousness having something out in the street thousands of people can see it if it's on a busy intersection just in one day think about to-and-from traffic how many people are gonna be driving by and potentially could see that piece of work as artists we are poets with pictures and we use symbols and drawings and even color to convey or provoke emotion or ideas I want people to feel inspired to create themselves humanity the human family

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  • July 27, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    I hate people that want to be weird


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