Sony Vegas | How to Change Length of all Pictures in a Slide show

Sony Vegas | How to Change Length of all Pictures in a Slide show

what is up everybody it's stuck a down here back at it again with another video and today I am gonna be doing a tutorial on Sony Vegas on pretty much when you do a slideshow and let's see you dragging a photo from anywhere or a bunch of them and they're too short you feel like they're too short anyone want to be longer but you don't want to go through like all every single one of them and you know make it longer or shorter because it's hard to like do every single one the same length that way so I'm gonna teach you how to make it so that whenever you dragging a photo it'll be a certain length the length that you choose so yeah so pretty much what you want to do is you wanna go to options preferences a pre vs. editing and then we're says new still image like in seconds by the way it's seconds so like here it says three so it's gonna be three seconds each photo so if you change that to maybe five click apply okay now if I drag in these pictures as you see they're now five seconds they're longer so now you can do that for the rest of your slideshow and you know just do that and it'll OB five seconds or you know it's too long you can go back changes it to you know like wine or something no no don't do what don't do one when's the weight t-shirt no new like four four is good so you could apply okay you know and all that draggin your picture and as you see it's four seconds it's longer than the five and bigger than the three so it yeah and there we go thank you for watching everyone if you like this video please leave a like if you have any questions just leave a comment I tried to make this suit like really simple as simple as I can as fast as most people just talk on and on like I'm doing right now before actually getting to the real tutorial but here we go hopefully I did that well oh and subscribe if you're new and just thank you for watching everyone we have to go back to class because because the second last day of school but so we come back and it works so it was back everything was good and then we ready to show up for tomorrow or so we thought

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  • July 8, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    You are a life saver!


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