SONG OF TEXAS – Roy Rogers, Sheila Ryan – full Western Movie [English]

SONG OF TEXAS - Roy Rogers, Sheila Ryan - full Western Movie [English]

[Applause] oh boy we made it he's not here yet I [Applause] know you'd like to make all the rounds boy but to get pretty late we'd better get back to show well this is the last one bought my promise to the next year hi kids it really is well getting a chance to be here this year and meet you all in person and say howdy to you and I brought the horse trigger along and I know he's tickled to death to come back and say hello to you glad to be here how about you giving me a kick kid I'm gonna get on trigger to have him do a little dance for you you're getting more beautiful every time I see you I'm gonna come back here and run off with you oh thank you would say you're looking better partners he's still gonna write those buckin bronc for meet you yeah well boy I'm saving the best one to show for you hello there what's your name this is Rosita her parents sent her here from Mexico City for treatment I think she's a little homesick Rosita well I think I've got just the cure for homesickness all right fellas Mexicali rose I'm Lea Mexicali rose stop when the devil of his way all the castle you've been busy well Mexicali rose subprime I'll come back to you some sunny day every night you know well behind every art of you while I'm away rival big brown eyes my then it's all those tears and please don't start kiss me once again malleable I wish this Ward could be here to see this well you mean Sam Bennett he was a great performer seems to me I've heard you're a pretty good performer yourself no thanks but they'll never be another one like him he was a champion in and out of the arena I need the money awful bad or I wouldn't ask you for it what makes you think I'd let you have $500 or even $100 I made plenty for you Jim and your brother in my day you said it in your day and that's a long time fast you're gonna stay away from booze and gambling he'll honor the money you made for yourself you wouldn't look the way you do sorry Bennett we don't run an organization for charity I don't want charity Jim mr. Calvert well I just thought I know this business so well that there ought to be something around here I could do it to pay the money back if you let me have it we aren't going to place around here for has bins you can get a handout of the cook laggin if you're hungry hey Bill Kirk won't be able to go out the chuck wagon right so you're just thrown and broken off now what well we just have to get somebody else that's all you might drive it yourself not me there's easy ways to commit suicide than that wait a minute hey Sam we need to drive it for the chuck wagon race used to drive in one of your younger then you can handle it again why you wanted $500 there's a $500 purse if you win then I'll win and thanks for the chance I better go see you about your team you go with him Jim he's too old for that kind of a team he may get hurt I don't care what he gets as long as it's not $500 of my money but I'll pay the doctor bills wagons really Roy you're up next okay saddle him up for me will you bill hey Roy who's racing against you that also over there take another look Sam Bennett it can't be hard to believe that guy was ever a champ huh I was looking at the picture of him this morning what a change you know why he's doing this and that kind of stuff no job for an old man he probably wants to hear the yell of a crowd again show business in your Bloods about the most incurable element there is they tell me I'm going to open wish him luck we understand each other don't let me down baby mr. Bennett that's right I'm Roy Rogers oh I heard of you I'm driving against you in the race today I want you to know I'm mighty proud to be working on the same program with you thanks we ought to put on a real race out there you and I if I'm lucky enough to win it'll be because I've got a better team not because I'm the better driver you ain't won yet I feel the same way about good luck mr. Bennett driving there before wagon and the outside will be Roy Rogers key the cowboys and stars of Calvin for the rodeo show I think number two on the inside will be economic rate rodeo star in his own right Sam Bennett the teams will race out of the arena to a flank stop one mile away and back to the finish line in front of the grandstand are you ready [Applause] hello I just passed the halfway point and reach the halfway mark sad that it holds this line to eat but it's anybody's race yet [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] she's hurt bad just seems to be shaken up a bit Roy take him to my tent and get adopted so that's why I took the chance is he feeling any better yeah he's all right the doctors took a look at it so he was lucky to be alive the doc gonna take a look at that wagon they gave him to drive need know how lucky was what I mean I don't think that thing had ever seen any grease the harness was so old of his falling apart why those dirty crooks no wonder they get my chance at the purse yeah you boys don't feel like you want to be your own bosses yes well that's why we bought the ranch well we've been saving our money for to put stock on it why good because we're quitting this outfit today right now do you mean that I sure do well gosh we haven't got enough money yet have we maybe not we'll get by on a little less than we need them to be tied up with a bunch of crooks I feel the same way about that myself you said it and there sooner the quicker you know what I think the smell of them two cowboy brothers what's been ruining my stomach let's go tell him to quit I'll tell him for all of us the rest you boys get packed up and going out to the ranch Pat and I'll take a look at that stock Lewontin very valiant we'll see you later you might start fixing things up a little all right and say Roy don't think we ought to hang around a bit just in case of trouble you know they're going to howl and plenty too I might do a little howling myself feeling better I guess so I'm sorry about the way the race turned out today mr. Bennett well it teaches me not to drive for the Calvert Brothers or against strangers without checking my equipment more carefully I had nothing to do with the equipment whether you believe it or not my opinion of the Calvert Brothers is the same as yours I'm leaving him don't make any difference to me what you do wait a minute here's the rest of your stuff that's a mighty cute little girl you got there oh so you read other people's mail too believe me mr. Bennett I'm on your side how'd you expect to entertain your daughter on her vacation if you broke your neck out there today I don't know but if she finds out about me I just assumed it was broken find out before you read the telegram do I look like a ranch owner do I look like a big shot the last time she saw me I was a champ you still look like one to me you got a raw deal out there today and I'd like to do something to to make up for it there's nothing you can do yes there is you've been telling your daughter you have a ranch haven't you yeah well mister you've got one as long as she's here alright we'll talk about it later you wait here for me I'm gonna go kiss the Calvert Brothers goodbye and I don't think they're gonna like it sure looks well Tim we've been working ever since we got here those wild horses got here and boy do they look good there'll be more here in a day or so Sam why don't you write off the healthy fat are you sure you want to go through with this I'll see in a few minutes gone what's Sam doing out here it's a long story boys but he's sort of our guest well that wasn't so long well there's a little more to it than that you see he's in a jam and I knew you boys wouldn't mind helping out an old timer so I told him as long as these daughter was only gonna be here for a few days his daughter today what is it what goes off well what I'm trying to tell you is this she thinks he owns a ranch and she's coming to visit him well he does know one so I told him he could sorta use this one you mean we've got to make up like our ranch belongs to him only for the weekend listen that was teasing an awful Jam think how you'd feel if it was your daughter and you told her you was a big shot I don't even know how to feel for had a daughter let alone tell her I was a big shot boy I thought we wasn't gonna allow women on this ranch she's no woman Bob she's a little girl we've got other things to do besides running a nursery – I agree with Bob but I'll change my vote on one condition you're the nursemaid you keep her out of the way okay how do you boys feel about well I'm sure glad you approve because if your trinkets in this afternoon oh mama doll that's funny maybe she fell off the train daddy's sure he knows you're coming certainly maybe you sent those men Demeter's I'll go ask hey you asked the skinny when I saw the other one first I'm gonna ask these ladies if they've seen you try ladies first well I was expecting my father to meet us they do you know I'm Sam Bennett oh sure we're looking for his daughter you mean you're sue why yes did he send you to meet us no I mean yes only only what is there's nothing wrong certainly not everything's fine say you're a little big for your age aren't you you're kind of young for your size ain't you he has to eat those for his teeth what you got behind your back another 100 don't know I mean I ain't got nothing by my back are you sure it just teeth in a week you had to open your big mouth shall we go help me in junior [Applause] hello I'm so happy to be here oh I've waited a long time for this honey was just like I dreamed it would be you the ranch the country everything I was trying to boy she sure got caught up looks fun little kid some kid is right and I'm gonna die like one draw to be the nurse named did you want to see dad about anything important nothing can't wait sure is nice sitting out here in the open air alone isn't it yes it is well I do so but I'd be very happy to have your company I want to hear all about the ranch I just love to talk about the ranch good evening miss Bennett good evening I was just passing by and I saw you sitting there hmm pardon me mr. Bennett I thought you had already gone in do you want to see me about something no no sir just passing by well don't let us stop you good night Yesi good night miss Bennett good night with a beam trick don't think I approve of it you better stop the bus in one word now what I said that one for two I hadn't wanted to hear about the ranch wouldn't talk about the ranch in the daylight how would you like to hear a song instead alright that's well I'll get more extra yes Father be right back sweet boys the singing as evening shadow is in my heart grow fonder ass through the flowers I wonder we thought so too dear always of you dear bring wonderful memories of you my reposes in beautiful thought so through you discloses loves old in green sparkling bring memories very very nice mr. Bennett goodness during the livestock that was triggered just schooling me I guess you better not go any closer than horses they start telling off again [Applause] [Applause] coulda been worse this Fito to dry out pretty fast kappa don't sprout first speaking of sprouts look what's coming up hi boys looks like you had a little fire we wasn't smudging no orange girl that's too bad to do much damage very little you'll be sorry to hear what do you want oh nothing undertake a little shows booked in town next week I came out ahead to get things lined up being so close I thought I'd drop out and see how you're getting along well we're getting along fine why don't you follow suit get along still want to run your own show eh take a look around what do you think well I think you will it looks pretty good Rodgers no use you and I squabbling like a couple of schoolboys I loved it my show is better with you in it I'm willing to make it worth your while I tell you what I'll do you come back and I'll cut you in fifty-fifty we'll split the profits right up the middle what do you say I'm sorry that's pretty good offer we'd be partners that's just it I don't think we'd make good partners I'm sorry you feel that way about it the ashamed of you boys to lose this nice setup our plans don't include losing it maybe you haven't planned far enough in the future the Calvert brothers control the whole rodeo circuit what are you gonna do if you find yourself with a show and no place to play it nobody to look at it we'll take your chances on that yeah I see it's a very nice setup I forgot to tell you Sam Bennett's here too bad you have to leave maybe you'd like to say hello to Sam right who was that just some guy trying to sell us a bill of goods business why didn't he stop by and see dad he knew your father wouldn't be interested in what he had to sell Oh Roy would you mind coming up to the house for a few minutes dad and I have some questions about the ranch sure who wants to teach me to ride hi I do how are you both so cute I'll let you both teach me I'm beginning to find out why you've got that worried wrinkle she always was an inquisitive brat you shouldn't bother Roy like this he's got other things to think of now won't take long and besides after finding out that you have no insurance I'm prepared for anything better look at all the books first books certainly your accounts accounts Oh Oh counts we don't exactly keep accounts but you must how do you keep track of your bills we just sort of pay them when they come in and forget about them huh yeah yeah but that's absurd when this ranch has been going a long time it's like any other business you have to run it in a businesslike way now you must have some sort of records well I'd be glad to go integrity but it's kind of complicated you might not be able to understand the details of it the firm I work for in New York has a monthly turnover of 1/2 million dollars and I keep the books well whatever we make we just put it in a bank and when we need money we just take it out again go on then at the end of the year we see if there's anything left look there's anything left to swell which there seldom is I get it oh so what do you want to bother with us for now you're supposed to be on a vacation why don't you get out in the air take a little ride yeah I've got a horse all saddled up for you you'll like him besides it's a shame to waste a beautiful day like this indoors I guess you're right there's no point in my talking bookkeeping if you know nothing about it is there we just use different systems maybe someday I'll learn yours or I'll learn yours mr. Rogers can go into place when it comes to you know Hildegard was telling me the other night wait a minute what it's all about of the boys all gone crazy those aren't the boys you better stay right here I want to think excitement this is no game you do as I say here comes a guy for the rich let's get out of here right [Applause] good why didn't you say why I told you – because I'm stupid but I rather resent your tone considering your position my position right now is better than yours I've got a horse to ride home warning you wouldn't dare you get my horse at once and that's an order I'll try I might not be able to find him when he asked like that he's pretty wild I might even get lost myself wait a minute will you find him for me please no good put him back in the corral wonder they didn't crack their hoofs clean through making a run across rocks like that we'd have caught them bandits I'd make him run back that Canyon barefoot that wouldn't hurt Calvin and he's no tender you think was his idea hey why don't we go into town and take him apart I'll punch him so full of holes you can claim like a flute we haven't any proof it just flies hunch oh it's too bad miss Bennett had to spoil it just like a dame no show up when you don't want her I think you ought to tell her troubled you and you don't know how to handle women oh but he does pass no he doesn't he's too polite oh I was just saying Roy you ought to be more polite boy why didn't you tell me last night that you and dad were partners partners I don't try and pretend dad told me all about it Oh can't you see he had to I had a few changes in mind after last night so dad finally broke down and told me why they couldn't be made imagine trying to fire your father's partner you know he said you were so valuable he had to make you a partner but that you didn't want to accept I think you're too modest but I'd like to have a copy of the partnership papers to keep just in case something should happen we haven't any papers it's just a gentlemen's agreement nothing in writing well suppose I could happen to dad how could you prove your share well I I think for your own protection you ought to have it in writing if you think so I certainly do I'll have Hildegard drop of paper something informal between friends I tried to talk her out of it let her do it she gets a kick out here you are sorry to keep you waiting nicely formal little thing read it the human may concern whereas between the party of the first part in the party of the second part to be known hereafter by the above and aforementioned titles what sounds legal enough where do I sign oh well you don't sign yet we have to go into town to have it notarized into town well certainly otherwise it's not valid you had no objections have you realized oh no ma'am the party of the second part is definitely in favor going to town with you and the party of the first part big doings are going on in town now Fiesta and everything will have fun well I'll be getting back to the ranch don't you want to watch that oh this is all stuff to your dad what do you want me to go with you no stay and enjoy yourself shall we go [Applause] [Applause] just like the star club with tamales [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] No la Luna que tienes Jenny the little bird no se lo dance and arias yeah the little cami yeah in Mexico where the phrases low there I'm bound to close and yareta here is the love I bring the cielito lindo my own are Marita or when our time together cielito lindo the [Applause] hiya Rogers given my offer any more consideration it didn't need any more it's a very stubborn fella miss gray Miss Bennet mr. kelvil Oh Sam in that case I guess you'll be coming out to see the show your father was a great performer in this Davis Bennett the best of them all thank you very happy to mention I still want that ranch Rodgers does he want to buy the ranch I guess over that I mean we don't want to sell us basically to him oh I see I have some shopping to do wait for me here I understand that you're instead and buying my father's batch I'd like to hear more about it your father's right well yes his invoice their partners you know I know I didn't know well then you have on top of dead okay are you sure about this of course I'm sure I know my own father's ranch look is this convince you I'd like a talkie I panicked I think you better talk to me I'm afraid that Roy has too much influence with heaven you two don't seem to be on the best of terms you'll see here that I have power of attorney I think maybe we can get together hello honey have a good time here pity you'll find out what's this this is the check I sold your half of the ranch to gem Calvert and that's a timetable on which you're going to select a train that will take us home oh so you shouldn't've I thought you'd be happy you said it I know I did but and the Jim Calvert of all people you have to take it back Oh dad I don't think he will he's got to take a look at some stop well I thought I heard Sam's voice in here where is he he just went out he's very much upset upset yes I might as well tell you I used the power of attorney that dad gave me and I sold his half of the ranch – Jim Calvert you did what well that's about as clearly as I can state it well don't you think you were going a little too far five was his to sell wasn't it not without my consent maybe I don't want coward as a partner well I can't see that dad did very well would you as a partner maybe he was doing a little better than you think hey what's all the excitement where's your dad going coyote honey what do you mean what do I mean why just ran out of here strapping on the biggest portable cannon I ever saw it on my life Bernie jumped on a horse and rode out of the yard like someone was after him where was it going said he was going to make Jim cowboy take his check back well if he gets hurt you can thank me for dreaming up such a crazy idea in the first place and you for waking us up gosh it took me four hours to make this one and I gotta make 20 of them before we go out on the road I'll be rolling hook breath my life I don't want it back then it you see I checked very carefully and it's all nice and legal but I tell you about me tell you your daughter is a smart businesswoman she knew I was anxious to have any part of that branch and she made me pay a nice price for it but she couldn't sell it here I don't own look whatever the law says differently you and Rodgers signed a partnership agreement I don't care what the law says you're giving me back dead of a sale you're giving it back or you're a dead man you're asking for trouble Bennett I'm asking for that bill of sale quick don't move your hands okay but it's in that drawer I'll give [Applause] hold that gun back inside Calvert all right Rakesh come on inside have a cigar no thanks I'm not gonna argue the legality this thing calvert but you know that ranch isn't big enough for both of us well I'm very happy with our partnership of course if you're not happy to find out I've got a chronic case of rattlesnakes you should say not what's your proposition I'll buy your half of the ranch if of course what's the if if you sign an agreement to stick with the rodeo and forget this idea of a show of your own and end up working for this tinhorn gambling outfit the rest of my life oh no just until you're too old to perform now think it over if you decide to accept I'd like to have the back of this afternoon's chuck wagon race oh wait a minute I got another idea you call this a tinhorn gambling outfit let's see what kind of a gambler you are make it a little plain you're Chuck wagons against mine my half of the ranch against yours the winner owns it all is that clear enough mister you've got yourself a bet that's one thing she taught us anyway get it and right there now it's understood to wagons apiece whoever wins gets it starting to finish here right hey Rogers what's always talk I hear about it back yeah we've got a big one on well I'm out to win but I'll Drive straight Thanks I'm taking this wagon Jim's orders well I Drive a second you don't drive any today okay ladies and gentlemen the race is about ready to begin are the contestants on the wagons all set to go all right dogs we're about to give the signal [Applause] [Applause] Rogers is in trouble you just worked off the road had a bad accident baby back to race now he's ready glass red is in the lead followed by Bob and Bill [Applause] Wow boy oh there must have been an accident there are only three wagons left in the race now Roy is tweeting Brandon Belt I'll tell you but sure Oh only two wagons left to the race there are only two wagons left in the race Rogers and Calvert are fighting it out better get going we don't want to take any chances boy there's a letter came for you today it's from her audio so she ain't you keep your fingers crossed what does it say boy I listen to this this is to notify you that your audio is booked solidly throughout the circuit for the coming season what's a man don't mind me I'm always bawling a happy ending that's awful good news boy – Roy it's good news for all of us by the way I'd like to get your signature on this who's that it's a contract for his services as Foreman of the wrench well meeting when we go out on the road to the show the summer I think I'm gonna bawl some more hey if you're gonna do that you're gonna need a bigger ankle what do you say we go out and tell the boys about it they're out rounding up some stuff all right what are you crying about their happy ending for me too isn't it you're just gonna show it by shaking hands prepare wait a minute I don't kiss me i'm dinah radha kunda maybe first city feller before a top hand my kisses are slow murder there's a rainbow over the bay and the skies are blue is the Rolling Thunder still since the fall off hills there's a rainbow over the rain here the Cowboys gpio while the dogies feel as though the Sun is riding high in the Prairie sky there's a rainbow I've been told there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but I found that trail just the magic babe it's born in the Sun and rain it's a grand and glorious day and the Palatine roll away the fading thunders David's afar off you there's a rainbow over the Maine

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