Scrapbooking Basics : How to Organize Pictures for a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking Basics : How to Organize Pictures for a Scrapbook

Grace: Welcome back to Expert Village. Today
we’re doing scrapbooking, and my guest, Sonya, is going to teach us how to organize your
photos and memorabilia. Sonya: Now, this is by far the biggest challenge,
Grace. People say, “I’ve got piles and pile of photos, I don’t know what I’m going to
do with them, and so I’m just going to ignore it.” Well, the more you ignore it, the bigger
it’s going to get, so we’ve got a really great tool to help you get organized, and doing
this will take so much pain out of the scrapbooking process.
Grace: Nice! Sonya: It’s great.
Grace: I believe in being organized. Sonya: Now, this is the Photo Case 2000. It’s
called “2000” because it holds upwards of 2,000 photos.
Grace: 2,000! Sonya: 2,000 photos. And, it’s photo-safe,
it’s archival quality. It doesn’t have any materials in here that’s going to deteriorate
your photos. We have all these hard plastic dividers so you can divide your photos by
chronological or events, depending on how you’re scrapbooking.
Grace: Can we look at one? Sonya: Sure, we’ve got some photos up in here
of Guatamala. Grace: And you can write anything on the little
dividers? Sonya: Exactly. You’ve got the little dividers
and now you can write what the event is, what time period it is, or you can use these dividers
as markers for material that is on the flip side of this case. So, we’ve got another side
to this case. Grace: Really! What do we have on the other
side? Sonya: The other side is oversized, it opens
just like the other side, and it’s for your oversized photographs, 5×7, 8×10, panoramics,
we have certificates in here, ribbons, Play-Doh, anything you want to scrapbook that’s a memorabilia
item that you can’t necessarily fit into the 4×6 dividers on the other side.
Grace: That’s great. Sonya: So that’s a really great option. We
have these at the store, we can’t even keep them on the shelves, they just fly right out.
Grace: I can imagine, because you need to find your pictures, and it’s so much easier
to do it this way than just have them all over the place.
Sonya: Exactly. Then, when you have time to scrapbook, those 5, 10, 15 minutes, you can
just grab the first couple of photos, sit down and do it, knock it out and move on.
Grace: So it saves time and space. Sonya: Time, space and energy. It’s great.
Grace. So, if you want that to happen, get the case. And what are we going to do next?
Sonya: Next we’re going to talk about your essential tools. There’s really only three
tools that you need to get started with scrapbooking. Grace: Great, that’s coming up next.

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