Scott's 2018/19 Upper Deck Artifacts NHL Hockey Box Break

Scott's 2018/19 Upper Deck Artifacts NHL Hockey Box Break

alright Scott is gonna try one more of these artifacts box zero two got a five a five earlier Scott I don't know if you saw it sharks got one modified duel game use Patchen Matt Murray's got a fat one again this is Vancouver Canucks a rookie Redemption red 208 red stands for redemption 1:03 Eric Carlson Gary played possum how to say it looked like a Redemption I thought it was based silver Jersey Jersey rookie Redemption card for it should be announced already the autographs and the stuff like that Gary Cheevers 599 Taylor Hall this is a purple 2:15 Alexander Winberg duel patch back to back duel patches haven't hit the patch autograph though where is that one hiding that is game used game use hockey memorabilia 11 of 15 Alexander when bird isn't it weird that upper deck is the only people that they only do hockey and yet their name is upper deck when you think of the opposite upper deck would only do baseball Ethan bear pull a lot of Ethan bear $9.99 double jersey math you could chuck 165 can I get a double burger Aaron Ekblad 299 alright thanks again Scott I'll get that out with those others man see you buddy

One thought on “Scott's 2018/19 Upper Deck Artifacts NHL Hockey Box Break

  • July 21, 2019 at 3:44 pm

    Pettersson rookie and Brady tkachuk rookie relic in the redemptions. Not too shabby at all.


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