Photographer Barry Mackenzie Bio | PRO EDU Instructor

Photographer Barry Mackenzie Bio | PRO EDU Instructor

(slow music) – My mom was an amateur
photographer when I was a kid, and I remember just taking
her Minolta back in the day, and I was always just
sort of fascinated looking through the lens. I was super into skateboarding
and snowboarding, and I was able to talk my parents into starting a family-run business while I was in high school. So we opened a skateboard
and snowboard shop, and I managed it. From there, I got a job at
a window and door factory. I got better and better,
and I moved all the way up to where I was building
these custom entrance ways that were 50, 60 grand. (light music) During that time, my wife got pregnant, and I decided that I didn’t
want to be a lifer in a factory, and I spent about a year just kind of
doing some soul searching. The only thing I could picture
myself doing forever is taking photos. I just wanted to have
a camera in my hands. That sort of sparked
in my mind an interest that maybe this is something
I could do as a career. (light music) I started shooting abandoned
buildings in my spare time, these old, decaying churches and schools. That’s actually how I got my start. Say, you know, if I’m pretty good at
shooting these ugly buildings, I can probably shoot
something beautiful, as well. (light music) I announced I was going into business, and the only way to really
develop a style and to get better at this stuff is to try and
try and try and fail and try. I would see a really amazing kitchen, and I would make the set of photos I needed to
deliver the next day, and then I would ask for an extra hour, and I would try to light it differently or try to compose it a
little bit differently. Start shooting the stuff now
that you want to be shooting in a year or two from now. (light music) When I was actually just getting
started in this business, I used to go to the bookstore, and I would grab four or
five shelter magazines. I would look at these photos, and I would always wonder
what makes them different. I would try to reverse
engineer how they were lit, and that’s how I started
to develop my style, (light music) a style where it’s wide enough, and it’s showing an accurate
representation of the home, but it’s got more of a design type feel. Part of that came from just
studying these photographs. ♪ Let’s go ♪ One photographer, his
name is Brandon Barre. He’s based out of Toronto. His work, it really spoke to me, and as luck would have it, I
was shooting a home in Toronto. He happened to be shooting
the home next door, and I was able to meet him, and I reached out to him the next day. He replied and said, you know what, Barry. I had a look at your website. Awesome work. I really like your style. The big confidence boost for me was seeing that he’s doing the exact
same thing I’m doing. (light music) Deep down, I really like to help people. There’s been people that
have helped me along the way, and I think it’s really important. If you see that someone’s willing and able and if you can help them, I mean, it’s for the
greater good of everybody. I love doing online consulting. I love running workshops. I love the opportunity that I’ve been given to do this tutorial just so that I can help people get better. I really, truly, I love it. (light music)

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