Paul Rudd Gifted Aisling Bea a Signed Photo of Himself

Paul Rudd Gifted Aisling Bea a Signed Photo of Himself

-How are you?
-Oh, I’m so good. Hello, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ]
Ah, America. -Delighted.
-I love it. -Well, actually so, America — ’cause this is a show you made
in England or in Ireland. -No, we made it in Brexit.
-In Brexit. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -And now, it’s nice that American audiences
are getting to see it. -Yes. -What was your first visit
to America? -To America ever?
-Yeah. -Oh, the first time I ever
came to America I was — Myself — My mother brought us
to Disneyland in Florida. And I think we were too young.
[ Man whoos ] There is one person who is like,
“Whoo!” [ Laughter ]
Welcome, Florida. And it was myself, my mother,
and my little sister Sinead, and my Aunt Mora, who is a nun. So already you’re thinking, is
this the plot of “The Hangover”? [ Laughter ] And we were — We’d never been
on a plane before. We’d never been
in a hotel before. And we were probably too young to come to terms with
what was happening. But when we — when we got
into the hotel we’re like, “Disneyland is amazing!” And my mother was like, “This is
just the hotel, guys!” [ Laughter ] And the first thing
we went to was SeaWorld. You know, which we now know is
a terrible place for fish, but at the time
we were okay with it. -At the time we thought
the fish loved it. -Oh, God, they seemed so happy. -My parents told me
the fish started it. Yeah. [ Laughter ]
This was their idea, yeah. -Look, they’re trying to get out
of the water and walk like us. So, yeah. But Shamu,
at the time, splashed us. And we were, like, these
little Irish ham children. And it took all
the sun cream off us. [ Laughter ] And we were, like, in Florida
going, “This is fine.” And we sort of walked around
and got sunburned. And I got sunstroke. And so my memories of America
are, like, a mouse and a whale and just —
[ Laughter ] A hotel. Is this real life? Yeah.
-It’s fantastic. Sharon Horgan from
“Catastrophe,” she plays your sister
on the show. -Yes. -Your actual sister,
the same Sinead I believe. -The same Sinead who got
sunburnt in Florida in the past. Yes. -She worked on the show
as the costumer. -Yes. -Which she does for other things
as well. -Oh, yes. Well, we were filming
“Living with Yourself,” which is the Netflix show
that I’m in with Paul. She was assistant designing
“Little Women.” -Oh, wow. -Yeah, so it was a real step
down to do my show. [ Laughter ] But because, like, she is my
little sister, I can bully her into work.
-Yeah. -It is really great to have
your little sister on set ’cause you can legally bully
people on set. So it’s real nice.
[ Laughter ] -And you can be a monster and
people don’t even pass it along. They just assume
that’s a family thing. -Oh, yeah. That’s a family
thing, but it’s not. -Yeah.
-It’s not. And so, Sinead was actually
doing all the costumes on set. But one time, I remember Sharon had to wrap up all of
her filming in two weeks. And I was just so kind of sad to
lose Sharon. And when Sharon was leaving,
I was like, “Oh, God. I feel like I’m losing
my actual sister.” And Sinead was behind her. And she’s like,
“I’m right here.” [ Laughter ] -You had an actual job
in your early days. -Yes.
-This is not an acting job. -Before I became a star, I actually had a job
like a normal person, yes. -You were a tour guide. -Oh, yeah! I was. And this is, I suppose, so many
people’s teen experiences. I was a tour guide
in a stud farm. -Okay. -And I don’t mean, like,
a place where hot guys go. [ Laughter ] I mean a place where horses
go to make love. [ Laughter ]
-And — And yeah. -And it is love,
having seen it happen, do you feel like
they’re all in love? -There were a couple of couples
who I don’t think will be continuing their journey
after the island. [ Laughter ] But some of them did get
the rose and lasted. -So, wait, this is —
I did not realize — knowing sort of what happens
at a stud farm, I would not think there was
a tour element of it. [ Laughter ]
-Oh, I know. -Right? -Neither did any single American
who were brought on it. They were like, “Is this legal?” And you’re like,
“Nah, not really.” So I would bring them ’round
and I’d show them, like, the two favorite bits
or the jaw droppers — one was, like, the teaser pony. So, a teaser pony is,
like a pony who’s like a bit of
a Joey Tribbiani character. It’d be like,
“Hey, how you doin’? What’s up?” [ Laughter and applause ] And his whole job is
to get the mare — the, like, high-quality mare
in the mood. So, when she’s like,
“Okay, okay, I see you.” He’s like, “Right, not you.”
[ Laughter ] And then they take her off
to the real, like, high, expensive stallion.
-Yeah. -And then, of course,
the teaser pony is just out there being like,
“Ahh!” [ Laughter and applause ] And so he sometimes gets, like,
a sort of, like — left over pony
at the end of the evening. But sometimes it’s also
someone’s job to, like — -Oh, like — to like —
-Yeah. [ Audience ohs ] I’m talking about
a therapist, guys. Take your mind
out of the gutter. [ Laughter ] -You mentioned “Living with
Yourself” on Netflix. And you got to
work with Paul Rudd, who is just truly one of
the most lovely guys. -And today he was just nominated
for a Golden Globe. -He was, for that same show.
[ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah. -He gave you a lovely gift
in your dressing room. Do you want to —
I’ll let you hold it up. -Yeah.
-Here we go. Throw it over there.
-Yes. So, it says, “Dear Aisling, congratulations
on working with me.” [ Laughter ] “Paul Rudd.” -Paul Rudd, congratulations
to you, though. That’s a real catch
to work with. -So it came —
It was in my trailer, but the worst part was
is that game recognize game. I had done this to my friends
for birthday presents because I thought it’s really
funny to give, like, a signed photo of yourself
to someone. Yeah, I don’t find — They
didn’t find it as funny either. [ Laughter ] But also the picture
was about this size and framed in a really ornate frame.
-Yeah. -And it is kind of a double
prank because afterwards I’m like, “Well, I can’t just
throw it in the trash now. What do I –?”
Like I have to kind of keep it. -Yeah.
-And so, it’s in my house on a mantelpiece, but it looks
like an altar to Paul. But, like,
you can’t dismantle — What do you do with it?
So, it’s the extra pressure. -Yeah. It’s a long tale prank.
It’s very well done. Hey, thank you so much
for being here. And congrats again
on both shows. [ Cheers and applause ] Aisling Bea, everybody.

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