| Paper Inspiration #411 – U. S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print | Paper Inspiration #411 –  U. S. Capitol Building Foiled & Embossed Print

Hi everybody I’m Sabine Lenz the founder
of PaperSpecs, with your weekly dose of paper inspiration. If you are familiar
with the haptic qualities that print provide you know that the more tactile the experience, the more the consumer is connected to the brand or the printed
piece in question. This recent print example – “One country, one constitution…” –foil embossed and designed by Baugh Graphic Finishing House, is a poignant example to
inspire their clients and show just how far Baugh can push the finishing envelope. They created this new poster as part of their “U.S. Landmarks” series. UV printed CMYK and Brown by Printing Partners on Crane’s Lettra Cover this, the 6th print in Baugh’s
“U.S. Landmarks” series, features an impressively large multi-level sculptured
emboss of the U.S. Capitol building. What’s striking here is the sheer level of
detail that was worked into the brass die. Not only did they include the
columns in the front of the dome, for example, but if you look closely you can
also glimpse (and feel) the columns on the opposite side of the building. And
because it’s a multi-level die, you can actually feel the curvature of the dome,
columns and other intricate details that thrive in this 20 x 30 inch
piece. The tactile qualities lent by the superb emboss are, of course, bang on
trend with the Top 5 Print Design Trends we see at the moment, and also add an additional visual allure to the piece. This is all set against a stirring
backdrop of the original handwritten Constitution. In the foreground the
American flag, rendered in Red and Blue foil, flies from a foiled pole while the
building’s Statue of Freedom, also foil, looks on in silent contemplation. What I
really love about the piece is how little foil was used in comparison to
the overall size of the piece. Baugh really gave the sculptured emboss a
place to shine. Tactile experiences are one of the Top 5 Print Design Trends
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