Painting With You – Desert | Ep.3 | Dry River | Watch, Vote, Create

Painting With You - Desert | Ep.3 | Dry River | Watch, Vote, Create

hi I'm Kevin Hill and welcome back to another episode of our painting together now last week you guys chose to do a wonderful little dry riverbed so that's what we're gonna put in today and of course if you're enjoying these be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more painting videos let's get started now as you can see I spent just a couple seconds throwing in a very basic sketch that just keeps me on track right over here I'm going to pick up just a little bit of our yellow and touch of red and a little bit of white and brown all these beautiful colors sort of mixed loosely on the brush I don't really care about over mixing the paint because there's a lot of variation we want in here now one thing I did I changed this sketch ooh just the tiniest bit in that what I did was I split it here and we're gonna do some sort of a little sandy barb thing right there and the only reason I do that just add interest cuz otherwise just the plane sneaking a little riverbed wouldn't be quite as great as one that sort of splits so that's the only only reason I did it just add a little interest to the seam okay now super dark in here and well kind of figure out what to do with how how bright we want it we'll figure out what to do with that later kind of not so worried about that right now this is canvas as dry as you recall this is very much like an acrylic painting this is a wet or dry technique which is not something we normally do at all but and these paintings that we do together we have to because we do them over such a long period of time all right now I think we're gonna get far enough today I hope so bad that we actually don't have any voting at the end of this episode instead what we'll do next week is a special highlight episode I think that'll be great I know you guys love those special highlight episodes so I think it's about time to do one we'll really get this area detailed out and highlighted during that time I'm just gonna kind of structure the painting get it real close and then we'll come back and highlight it next time okay and of course my palettes kind of dirty and see we were doing a winter scene over here we'll sort of jump over to our summer scene on the on the left-hand side of the palette there and I'm just gonna start with this little detail round and just begin dropping in it's gonna feel like kind of the edge of the sand well this is kind of like hard sand you know that the sand that hasn't been washed away on the edges of the bank and it drops off so what you want to do is you want to imagine this light which will punch up in the high light episode you want to imagine this filtering through and so you just touch it here and they don't do a whole lot oh that is just so pretty I'm gonna work here to on a couple of shadow areas especially up here on this look this is kinda like a little Ridge of sand want extra shadows this will indicate little rocks there just areas where it's going up and down this color here is just a little brown touch of red and then our yellows that were sort of left around right here then that makes a pretty shadow color obviously you don't want to go black because if you go black you'll you'll make the viewer think it's way too close and I don't want you guys losing your depth gotta have the depth in there for it to look good so don't go anything too dark yet don't worry there's gonna be plenty of time for you know with the dark blacks over here in the foreground that's a small foreground isn't it pretty cool see you just have to play around with the light think about the light bird would hit how it would react to the different little things that are going on good all right I'm liking this this is super cool there's some light just do touch a light nice and then we'll sculpt probably get a bigger brush out here and sculpt it some the sand on the top so far this is looking good maybe a little watches a little bit of white hair and a little bit of yellow white and yellow don't get green but blue touches it you would get green there mmm just this is a little preview of next week Wow now I've talked about this many times before in the past but if you if you're watching this video and you know the voting is long over and the paintings done watch all the episodes in order because it gives you an amazing idea of how paintings are created and it will help you create your own painting so you won't be surprised how amazing it is to you know watch how the painting develops and how we kind of choose to do things and why we do things and it's all good stuff plus you get to see a painting here which is fun there and I do my best I don't always do it but I do my best to kind of keep them in playlists for you too so kind of makes it easy to get to them all right now I'm developing a little bit of the light here this just helps to kind of get a setup this isn't the brightest highlight but it's certainly qualify hoops got a little too far over well we'll probably throw a cast shadow over this whole thing maybe in the highlight episode maybe in a different episode but don't worry we'll play with the shadows they're coming to changed colors to a lot of rusty reds and just beautiful things good just the top mmm so you can just do this dry brush scrubbing like this this is great now I'm gonna mix together some blue and red to obviously get us a purple color mix that right up here maybe a little more red I do want it to come on to the red side because just uh just because what we're doing with it right okay there we go there's our purple now we're gonna just toss a little bit of this purple right in here just to create a bit of a shadow here in there not a ton of shadows but it does help us to you know to feel like we're we've got a little little cool light in here and that works really well the purple works so good in this scene okay that that makes it nice now I just I can't figure out without brightening this area where my hard cast shadow is gonna be so I'm not gonna worry about we'll do that next time just remember we're gonna be doing more work in this area this area is looking pretty good obviously we'll be doing more work but it's closer as far as the lighting is concerned Oh like lighting can be tough sometimes can't it just try to relax and work your mind around it it's not so bad there now I'm gonna go ahead and grab a little bit of brown and black and red on the filbert real quick and I think I just I was looking at the painting I think probably right now is the best time to just under paint this little cliff there only reason I want to do it now weren't probably not gonna get to it in the high light episode but the only reason we're good I wanted to do it now is I just tired of looking at that blank piece of canvas there have let you work too so you'll notice that well it's just good to get the canvas covered you'll notice that it helps I won't even worry about having a clean edge it really doesn't make any difference I just gotta have a dark down there so that my colors read properly especially when we go into that next week now I'm just gonna run my filbert brush right through some of our herbal orange colors really don't care what it is at this point and I'm just gonna put a top right out on this stone wasn't even planning did you this is just a spur of the moment and quick thing the only reason is I just I just want to get a better feel for it there we may change it we may do all sorts of cool things to it just want to get a feel for how the stone ledge will look they're not too bright just enough so that we don't have a blank area a big blob of dark nobody wants to sit there and look at a big blob and dark so there you go that's worthwhile it just took us a second all right well that's all we're gonna do to our little wash today this painting is really coming along pretty well so next time we're gonna go ahead and do the highlights so there won't be any voting for this episode but there will be next episode thanks for all your support and thanks for watching you

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