New Water Paintings, Studio Update, Plein Air Fail | Lena’s Art Diary #17

you’re judging me you’re judging me for
eating pasta for breakfast? the weather in Florida has finally become nice
enough to be comfortable outside and it makes me so happy being outdoors during
this time of year this also means I can finally open all
the windows in the house and not risk getting mold and let all that beautiful
fresh air in while I paint I’ve been working on some new water
series paintings. My painting time lapses don’t really show the true pace of my
oil painting process and everything seems so effortless because I just cram
several months of work into a five-minute time lapse, but in reality it
takes me a really long time. There’s often hesitation in my brushstrokes,
it doesn’t feel effortless like a time lapse would make it seem. Sometimes I
have to fight a war with my own mind during this whole process and the
paintings I’m showing you now are nowhere near done but I hope to finish
them very soon. I recently bought some much-needed new
art studio furniture, a table because I need a larger table space area. I’m
constantly working on the floor and it’s just terrible for my back and my knees,
and I also got a new chair because the one I’ve used for many years now is just
not what I want to use anymore so I treated myself to some upgrades. honestly, it’s made a huge difference and
adds a whole new angle and comfort to my studio that I’m really happy with. It can
possibly accommodate two people working here if I get some assistance for my
work, and I’m right next to my African violet babies shortly after getting everything set up
I decided to make my first little painting on this table which was a
succulent study in my sketchbook with gouache we’ve also set up our Christmas
decorations which is really my favorite part of the holidays. I just love all the
cozy lights everywhere and I love cooking and baking a bunch of things
during the holidays. Our neighborhood likes to decorate outside so this year
we put more effort into that as well hi it’s editing Lina here and I’m
currently editing this exact video that you were watching I was thinking it
originally include this in the video but I figured I would and I wanted to share
with you how things are not always what they seem so you know how in the
beginning of this video I had that plain air footage and it just looked like a
wonderful day plein air painting out in nature like oh the weather is nice I
think I’m gonna do some plain air painting um and the reason you didn’t
actually see any painting is because things went horribly wrong I did not get
past the under painting the weather’s just finally been so nice outside like
you can actually be outside without sweating to death and breathing water in
the air it’s just beautiful and I thought oh I’m gonna go plein air it’s
gonna be wonderful and so I packed up all my stuff I was ready to paint in
nature I headed off to this park I like to go to sometimes it’s next to my old
apartment and I set up all my stuff I got my push shot box up and I started on
my under painting and while I was waiting for my under painting to dry a
little bit I thought that I would just fly the drone a little bit get some nice
clips just see what everything looks like from the sky just something to do
while I waited that was a wonderful flight I got some wonderful clips and
photos of the park and this pond that I was painting and then then I flew my
drone into some air plants hanging off a tree in Florida we have a lot of stuff
hanging off the trees I think they’re called Spanish moss and it was stuck up
there for just a little bit and as it started to tumble down I tried to catch
it not realizing that the propellers were still spinning and I ended up
slicing up my fingers like almost every finger on my hand was like sliced up I
didn’t even realize it the time I was just worried about the
drone of my going-out did I bring it it I didn’t the drones fine I didn’t even
realize I was bleeding and then once I saw that there was like blood on my
drone I thought oh oh no stupid moment so I was upset at that point and I
figured I should probably go wash my hands I should probably head home I
don’t live very far so I started to pack up my things and while I’m doing that my
painting just flopped into my Pat like face down onto my paint blobs and then I
stepped on my glasses and broke them yeah yeah it was it was comically
terrible but you wouldn’t think it just off of the wonderful clips you saw in
the beginning I was so upset because I was so excited to paint and I had to go
home and like a wash my wounds because I like my hand went into dirt I actually
have not opened my Prashad box since then and my painting is still flopped
onto my palette face down so let’s do that all right let’s see what atrocity
awaits me just beautiful you can kind of see what I was going for like the lakes
like right here yeah maybe I should make this into an abstract piece or something all right well I’ve given that terrible
day some closure now and the canvas didn’t go to waste like I’d probably
hang that up so I’m gonna continue editing and then I’m going to package up
some prints and postcards speaking of which there is a holiday sale in my art
store right now so if you go to Lee Netanya store calm you can apply the
discount code winter to your order and it will take 20% off all prints and as a
holiday special on my patreon page everyone who’s pledged $10 in December
is going to get three extra postcards and they will arrive in January because
I don’t know the final amount until like the end of December so all those will be
sent out in January I’m gonna go and package your print orders and send out
my postcards I’m going to catch up on you

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