Make Stuff FLY In Your Photos – Photoshop Tutorial

Make Stuff FLY In Your Photos - Photoshop Tutorial

in this video I'm going to show you how you can make things fly in your photos using Photoshop for example on screen now this is the type of stuff that we're going to try and make this process can be broken down into a few meet you mean few main steps step on me and find in the object video I just want to fly in this case of this case with shoes we're gonna take photo of the shoes we're gonna take a photo of me and then we're gonna edit it in Photoshop I said over the minute I've got my laptop over there which I'm gonna pretend to use and I don't know what's going on I got my shoes here which I'm going to make fly around this area and a camera so at the end of my bed looking like that one of the main points I want to get across is that once I take that first photo of the shoes flying I'm not going to change any sense on the camera so the short speed will remain locked everything will be the same no ISO changes no color changes everything will be the same so that when we merged the photo of me chillin and the fur the shoes flying it all looks like it was taken on the same photo so the first step is to actually shoot the photo of what you want flying so in this cases the shoes I got two ways of doing this I either hold the shoes so you can't see my fingers it's something like that and then you Photoshop the shoe out so then I'm obviously in this case because I want the shoes to be flying I want the laces to be in the air as if they're flowing as well just to give you that extra dramatic effect so I'm actually going to throw the shoe in the air and pick the photo when the shoes blend now I don't have a remote shutter which would make this a lot easier so when the shoes in the air you can see remote shutter you get the photo I'm actually going to use a 10 second timer on the camera which is very annoying hopefully you can do it in a few goes but that's just the way I'm going to have to do it I'm gonna have to put the camera on a 10 second timer hold the shoe in the air like this drop it over there get the shot at the right time get the phone hopefully you can do it in a few goes I imagine it's gonna take me about five six tries to get a perfect shot just to make it clear what I did I put one photo with the focus where I want the shoe to be exhibit the lens is actually focused around this area that I've locked the focus on the camera so when I take more photos of the focus of the change that everything remains consistent so I think I've got a couple decent shots of me throwing the shoes in here over there quite good timing I've got about five or six different ones I can choose from so when we go into Photoshop layer I can have a look see which one's work best now I'm going that over of me posing in background acting like I'm oblivious to what's going on just as a bit of acting I've opened up all the photos in Lightroom now you don't have to have Lightroom but I'm just gonna use this to filter through all the bug phones and delete a load and I'm also gonna add a little bit of color great into the throw just make them look a little bit bad you don't do any of this you can just skip forward a little bit go straight into Photoshop now we've got these three photos with a right shoot flying the left shoot flying and B in the background I'm just gonna add a little bit color graded now which make them look a little bit better just before we head into Photoshop and abby's the mod together if you are in Lightroom and you're like going through photos like I am all we need to do is right click on a photo edit in Adobe Photoshop and it will open up Photoshop so we're in Photoshop about three files here both of shoes and me posing in the background now a little trick to get them all onto the same file easily is to go onto one of them double click the background layer click OK make command a command C command V and now you've got both shoes on the same file go over to me pose in or you posing or whatever it is double-click the background layer to unlock it click OK then come on to a come on see Mike over to first file come on V now I've got all of our photos on at the same next step is to actually use the pen tool in Photoshop to edit around of the shoes so then we can all merge them together into the same photo [Applause] okay so you've put the first shape you've used the pencil to go around the shoe you want to hit right click make selection feather radius on one or two that's just how soft is around the edge of your cook click okay and then click on your layer over here for me is layer 0 I'm gonna hit command C command V and then it'll paste your shoe on to a new layer like so I'm gonna remove the bottom layer we're going to do the same thing now with the other shoe so my second shoot just like before we're gonna hit right click make selection hit ok click on the layer that you want to cut out command C command V and boom you've now got the shoe we're going to delete the second we're going to delete the layer underneath that we've gone we've now got two shoes they're overlapping each of it it doesn't quite look very realistic so I'm not going to have a play around with the position of the shoes and just make them make the notebook photoshopped so there we go that's pretty much how you make some flight now obviously you don't follow all the steps I've done there you can skip some stuff change some stuff do whatever you want but that's just the basic premise you throw shows it's very shows throw your shoes in the air pick the photo edit them in Photoshop it's really as simple as that and now everyone thinks that you've got magic powers please hit subscribe so you can see some more Photoshop stuff for me if you want to follow my Instagram as well check out more of my photography please do so that's pretty much it until next time peace out

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  • July 12, 2019 at 5:20 pm

    Hey, quick question, haven't watched you in a awhile and I'm curious as to why you deleted all your old bmx and skate park antics vids. Those vids were a big part of my childhood and it saddened me to see them gone.


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