Live Reveal :: First look at “Kraken” and “Skipper” – New Cloth Diaper Print Releases by Kanga Care

Live Reveal :: First look at “Kraken” and “Skipper” - New Cloth Diaper Print Releases by Kanga Care

hey guys welcome to Monday refill we're having ok I have YouTube on the bottom Facebook on top and then I have my computer over here for comment so if you guys see anything you always feed if your viewers come in alrighty I know everyone was going crazy I saw it's ok we're here it's only a few minutes patience it's what we're teaching you all right Ian you're so excited I'm really excited I think you are going to flip hey Ellen oh my comments are coming through I know it's been so long a week hello Sarah I need to we have viewers are we good I can change YouTube camera okay let me see if I can do this well sorry guys oh I can now switch camera views oh gosh there's too many options I think it's just how it is sorry guys I'm operator Hey Oh maybe I can do this where you can hear myself in the background Julie you should fix that hi guys sorry down here here we go there's so many new options oh you know me good I'm both of them Facebook really dying ain't no Facebook take our problem child okay I know oh wait okay I think we're good we pulled up over here on my computer's like yeah good technology they tell you good brightness good want them to get the full effect okay yeah I wish I could merge them okay gotta turn my sound off cuz last thing I'm gonna do is hear myself on my laptop that's awful all right so it's revealed Monday oh it's like the I know I need to get it together um well it's um just my favorite so we have three things coming why don't you guys are gonna flip out about so I'm going to start out with the first two so release information what I'm about to show you releases Thursday this Thursday July 11th 9 p.m. mountain time and we will have a trunk show here I can't care and then retailers per usual if they're breaking border the option to have a trunk show um oh wait I'm waiting Oh hundred and seven here we go so and this Thursday trunk show stop by specific retailers if there's a retailer that carries came to care reach out to them specifically to see one if they're and they will be posting here after this live if they will be carrying what I marry to show you and we'll set it um and then reach out to them specifically for times that they're going to release a lot of times east coast may wait till Friday morning cuz it is 11:00 p.m. East Coast so just reach out to them specifically and a lot of them will have like free shipping over certain order so it's just best to get all those details by reaching out to them and but the international worldwide release is this Thursday July 11th at 9 p.m. all right you guys ready uh oh second thing um giveaway like comment and share this make sure that this post and if you're on youtube go over to Facebook and like this um comment and share make sure it's public so we can see it on orange otherwise I'm you enter and it's great that you sure to all your friends but we can't see it so make sure it's public okay here we go so first I'm going to show you I'll show you this guy here yes so the first new print coming is skipper obv this may look a little bit familiar to guys if you have been with King here for a while it looks a lot like admiral so that was a Jujubee collaboration we did with Jujubee and it had the anchors this has adorable sailboats it has the dark navy color that you guys may have in your stash now it has the sand color for the sailboats hold it up here for you guys so all the snaps are the dark navy and then four trim options on this guy sand for trim and zipper so stand and then trim zipper right here and then the snap on the wet bag is the sand up this will come in the one size and newborn cover I have newborns right here I'm showing you guys wet bag I'm changing pad right here I'm the stitching color for a skipper is sand show it here on YouTube – I'm missing all the comments oh it's not even working I'm still getting reactions in comments is it good okay okay perfect so here we go um dull diapers right here for skipper sand is the matching color and I don't know if I have any snaps snaps are just rusy the normal rosy on here might be a little harder to see I'll try to get a good reflection for you guys um little Joey's break here at the 2-pack for skipper open this up again got my mods commenting and everything so if I missed any comments let me know and just keep commenting the same question I will answer I have a feeling I don't quite a few of the questions you guys are gonna be having so answer those once I get done previewing um so full lineup and skipper from peruse members obv one size Newburgh covers type dull diapers wet bag changing pad so the only thing it does not come in as the pay liner so the usual and it is not a collaboration of Jujubee so there is one of the prints and then the other one which I think Rees would be really excited about I'm kind of inching towards an octopus like crazy the sailboats I'm not so much on the clues but I think you guys and you really really love this one so the second print is cracking right here so here's cracking in the Rumba ruse there's the snap color the peacock snap color here is I'm missing all that common no blankets little learn Isis I'm gonna show little words at the end for you guys show them together little learners um the sand is the it's the same as um skipper so thanks the zipper and the snaps on the web bag is the sand the stitching on the changing pad is sand but the snaps are the peacock color except from the wet bag it's the sand rubber is obvs same as the rim peruzzo Julie wants me to have you join camera Facebook live really does quite a few suggestions when you're going live it's really kind of distracting oh it says Julie is watching and by her to the live that's so weird um so here is cracking it does have the sand trim I think I must have grabbed too few word covers yep so I'm showing you both of the prints and the new-born cover right here it does come in the one size let me organize this really quick in front of me so I don't and then here is crack in with the sand also so um they both have the same skipper and crack in both halves and Paris with the dull diapers um and then I'll show you the little learners taken out of the packaging tool for you this is always this is when I answer questions cuz it takes me a little bit to get them open so is this limited edition it is a limited edition this is not regular lineup yes limited run so here is crack it in the little learners so little learners aid for Kraken has Kraken on the body sand on the tabs and then the peacock snap and then be littler be for Kraken has sand on the body crack it on the tab swim diapers so stinking cute and then I will show you skipper a little learners oh did you just saw something come up on your meet mind chill Jamie I mean still in like a foreign language you guys technical issues today must be the Kraken haha alive everyone can you really react so I can see if you guys are all here John John's super busy today he's golfing but I was like you have to watch my life today yeah I am um here is skipper I'll show you a so skipper Little Learners some paper a has I'm skipper on the body fan on the tab dark dark maybe snaps and then bead got an itch um be is sand on the body skipper on the tabs and then little learner they are the little learners snaps five so I'm missing there's so many comments page went down missing anything yeah I grabbed on Facebook issues and you can say on Facebook I know people love these because of the interaction it's just like a lot easier to interact with if you when we get done wrapping this up you can head over to our YouTube channel and you can see the coloring is a lot better it's lot it's richer more realistic brighter I'm so if you want to watch there and you can see the colors a lot better and and yep so the link to it is pinned so you guys can go over there you can chat you can hand but there's just it's just easier on Facebook you think they would okay yes we do listen to team nags always all I tell you we're always listening always watching perfect YouTube the other thing I don't like about YouTube when I'm going live on my ends is I cannot see I saw your yeah also you show Kirby and I have that um YouTube comments vanish I don't even have time to read them and that drives me bonkers I wish they would stay up there a little bit longer so if you're listening YouTube I'm sure they are please have those last longer it is limited it's um short broad look I'll do a crack and really quick and then I have something else to show you guys um so I am going to grab peacock and I'm going to show you Caribbean to Jay it's because I think um it's like the perfect merge of these two colors so it is crack it the same color is peacock I'm show you guys really quick this is a great time if you want to look on YouTube because I know it'll show better it is not the same color completely different and it is also not Caribbean is there one here it is an eco posh I'll show you two it's also not this thing oh it's kind of show I hate that when it kind of looks like it it's not a whole new color for cracking he's gonna grab shots gonna go grab a rubber uzo vbeaute so it's the same it's at EQ so you guys can see it a whole month together um yeah it's way better on YouTube so yours of liam tests which is and the peacock Cantone since the same color and then here's caribbean these are both the rum peruse obv with the TPU and all folds up crackin I'll just do the round first obv since I'm the obv run so you can see that it's not the same color its own color it's so pretty so so I'm I'm a blue hue girl with green so I'm all about this color any other questions I'm limited run shortbread releases and then I think I'm ready um Rosie Snickers I'll talk about all that here when I wrap up I saw something to show you guys a missed the comment all right so here it is the last little reveal here is sand two points Oh so here's the fans in color everyone adores and loves here is the Ron Peru's obv this is limited and I'll explain why here in a little bit this is San 2.0 2.0 and the difference between the original sand in San 2.0 is the color of the snaps it's this really rich green am I getting it I think I am I should try to show it in the different lights cuz good old screen so um here it is San Shi boy this is limited it's more limited than the others and this is why it's the same story behind sand the original sand that was used with Admiral so sand is as you can see the trim colors for skipper and Kraken so it's the trim color on the covers and it's used on the tabs and the body of the Little Learners so there is so much yardage that we have left over and that is used to make the rum Peru so say a 2.0 as the original sand only comes in the rum Peru's the original rum Peru's with the micro I'm Jaime inside and Tre this stage right material um and these are limited limited limited so you can get your hands on them it's so pretty I love this color on the snaps it's not as limited as the original you more I'll just hold this up cuz it's so pretty so there are three there's two prints Kraken and skipper and then there's sand 2.0 as a solid so three but two prints one solid the exact same okay exact same I thought there was a little bit more I'm wrong no baby it's just the rum Peru's original rum Peru's no rum Peru's OBB and kanga care and retailers select retailers have the rosy stickers so rosy stickers come in I wanna make sure this is crackin and skipper and with Billy and Lily we had it more I know that's gonna be another question um if you order Billy and Lily it was whatever you ordered that's the sticker you got and then you could only get one or the other for the first 48 hours or if we're feeling generous a little bit longer um if you order both prints in your order from King CARICOM you will get both stickers or if you just order kraken or skipper that's how we will disperse the rewsey stickers for you guys yes so reach out to you tell her that you're shopping with and see if they have their woozi stickers just pockets and 2.0 is just pockets but skipper and Kraken are full the product lineup missing there are little joke I see a question on YouTube about little Joey's there is little Joey's and Kraken and skipper they're adorable they are the other it is like an army pine green so pretty love this color like any other questions I think I'm caught up on YouTube oh yeah so I'm Santa 2.0 will be available at select retailers so reach out to your retailer and see what they are stocking and what they will all have think that question was just asked on Facebook to perfect is there are some retailers on here letting you know that they will have sand 2.0 so Canadian cloth diaper kids they will have um for rosy stickers you also do not have to hit us at canker calm I can't speak for retailers who have Bruzzi at King if you're shopping directly with us there is no order minimum to get the rosy stickers you just have to have one product in either skipper or crack in to get a rosy sticker do you guys see any questions I'm missing so just aside so Michelle she's on here from diaper Depot they will have them and then another great way to see which retailers will have what is join our chat group we will have a pin post that the retailer is gonna put all the release information in so it is nice to have them in one spot so join our chat group and if that is a question okay so these are the Rosie stickers they're in the shape of Rosie here they are and they are in the prints crackin and skipper and you can peel them off and you can put my water bottle I mean everywhere you want to stick on I've seen them I see them kids put them on the walls in their houses which is super awesome water bottles decal on the back of your car like a bumper sticker and they last through dish dishwasher use so you can literally put them wherever they're just little rosey stickers I saw someone asked if they could see something and I can't remember can I see Kraken again maybe that one's the one if you posted what you want to see let me know here is I'm just showing crackers crackers that's I'm skipper and crack him together um here's Kraken and The Little Learners has the sand tag which is the accessory color for pretty much both prints um the only thing that's different is the snap colors on both of them this has the deep blue on it oh snap together let me get this look at me I know diaper gel I know I warned and brown January I was okay guys start saving huh it's gonna be a wild here we're just getting started hey Julie yeah yeah crazy so here we go here are the two prints I'll hold them up back-to-back yep they we've released this Thursday so July 11th I can't believe it's already July 11 9 p.m. mountain time is the international release but I'm select retailers and hanging here will have trunk shows short run release like the granny straw Grady strawberry candy for fruit that was funny all right oh all my stuff is froze that's good yeah the Rosie stickers last on I've had Toki Bambino and toki sweet on one of my yetis since we ordered the stickers and it gets washed once if not like three times a week and still no color has faded or anything still holding strong so these are short runs so they do not get included in Annals I'm that decision if they will be ever added is usually three to six months afterwards but with these being a short run they will be not added to bundles and little Joey makes a match they will not be added to um they're all individual buy sews and limitations from King hair will be sent information will be posted the crab see the crab is still popping up mm weird so I'm gonna say you'll probably see more of me so there's your two clues for him her Kraken is a boy if I thought I know some gas Krakens a boy well I always do hee hee she I don't know why they have to is just how I am just type or gel short one release I don't know about missing anything else oh that's smart this one's stuck somewhere forever I like it but I don't she hope I see you have some comments coming through on YouTube my mods are on top of those questions good group ladies who cares of you're getting judgment it's so excited Thank You Little Learners sand has crack and snaps but I'm gonna hold them up give me one second anything's go it's so pretty does anyone want to buy a kidney yep changing pads I'll hold up the changing pads for you guys we need to bring those back that was funny the strawberry candies the greedy candy I'm so here's crackin and here's skipper and the changing pads the stitching color is sand I'm and then this I know will probably be another question is sand and saying 2.0 they are the same color little um but the snaps this I know that I love the color on the sand the whole army here's one point I hope you guys wanna see yeah you're gonna see it has the dark navy color that is skipper and then this guy has the same as Kraken Thank You chef love your assistance I know three at a time killer huh oh so pretty though it just looks so good together aren't they organized or I lose em first my skipper yes it will be priced as a solid sand will be sorry I like you guys can hear him Santu point all will be priced as a solid it is a solid clay so here they all are together I know so cute I decided I'm gonna get decisions oh come on hold up any other questions I'm gonna have to be popping out babies at this rate no cm little Joey sand 2.0 the middle guy only comes in the original room for ruse we're cracking and skipper come in the whole product line except for pay leaders yep zoom in of cracking I'll show you the cupboard yes I can show it back to Sara I'm never ever gonna live sand down ever I'm kind of excited this is really saying now and then maybe we can all move oh here is crack it in the wet bag and here is skipper in the wet bag so they both have the sand snaps and then the sand zippers yep I'll show you see it I know they're wrong so you guys a little backstory on sand is I was going live in our chat group it was a super fun late night live I did showing the diapers I had and I could not find sand and Admiral well first I could find Admiral then I couldn't find sand forever I was looking everywhere and I kept making comments but I was so busy doing the live and drinking some wine that I forgot to like look on the floor or like read your guys's comments everyone was like it's on the floor it's on the floor we saw it fall but I just kept looking everywhere not reading comments and so that's the story behind sand 2.0 and weirdest and go on the floor so there's that I'm Owen here see and 2.0 with the Kraken steps so admiral was on the floor forever and then i also couldn't find sand and it was also on the floor so it was funny it was a good time my mom can't even was that an admiral was on the floor and so is the end yep I can show you um changing pads and wet bags again – so here's the whip bag and then here is the changing pad I know Santa was on the floor because that was the one I could not find either and then I really falls along before that's good Oh any other questions hm what you say they give away so the give away usually works and you will get to pick one or the other print Kraken or skipper and it's usually a run peruse or Little Learners sometimes and we usually like used to do rubber rose but you the winner doing I'm kind of out of my kids potty-trained can get little learners so we do give you the option of which one do you once we will be having an Instagram giveaway tomorrow too so there are two um two chances to win something so if you do have Instagram hop on there tomorrow I know some people only have Facebook and some people only have Instagram so we try to give everybody an opportunity to win um I don't know if I'm like yo Pierce and fan 2.0 these are short ride and then here is skipper from me here's Kraken I'm so inserting the giveaway you need two comments share and like this post and make sure that your post when you share is public otherwise we don't see it Oh what knows I just saw my name this is not regular lineup it is a short run for these let me head over to youtube and see if I have any other questions let me show you so you guys want to see the tag on sand and here it is just the real er the silk tag is that you're saying or the back tag I'm guessing this the inner tag it's just like this the regular solid one and then inside the crackin and skipper I guess is what you're asking it has the names of them okay the other all right the trunk show will be 10:00 to 2:00 on Thursday at Kingdom care if you are shopping with the retailer at brick-and-mortar and reach out to them to see usually it is during business hours go get on my anxiety meds you guys will be fine promise oh I missed another comment over here so you can for inserts for the bamboo and hemp you can upgrade on kinkier comm for those the rump arose obv come standard with the bamboo insert where's my obv um and in the regular rum peruse come standard with the microfiber but you can upgrade and you cannot select retailers to I Carla you just said that you missed your changed your top or you lost your top fan badge Facebook is like changing something cuz I can notify I we can go in and select a top fan or Facebook generates it and I've noticed that a lot of the ones who have had a long-standing it top fans are no longer top fans I don't know they're trying to like you wear a top fan last week you can't be this week so don't worry about that I got a I noticed noticed that too is that here's 26 new top fans and a lot of the people I didn't even recognize so I have a feeling that Facebook changed that up a little bit misfire I know when I get an angry face I'm like Oh what did I say yep sand is rum Peru's only sand does not come in rum brews ovb it's just the rum Peru's original um any other questions no nope you're fine no no problem ask all the questions you want that's why I am here yep I can show you a little learners the little learners and I'm cracking here are the options as this and body and then I'm skipper has these are the two pairs with the same body and the skipper Bonnie just saw a question I'm Julie for the jelly cats are we any more of the little octopuses yes we are the release four and all of this is Thursday July 11 so this Thursday 19 mountain time is the worldwide release or if you have a brick-and-mortar close to you who is stalking these or King here we are um they can have a trunk show during business hours the day of so July 11th that crap is just popping up everywhere I really just keep talking about those crab that you posted it's like come on any other questions I think we just want to see the little learners are perfect because even if your little one isn't ready to potty train just yet they make these best swim diapers and these two prints are perfect for swim diapers I mean how adorable all right here I think I'm up to date and have some merry just joined us see on my Bruzzi stickers they do come in crackin and skipper – I'm so if you order from King here or some of the select retailers they will have ruzie ruzie stickers and these are the two all righty there no more questions think we're good anything you guys like me mad nope already three down lots left what yeah alrighty alright if you guys want to see the hop over to youtube if you guys are right here and a much better picture any days to see more I know it's fun interact on Facebook but better picture so I will see you guys in a month bye maybe hi guys

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    Hi will care bears birthday party be avilable for a Long time reg. line up ? Thank you oh and I just got "billy" omg the cover is soo soft softer than some of my other covers 😍


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