iPhone 8 Plus VS Galaxy Note 8 : Duel photos et videos

iPhone 8 Plus VS Galaxy Note 8 : Duel photos et videos

By the end of 2017, camera phones
are corssing swords, between the LG V30, the Pixel 2, the iPhone 10,
the iPhone 8+, the Note 8… Who will be the best camera phone
of the year? Today we’ll start with a first duel,
the iPhone 8+ vs the Note 8, we’ll put them back-to-back,
face-to-face, let’s see what they
really have to offer! Again, this year, your absolute obssession
will be to ask “But Jérôme, which is
the best camera phone?” Concerning this, I have
two things to tell you: Today, when talking about the
top-of-the-range smartphones, the difference in photo and video,
there’s hardly anything to choose between it. You really have to
have a sharp eye or to really know much about photography
to see the differences. And that’s this general excellence
of top-of-the-range camera phones that makes that,
this year more than ever, the real difference between these camera phones,
will be you. All along this test,
don’t forget, the technology makes 10%
of the quality of the photo. Someone taking
shitty pictures, put him the best camera phone
in his hands, he will always be taking
shitty pictures. We’re here to talk about
technology, but finally, it doesn’t
represent much to take a good picture. I know some people will say
in the commentd “Oh but DXO put 98%
to this one, 94 to this one,
so this one is crap!” DXO, with all due respect,
they are really good scientists, they make really good tests, with that’s
a single fact on a camera phone. Stop thinking a score will tell you
“that’s the best camera phone in the world” also, some
will say “Oh but there’s 01net, they find it bad,
so why do you think it’s great?” I don’t give a shit,
I do my own tests, I have my own
experiences, we’re here tp judge what they can do,
we’re taking pictures, videos… Leave me alone with
the opinions of the other. For those of you
who are impatient, that will not make it
to the end of this test, I’ll spoil you the end,
so that you can go see other videos, none of both is supreme,
none of both outshine the other, both have their defects,
both have their qualities, so it will be
a very qualified test. We’ll start by talking about
the ergonomics of both devices, for example, this is not something
DXO score considers. Are they pleasant to use, do we easily take
pictures with them, do we enjoy
using them? That’s what I call
the feeling of a camera. We’ll start with
the Note 8, is it pleasant to have it in hand
to take pictures? I think it’s way more pleasant
than what we already have known, for example with the Galaxy Edge,
which had a bit too thin edges, here, it’s pleasant to have it
in your hands to take pictures. The superiority of the Note 8
compared to the iPhone 8, it’s its screen.
You have not been fooled, the Note 8 screen, it’s enough to make you cry as
it’s so beautiful, it’s so flattering. The pictures will blow your mind,
and the luminosity is excellent, and the luminosity is important,
because when taking picture, if it’s sunny, we have to see
what we’re doing. Concerning the colors
of this display, that’s where
we can be fooled. You watch your pictures with
the screen of the Note 8, which you have taken
with the Note 8, the colors are stunning. But as soon as you see them
on a computer or on another screen, well, I think the colors are
pretty colorless. Another advantage, and I want to say
that’s it’s a killer feature of the Note 8, it’s its pen. Doing photo retouching
directly, before posting, without having to go on a computer,
it’s absolutely wonderful. Just for that,
I would buy a Note 8. Just for the photos. Now let’s talk about the ergonomics
of the iPhone 8+. I won’t do the test
I have already done, the design is
really old-fashioned, the taking in hand has not changed
since the iPhone 6, it’s a great taking in hand
to take picture. Apple tried to do its best
with this old display technology, but in terms of
luminosity, we’re very very far
from what we get with OLED. Can’t wait for the iPhone 10. There’s a novelty with the iPhone 8+,
that I really don’t appreciate for the photography, it’s the True Tone mode,
we can’t switch it off, it doesn’t seem to switch off automatically
when we’re in the photo mode, and it can
create mistakes, most of all in video,
for the white balance. Just to remind you, the True Tone
will balance the whiteness of your screen in realtion to
the ambient lightning. We could be able to
switch off easily when we are in video
or photo mode. Let’s talk quicky about the software part,
especially the original photo app. On the Note 8,
we have a quick access to the app, and the trigger is
quite satisfying. The Samsung photo app is great,
it’s complete. There’s a pro mode, I just think
it’s a bit messy, and sometimes you have to do
one or two touches before reaching a function, it’s not always
handy. In terms of
app ecosystem, Well, know for Android,
it’s okay, since there’s Lightroom there’s Snapseed, we’ll find things
to do some photo retouching. On the other side,
concerning the apps for video it’s really poor
in the Android world. There’s no real good
editing app, at least, that I know. For the iPhone 8,
the app for taking pictures, is simple,
some will say simplistic. We don’t have a pro mode at all,
I think they could have put it, even if they had hidden it,
or even if we had to switch it on and off, depending on
our user level. Apple is still
taking us for idiots. Well, this app has something good,
it’s that it’s extremely fast, very intuitive, and
to do point-and-shoot photography, woah I take a picture,
boom don’t need to worry about anything! I think it’s faster than
what I know in the Android world. But still, the thing is that
if you really want to enjoy all the capacity to take
photos and videos with an iPhone you’ll have to use third-party apps,
and not native Apple apps. iOS 11 brings us a new format
for videos and photos, and it’s welcomed. The files take a lot less space,
and we needed it, considering the videos modes we have on
the iPhone 8+, 4K with 60 frames/second I hope there’s a hell of a good
compression. The ecosystem, well, it’s way more
well-stocked on iOS, especially in the video mode, where we’ll find real
editing apps. Mini conclusion
of this ergonomics part we’ll say both are really
pleasant to have in hand. Taking pictures
is a rea pleasure. The iPhone 8 has a little advantage,
for its simplicity, its speed, it’s the real champion of
the point-and-shoot, easy photgraphy. On the other hand, the Note 8
gives us some edition functions, and more “pro” pictures,
if you want to go further with photography. Now let’s see what I call,
easy-pictures. It’s pictures taken in broad daylight,
when it’s sunny, pictures we take in holidays, not that complicated pictures,
of people, objetcs, animals,
things like that, when we leave our phone
in automatic mode. We will be able to see
how they manage the automatic mode, what’s the acutance,
what’s the color management. Let’s see all
of this. Concerning the pictures,
as we said, at the beggining it will be
very very difficult to split. Both are excellent for
scenery pictures, sunny pictures. At most we can see that
the iPhone this year, is verging on the yellow, and the Note 8 is verging
a bit on the blue. I find the Note 8
sometimes inconstant about the
color management. Sometimes it gives us
some surprising resulsts, but globally this year, that’s the one
which has a bit dull pictures, kind of like the Samsung’s
engineers had reduced
the contrast, so we don’t have too bright
pictures with the OLED display. For the iPhone 8, pictures are a lot
more contrasted than last year, it should delight those who like
to post directly on Instagram, no filter. For both cameras,
the acutance is quite incredible. As usual with Samsung, they added
a bit of rimmel, we see it
when we zoom, it gives it a bit of
an illustration look, but let’s not quibble. Still, we have some really
beautiful acutance. About what they call
the telephoto lens, which allows you
to zoom x2, both are good. I really think
they are good quality. It’s true that fpr the Note 8,
the second lens is stabilized, it gives it
a little advantage. The dynamic range,
both are excellent, we can notice than Apple has made
huge progress on the HDR. The resultats are
really impressive. Acutance, colors,
dynamic range, Note 8, iPhone 8,
we put them 8 under 8. They make stunning pictures
in broad daylight, every normal photos,
the only thing you’ll want is to share them
immediately. The sun is
slowly setting, it’s the perfect moment
to talk about low-light photography
and photography in motion. Because, usually, that’s where we’ll see
the difference between smartphones, camera phones,
middle-range and top of the range ones. The excellence of the lens,
the performance of the sensor, this is what will allow you
to take pictures in the darkness, or almost in
the darkness. Or also
fast movements. It has been one or two generations
since the Galaxys are quite domintaing in the subject
of the low-light photography, sometimes
a bit too much. A picture with
the Glaxay S8 gave the impression it was
broad daylight at midnight. iPhones were
a bit behind. It started getting better
with the iPhone 7. Let’s see what the
iPhone 8 has to give to us. We see it
right now, Samsung has the advantage. Sadly, sometimes
by exaggerating a bit. On this picture,
I can tell you that the iPhone transpose better
the luminosity of this place and moment. But by looking at
it sharpely, Samsung cope better with the
image processing and with the noise. With very-low-light
pictures Samsung also deals better with the noise,
even if it means to create big “flats” and to erase
some details. Still we can notice
that the iPhone has made huge
progess on this type of picture. And actually, on pictures in
medium and low-light I think it measures a bit better,
in a balanced manner, the lightning, as you can see in this one, so they give us
a better average value. I won’t talk much about
the flash, you know I don’t really
like smartphones flash, and honestly, I only
did a single picture with it only for the test. The iPhone seems to manage
pretty well the general ambiance, it softens the flash,
whereas the Note 8, it really seems like
a rabbit in the light of your car. For the photography in motion,
actually low-light photography or catching a
subject in motion, finally, it’s the same. The ability for a camera
to catch a lot of light, or when there’s not much of it,
for low-light photography, or in a really
quick period of time, for our both
protagonists th burst mode is really
performant. We can notice that the autofocus
is really good knowing that it’s not easy for an autofocus
to follow a bubble. Now let’s talk about
the famous portrait mode, this mode with its famous false bokeh,
this false shallow depth of field. These both cameras use the fact
of their distance between their both lens to create this false effects. Let’s test this,
we’re going to take real portraits, with a real model. Sarah will join us. You already know Sarah, because of
the test we have made on the GH5 and she agreed to
play along. The Note 8 is the first Galaxy
to have a second lens, and the least we could say is,
for a first try, it’s a master stroke. As you can see in
thses pictures, Samsung really deals well
with the 3D mapping, that allows you to create this effect of
false shallow depth of field. The soft focus on the background,
that we call bokeh, is more present than in the
iPhone’s portraits, and it’s still editable,
even when you’ve already taken the picture, which is not possible
on the iPhone, only if you use
a third-party app. The Note 8 deals better
with the notion of depth, and sometimes will
blur progressively the background, whereas on the iPhone,
anything that’s not a face will rapidly
turn into a Gaussian paté. The color and skin
processing is way softer on
the Note 8, even if it has
this tendency to verge on the blue, and in my opinion,
it smooth the skin a bit too much. On the contrary, the iPhone puts too much
contrast on the complexion, and the results,
not being ugly, are average. Anyway, for me, the Note 8
is the bug winner of the portrait mode. It deals better with
the exercize, even if we can agree that, for both, the results are
still very random. The hair management still needs improvement, and none of both
know how to deal with the foreground blur. We’re still very very far from what we can do this
an appropriate camera, with a wide aperture lens. But let’s not deny our pleasure, it’s still very cool
to be able to do things like that with a camera
that fits in your pocket. Let’s take a minute to talk about
the advantages of a smartphone compared to
a reflex or a mirrorless camera to take portraits. Of course you won’t have as good pictures,
we won’t lie. Here, I show you pictures we
took with Sarah with the GH5 and
good lenses, it’s not
comparable. But Sarah,
she knows how to pose, because it’s not your job,
but still you’re used to pose
in front of big cameras, but your friends may feel nervous
if you take the big stuff, the big lens. With a smartphone, they will
be a lot more natural, and what do we expect from
a portrait, it’s attitudes,
it’s human attitudes. So you’ll probably get better results from your subject than
with a big camera. We don’t care about the bokeh,
we don’t care about the technique, the most important
is your model. Oh smartphone, tell me
who is the most beautiful. In the Facebook, Instagram
and Snapchat world, the front camera is a major issue
for the camera phones. Apple understood it,
they upgraded the capacity of the
front camera. But historically,
Samsung has a head start on this point. Let’s see what
we have this year. Good opportunity to test
the front camera, to see if it stabilizes well
while we are video blogging. On the Galaxy Note 8
or on the iPhone 8, it will allow us also
to see how is the sound of
front microphone, and the image,
how it reacts. So, short test,
and we say hello, hi guys! We can see you! As we clearly see it,
for the vlogging mode, the Note 8: stabilized image,
and a way better microphone. If your thing
is Snapchat, is doing vlogging,
do not be hesitant, you don’t need the iPhone. For the selfies,
it’s not the same focal length, but I think it’s
more natural with iPhone, even if I know you’ll prefer
the wide-angle of the Samsung, because it’s a trend. Apart from that, I think the image
is a bit dull for the iPhone, and lacks of contrast for
the Note 8. Anyway, if it’s your
favourite type of photography, don’t hesitate and
take the Note 8. I’m thinking he’s winning the duel
this little bugger! Let’s talk about the
video part. You know that, to choose my
smartphone of the year, the video part
is an essential part. They are tools for me, I often mix shots from
the smartphone and shots from
the main camera. And that’s why I need
a very high quality. Today, the stabilization
is certainly the top argument
for the video on a smartphone. For many years,
Apple have been excelling in it, by offering stabilized 4K,
for now 2 or 3 years. But we’re here,
with the arrival of the Note 8, we finally have stabilized 4K
on a Galxay smartphone. But the iPhone
has another trick in its sleeve, it’s ultra HD 4K,
but in 60 frames/second. It offers also
other image frequency, really interesting
for videographers, it’s 240 frames/second
in 1080p. I bet you’re
telling yourself “It’s only for videographers, I don’t care, I just
want to record my holidays” You’ll see, your holidays,
in 60 frames/second, it will allow you to do
movie slow-motions and doing 240, will allow you
to shoot action plans, and to have really
interesting plans to watch. The slow-motion is
a magical thing, we can agrre on that, a great feat of strength
from Apple to put these rates
in a smartphone. You need a great processor
to deal with this kind of frames. We can have these frequencies also
on the Note 8, but not with these
resolutions. For the 240,
you’ll have 720p. To 60 frames/second,
you’ll be in 1080p. But apart from this difference
about the rates, which is major, both cameras have
great behaviors. The transitions,
from the light to the dark parts, are smoother than
what we have known from other years, and the stabilization,
freehand or walking, as you can see now, offers
really impressive results. For the autofocus,
it’s the same, I did not see any loss
for any of both. I didn’t do an extreme test,
but for this part, everything works well. Of course,
I’m a videographer, so my preference goes to
the iPhone, because these rates are
important for me, but still,
hats off to Samsung for managing to make
stabilized 4K, it doesn’t seem like,
but it’s not that easy. We’re slowly heading
to the conclusion of this video. This year, on purpose, I didn’t wanted
to make it too technical, I didn’t talk about pixel size,
about sensor size, about aperture,
I even delated an entire paragraph aout the Raw, because it may be a bit too technical
for some of you. If you want to know what’s the Raw
on the camera phones, I did a video
on the subject. I really wanted to do
a user’s test, that be focus on the pictures,
on the results, that we don’t go too far
with specs. I think that the thing that
interests you the more, is my opinion. I found these two camera phones
really wonderful, they’re full of qualities, whether it’s in photography,
or in video, we have a really high level. But if we need to cut short,
the advice I’m giving you, is that if your priorit
is the photography, you’ll certainly be happier
with a Note 8. If you’re more into
making videos, you’ll may be happier
with an iPhone 8+. Even if Samsung, with this Note 8, starts to go
in the right direction for the video, for me, they’re not
there yet and Apple is still one step ahead. Finally this duel
is kinda pointless, because thr Note 8 and the iPhone 8 will be blown away
by the news as now is coming the iPhone 10,
the LG V30, the… Oh no shit, it’s not coming to France… Maybe will comme the Pixel 2. We hope having
great duels in 2018. Of course, I’m waiting for
your comments. What did you think
about what you saw in te video? I’m not showing myself
at the end of this video, because I just did
10 hours of editing in order to finish
this video, and I really have a
crappy face. Don’t forget to support us
if you liked the video, and if you want to see more, give us likes,
and share the channel, and if you want,
you can support us on Tipeee. See you soon! And a big thank you to
Sarah, Sala and Soly for helping me during
this shooting day, or should I say
these several shooting days. Thank you!

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    Le point qui fait mal chez Android : les apps pour le montage video meme si.. perso je ne sais pas faire ça sur un écran si petit.. Sinon il y a Quik de Go Pro qui est pas mal !

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  • November 28, 2017 at 1:37 pm


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