How to take amazing newborn photos with Jenifer of Two Bees Photography

(light guitar music) – [Voiceover] Jenifer is a friend of mine and I was thinking about
sort of the concept of Made By Mommy and I
realized that, you know, there’s a whole lot of
other mommies out there that are making really cool things. And she does these incredibly
outstanding photographs of newborns that just blew me away. So I asked her if I come
sneak a peak at her process and hopefully give you guys some insight. – Hi, I’m Jenifer Levinson, I’m the owner of Two Bees Photography here
in Long Beach, New York. So the newborns that
you see on my website, and in this video, are about ten days old. I would say, I shoot up to two weeks and the reason being that
in the first few weeks the babies are all curled up
from being in mommy’s belly. They sleep really well,
and after about three weeks they start to stretch those limbs out and it’s really hard to get those poses where they’re tucked in. The really important thing
about shooting newborns is shooting them when they’re happy. I do like to shoot my
newborns after a good feed, a good burp, when they’re
super sleepy and calm. If the time’s not right,
you just need to be patient and wait. I do use lighting now but for years I used natural light, and
I still use natural light on occasion with my own children. It’s really about making
sure the baby’s comfortable and that there’s padding underneath them. That there’s enough space. They’re not gonna get scratched. So I’ve seen mom’s wanting to
take pictures of their kids is to do more natural posing. Maybe put them on your bed. Capture Dad snuggling them or a sibling giving them a kiss. Those are great images
that are so meaningful. You definitely want to make sure that you’re taking your time, If you’re moving their
little fingers or toes, that you don’t want to
make any sudden moves. And just go really slow so that
the babies are comfortable. Just a warm house, a good feed. That’s a good recipe for a sleepy baby. – Jenifer took pictures of babies naked. And naked comes with a slight danger – Yes. – Of flooding. – Yes, today we got lucky
both babies stayed dry. But I do bring these secret pads with me. They’re just wee wee
pads from the pet store. They are the same as hospital chucks. Everything is layered with these pads so if babies do have an accident it’s very easy to just pick everything up, throw it in the wash, and the
surfaces you’re shooting on, or the baskets or the buckets, stay clean. This is layered right under all of my blankets and each basket. If you were to lift up the blankets, and things like that, there’d
be one of these underneath. Yeah, I’ve gotten used to it by now. But yes, pee and poop are
just parts of the game. – And when you think about it, I mean, really what they’re buying, it’s not just a photograph, they’re probably buying a
piece of art for their house. – If you do hire a photographer, it’s a great way to just spend
the day watching the baby. – Cameron look at her. – Look at the camera. – [Voiceover] Alll … – Now give a pretty smile. – [Voiceover] the lemon drops and gumdrops. Oh, my goodness. You’re amazing! (light guitar music)

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