How to have a Quantum Cat… Snapseed Editing Photos Fun! #DONNYCOMEHOME #QuantumCat

How to have a Quantum Cat… Snapseed Editing Photos Fun! #DONNYCOMEHOME #QuantumCat

Hey there, it’s Shell 🐚! And what I am doing
tonight? Well playing with my phone For hours
now looking for orange cats that look like Donny 🐱 Hoping it’s Donny (giggle) he’s out
there adventuring
#DONNYCOMEHOME so this is Snapseed and I loaded a picture of Donny and you
can look at the “Looks” right here and you pick him to be brighter or you can pick him to be faded or you could pick him to be really bright Let’s go back to the way he was so what’s interesting and most important about Donny’s picture here is that he shows his little white paws there …I wonder if you can see my pen?… Because his little white toes there and he has white legs but you can’t see
that (I should have murmured) I need a different picture to show you his legs I have done, though, is “selective focus” here placing it on his little nose I can make him brighter… or darker… I thought about sharing this with you because I was having fun! (Laughing) With Donny! I love him so much! YAY! If can’t have him here right now I CAN have him here right NOW! See? In my hand and play with him So, go to “Tools” and I was going to “Curves”, hee-hee (Laughing) And Donny was getting psychedelic I wanted to share it
with you! It was really cool! I was like, what should I do? Should I make him brighter? Should I make him darker? Do all these like fun
things with Donnie then I came over here Where was I? Oh my God, I can’t even recreate it so funny! He started getting all crazy looking! Like, “Whoa, look at him he’s so cool! Whoa!” (Laughing) Like that, you know? I was having
fun with Donny! Donny is super trippy! Donny is in another dimension Donny is helping people and he’s loving them just like he did for me I miss him I knew that he had a
role here on earth to share love and be loved Beloved! That’s my Donny, my little “Donny-boy” He’s psychedelic kitty he’s so cool So you can do that with your cat You can play with your cat and have him quantumly Have your cat quantumly Right? Have fun❤️🐱 Love❤️Shell🐚

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  • August 27, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Looking forward to having you on the show wednesday 7:30pm eastern I have it up and listed with your link in description!!


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