HOW TO GET PUBLISHED in Magazines & Blogs | Photography Business Marketing

HOW TO GET PUBLISHED in Magazines & Blogs | Photography Business Marketing

– If you wanna fill your
calendar with dream clients and not need to worry about where your next job will come from then you should really consider
making getting featured and published an emphasis
in your business. It’s really not as hard as you might think and today I’m sharing my seven top tips along with a free submission tracker that I use in my own business to help systemize the submission process and make it super easy. Now, if you’re new to my channel, I’m Chelsea Nicole and I
share weekly tutorials, tips and business and marketing
strategies for photographers helping you improve your craft while building a wildly
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below to stay in the loop for future videos. I’m excited about today’s topic because it’s something that’s been really a major game
changer for me personally in my business. When I was first getting started, I didn’t have relationships with high end vendors or planners. I didn’t really have money for
advertising or bridal shows and to be honest, I
really never liked that sort of traditional marketing anyway. I like to stand out and I really wanted to be unique in my field and I feel like if you’re lumped together with a bunch of other photographers, you all end up competing based on price and I really did not wanna compete based on being the lowest
priced photographer. So I knew I needed to get
myself out there to brides but I wanna do it in a different way and I also knew that my favorite brides that I really wanted to
attract were hanging out and getting their inspiration
from wedding blogs. So in the beginning, that was my strategy and I built almost my entire
business based on features including getting featured on many of the top online
wedding blogs and magazines. So this is a cover feature
of one of my brides, Celeste, and I have to say that there’s
really nothing quite like getting your work featured in print and it’s also so fun for
our brides and grooms getting them sort of bragging rights and allowing them to
celebrate their wedding in a totally unique and awesome way. Over time, I formed
relationships with editors making it easier to
submit and get published but in the beginning I really
didn’t have that to rely on and I had to learn those
best methods for myself. So let’s go ahead and
dive into those tips. The top magazines and blogs get several hundreds of
submissions every week. So what’s gonna make
your submission stand out above all the rest? I find that it helps
to think like an editor and editors are looking
for interesting stories, new trends and unique
one of a kind details. Essentially, things that are
gonna inspire their audience. So when submitting, you should be looking for the most interesting angle
to pitch that wedding from and lead with that. For this issue in a Smitten Magazine, my couple Sybil and Eddie, really loved natural wood elements and geometric shapes so when sending this to the editor I described how they
incorporated some of these things throughout their wedding
day with things like this wooden ring box, their table numbers which were custom done on wood cards. Their custom ceremony
archway that had these really cool wood honeycomb
pieces that were filled with floral. Their place cards for
their guests that were done with their names in
calligraphy and on wood. These adorable wooden
boutonnieres that the groom and his groomsmen wore, and
probably my favorite detail this heart shaped geometric wood piece that was done to hold their place cards. So, as you can see some of those features that I shared with the editor
were kind of what made it throughout the submissions. That’s what made that wedding
just really stand out. I have one more example I
wanted to share with you guys. This wedding was done
with one of my favorite planners here in town,
Tara at Scheme Events and featured in The Knot Magazine and this couple also had
really beautiful details throughout their day, but
what really made this wedding different was the story behind it. Ethel and Jonathan, the couple, traveled with over 60 of their
closes family and friends all the way from Hong Kong. So over 16 hours traveling
for their destination wedding in Las Vegas. They also had really unique venues. Their ceremony was at Hyde nightclubs, yes, kind of cool, a nightclub venue that overlooked the fountains of Bellagio and when they kissed the
fountain show went off. And then reception was
at the really beautiful Four Seasons here in town where the did an al fresco sort of thing and dined outdoors. The other thing that made
this wedding really stand out was the couple’s style. They had this really fun,
like stylish modern city vibe that they then also paired with kind of a romantic aesthetic. Their color palate was soft
ivory and blush and green and they had an abundance of floral. So it was kind of a modern romantic look and that made it really different. Now, if you don’t have these
kinds of weddings just yet remember every publication is different. So you don’t necessarily
need lots of details. The kind of key to this tip is to just take what makes that
wedding or shoot different and lead with that. And if you are wanting to get featured in kind of similar
publications I knew that the kinds of magazines and
blogs that I wanted to have my work featured in, it definitely helped to have lots of details. So I have another video I’ll
link to in the description that’s all on styled
shoots which is something I also did early in my
career to help me book more of these kinds of really
detail oriented weddings. So, if you’re interested
in that check that out after this and I think that’ll help. So you wanna think like an editor but taking it a step further, editors are often trying to think like their bride or reader and thinking about what will inspire her. So for this, read submission guidelines, read the publication or blog, have an understanding
of what they feature, who their audience is, what their audience likes
and the style of images that they feature. So for an example, if you
shoot mostly warm tone more moody images, you
don’t want to be submitting to publications that feature a light and airy style of photography. Or if a publication features
mostly high end weddings you don’t want to be sending them DIY, more low budget wedding details. You wanna match the wedding
or shoot with a publication. With the end goal being images and stories that are inspiring to their target brides. Now, I know this might
sound kind of obvious but I feel like a lot of photographers miss the simple step and it goes so far with not only getting that submission published and accepted,
but also then building relationships with those
editors ’cause they know that you’re taking the
time to really think about and select those weddings
that are perfect for them. Know what kind of images the
publication likes to feature. Every publication is
a little bit different but a good rule of thumb is 70% details and 30% people, including kind of a mix of both portraits and
storytelling elements such as, first dance, the cake cutting, guests playing any specialty
games at cocktail hour or enjoying unique
elements from the wedding such as, maybe a signature cocktail or ice cream station. These are unique details
that may tell a more complete story, and also
serve as inspiration to other couples. Now, another tip for the
details is to take horizontal and vertical images of each
detail to give a publication options for their layouts. Remember, the easier
that you can make things for editors the better. And most editors also
prefer natural light images. So ideally you wanna
photograph these details during the daytime with clean, even light and non distracting backgrounds. Allow yourself the time
needed to be creative and do your best work by planning things out in advance and putting together a photography timeline. Now, you might resist this
step if you’ve never done it before, but I promise
it makes all the difference by giving you a lot
more control over things like lighting and having enough time for different parts of the wedding day. And if you’re interested in
how I planned for my weddings I actually have a video I put together all on creating the perfect photo timeline along with a free timeline guide so I’ll link that below. Editors will love you,
and it will increase your chances of getting the piece published if you put in the work to
already have everything all bundled up in a nice little package for them when submitting. Follow the submission guidelines to a T and then when you’re
doing the vendor credits make sure that it’s a full list including things like, the dress designer, even the bridal shop,
the bridesmaid dresses. Robes if the girls are wearing
special robes in the morning. These are all things that
are commonly left out and editors love when they’re included because brides really love knowing where these things are from. I also recommend sizing things based on the publication. So for magazines you’ll wanna
send high resolution files and for blogs I optimize
based on the specs of that particular blog. So remember you want
to make it an easy yes for the editor. So you don’t want to be sending images that are way too large or way too small. And also when sending to blogs I don’t like them resizing down my images because then the images might be crunched and not be in their best light. To make this process easy I’ll use either Lightroom or BlogStomp to render out several different sizes
when initially preparing wedding for publication and this saves me time for
meaning to then go back later if I have to resubmit elsewhere. I think it’s important to note that just because a submission
isn’t a right fit for one publication at this time doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for another. So I usually like to have
two to three places in mind that fit the style and vibe of
the wedding engagement shoot or style shoot that I’m submitting. Now, often bigger publications
will require exclusivity so in this case I’ll still
submit to one publication at a time, but usually it
will say in their submission guidelines roughly how long
it might take to hear back. So I’ll take that date, pad a little bit and mark it on my calendar
to do just a quick, friendly follow up before I end
up submitting elsewhere. I also use my submission
tracker tool for this ’cause I’ll usually have
a couple submissions going at one time so it will help keep track of the different followups I need to do and kind of statuses of
my different submissions. This last tip is a little
bit more mindset focused but it’s perhaps the most important and is my favorite because as creatives we’re really close to our work and hearing no can be super discouraging. I know what it’s like
because I’ve been there. When I first got the courage to submit to my favorite publications
it was several no’s back to back and I feel like it’s enough to make
anybody feel like giving up but what I learned over
many years in business is that even the perfect submission, you know there’s a lot of other factors going on behind the scenes, that we have very little control over and these things influence
editors decisions. Things like, editorial schedules, or maybe they’re trying
to feature more or less of certain colors, or a
particular kind of wedding. Or even that like, your
wedding is on trend and they’ve accepted
another similar feature already and don’t want to duplicate it. So keep in mind that
the top publications get hundreds of submissions every week. I encourage you to keep positive and keep trying, keep submitting. Some no’s are going to be inevitable but don’t let that stop
you from getting your work our there in the world. Your perfect bride is out there and she deserves to see it so don’t deprive yourself and don’t deprive her from finding you. I hope these tips help for
submitting your next wedding. I’ll be sure to link my submission tracker in the description for you guys. It’s a super useful tool to help guide you through the submission
process and also keep track of those statuses and when
to follow up or resubmit. If you enjoyed this video I appreciate you showing some love by giving it a thumbs up and, question for you guys. What’s your favorite blog or one that you really
love to be featured on? Drop it below and Bella and
I will see you next video.

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