How to Draw a Carrot – Easy Pictures to Draw

How to Draw a Carrot - Easy Pictures to Draw

hey what's up guys does it go and today I'm gonna go we're gonna draw a carrot we're gonna be going over vegetables I'm going to be using a regular marker this is basically a magic marker nothing special about it so let's get started carrot is essentially a triangle usually we've sprouts coming out of it so we're gonna have these little bumps and striations it's gonna go downward a lot of the character from the carrot really comes from the color you know but we don't we're not going to do that doing the leaves at the end essentially these are just little squares I'm using for the the edge there and that's about it it's pretty simple to be honest is not a whole lot of difference let me do another one a little straighter there's different variations you can do on it when you're pulling your stroke try to make it try making it one continuous stroke that really helps square it there don't draw the entire line all the way through when you're drawing the little striations it's a little simpler little leaves kind of going off more they're more kind of compacted instead of the other one so those are two different ways to draw a carrot I'm going to be drawing different little things and different items as time goes on so please subscribe to my channel guys and I'd love to hear your feedback thanks

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