Hey guys it’s Allison I hope you’re
having a super happy day so far I am so excited to be finally filming this video
is by far my most requested video ever and that is how I edit my Instagram
photographs so I did film one of these a few months back actually it was probably
about a year ago um things have certainly changed a whole bunch in one
powerful tool that I started using since the past video is Lightroom I’m sure you
have heard of Lightroom before it is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and it
is a very powerful editing software so with Lightroom you can really addressed
all the colors and manipulate so many settings I didn’t even know we’re
possible I like to use Lightroom opposed to Photoshop just because Lightroom you
can really play with the colors more with Photoshop is more tweaking the
actual subjects of the photo so I think Lightroom is just a little more user
friendly for editing but I am also so excited to say that through my work in
Lightroom I have created my own presets and they are on sale now so with these
presets you can download them from my website once you purchase them and all
you have to do is just import them into your Lightroom so you must pay for the
Lightroom app which I know is pretty expensive but there are a few different
options that your student and whatnot so that’s awesome
so once you have lightroom you import the presets into lightroom and then it’s
seriously a click of a button and the filter is automatically applied and then
you can adjust the filter to appropriately fit your lighting
situation and colors and your photograph so i’m so excited to be selling these
Lightroom presets because they have definitely made made my life easy here
when it comes to editing my photographs and people are always asking me how I
edit but it’s so hard to like explain everything specifically so I feel like
this is such an easy way for people to download them and then be able to use
them for themselves so if you’re interested in that you can
download my presets on my website which is in my description you’ll see all the
information there let me know if you have any questions whatsoever I will be
sure to answer them so I’m going to show you in this video how to use my prep
presets and then what other editing techniques I use in addition to my
presets because it isn’t a one click edit it’s just never gonna be the case
sometimes you can put on the preset and it looks great but you still want to add
some pizzazz or add some more details which is what I do every single time
pretty much so let’s get into this video and I’ll give you all my editing secrets
okay once you’re on my website you just click come in and then you will go to
the top or drop down menu if you’re on mobile and click on shop presets and
here you will see my preset pack and you can click on this to kind of read more
about it and make sure it is the right fit for you so if you decide yes I
totally want to invest in these they are currently 34 and 95 and you can add them
to your cart so once they’re in your cart you can just click on this and
check out and then you will just have to enter in any information it asks for and
then at the end it will say order confirmed and you will also see your
download link right here so you’ll just click on that and then it’ll pop on over
to your downloads and then you just click on this folder and within the
folder you will see the four presets that you get so in to install these on
your Lightroom you just click on install and then I actually already have it
installed so I’m just gonna hit cancel but of course you would hit install and
then it would show up right under develop make sure you’re in the
developed tab up at the very top and then scroll all the way down to your
user presets and then you’ll see bellisimo the first one you downloaded
right there and then you’ll just have to go back to your downloads to
individually download the three other ones so first I just
want to take you through how I edit with my presets so whenever I have a
photograph I just like to kind of look at all the presets I never really have a
preset in mind before I have the photograph in Lightroom so I kind of
just scroll over these to see which one looks the best in the little preview so
bellissimo looks really nice I think I will most likely end up going with that
one but Lightspeed looks pretty cool too especially if you’re more into their
warm tones I would probably take down the orange a little bit but that one
looks pretty awesome as well and then we have mermaid touch which is another one
of my presets and this one is super clean and it really brings out any
turquoise you may have and if you have a blue sky or something it’ll make it much
more turquoise II so that’s pretty awesome and then we have pinky-winky
which was my first preset and the name is so cheesy I know but I just really
like this one because it’s very it’s more cool toned but the pink is very
very prominent and it adds such a pink flare to any photograph you may have so
for this photo I am definitely gonna go with bellissimo and once I have the
preset on my photograph I just kind of alter it a little bit sometimes it
barely needs to be altered at all but sometimes it really needs to be altered
just depending on the light and nature of the photograph so I think it’s just a
little overexposed so I’m just going to bring that down a smidge but I still
like it super bright and pretty and then I am going to take the highlights down
just so that we can see all the details in this photograph and then let’s see
what else I’m gonna do I’m going to add luminance a little bit then I’m gonna go
up to these colors and maybe bring up the luminance for the pink some more and
then maybe orange for my hair oh gosh see we do not
want to do that sometimes you will just play around with it and see what works
and what doesn’t yeah this is usually my process I just
go through and kind of see what I want to change what I want to keep and do
that until I am pleased with it but thankfully this preset helps me it so
much and I barely have to do anything to the photograph at all I’ll take you back
to the original this is what I originally looked like and then this is
it with the preset so as you can tell it’s a super big difference and it looks
very lovely if I say so myself okay now I want to take you through another
photograph that isn’t a raw photograph this was still taken with a DSLR camera
but it is not raw because I know there might be some confusion about Oh what if
I don’t shoot in RAW is there gonna be a big difference and no it definitely is
preferred if you do shoot in RAW just because like for instance bellissimo it
really takes for raw photographs that can really alter it a whole lot more but
for JPEGs it just since JPEGs are already color corrected a bit it just
has less less freedom to work with so in this photograph bellissimo was just way
too exposed but all I had to do was just alter that just bring down the exposure
a little bit easy peasy and you can also mess with the white balance just alter
the temperature and tint but if we go over to Lightspeed that one still is a
little overexposed but it still looks really nice if you ask me I love the way
it looks and it’s super warm so if you’re going for more of that feel
lightspeed is the perfect preset for you and then if we go over to mermaid touch
this one looks perfect like I wouldn’t even have to touch it or alter it too
much more I just love the way this looks and then pinky-winky this looks so
lovely so girly with the pink touches and just like that you’re done editing
one other trick that I do quite often if I have some white space and I want to
make it even pop more I go to my brush tool over here in
Lightroom and I put the exposure on my brush up to about one something it
really just depends and then you can just paint over some whiteness and make
it super super bright so that’s a little too bright for my fur coat
but if you have something like a white wall that you want to make super white
and just super clean you can use the brush tool over all the way to the right
over here okay so once I know I’m ready to post it I will just go to my library
and export it and then I will send it over to my iPhone so my favorite apps to
use on my phone are Snapseed and this go so first let’s bring in this
photographed into Snapseed and my favorite tools on Snapseed are the brush
tools so with the brush tool I love to use the exposure one and with this one
you can actually kind of mock the lightroom brush and you can whiten any
area you’d like to so usually I really wouldn’t whiten the sky but since that’s
kind of like the biggest whitespace and this in particular photograph I just
wanted to kind of demonstrate that for you guys this is such an awesome tool if
you want to make things super crisp and bright I also love the satchel reach the
saturation tool because that way I can really just make things pop even more if
you’ve watched my old how I edit video you know my key is ESS exposed sharpen
and saturate that is just my key and golden rule to editing photographs so
now let’s go into visco and we’ll pop in that photograph real quick so once I’m in disco I just play around
a little more maybe sharpen a little bit at make it even more crisp or I’ll
expose it but since this one is already so edited thanks to Lightroom and
Snapseed you really don’t have to do a whole lot to it but of course that all
depends on each individual agraphia really just use your judgement and find
your own editing style again if you don’t feel like Lightroom is a necessity
please don’t be like you need to buy it visco is such a powerful free tool and
Snapseed as well and you can really just make magically beautiful photographs
with this and that’s it that is a full video of how I edit every single
Instagram photograph I take I know it is super extra to edit this much and like
go through so many different steps but editing photographs is one of my
favorite things to do it is basically a hobby for me I just absolutely love to
do it I love to be in Lightroom I love to post on Instagram so it’s just such a
fun thing for me please don’t stress yourself out about it if it’s not really
your thing don’t spend too much time on it I’m sure you have other skills and
priorities in life so go for that but I really hope these tools helped you and I
hope you enjoy my presets and I hope you have a beautiful day thanks for watching
guys I

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