Gift ideas for photographers | What to buy a photographer

Gift ideas for photographers | What to buy a photographer

hey guys! welcome to our third annual
holiday gift guide. this is what to buy a photographer for Christmas, New Year’s
their birthday, or whatever! it’s the holiday season so I’m gonna be sharing with you
some of my favorite gear books… we have all kinds of stuff I’m looking over
because I have it all in my office to share with you today so if you’re a
photographer and you’re kind of trying to figure out what you should put on
your wish list or you’re trying to shop for a photographer in your life and
you’re not sure what they would like this video is for you so stick around.
so the first items I have to share with you guys are something in kind of the
gear category now these are Lume Cubes and lume cubes are really cool because
it’s basically super super portable temperature adjustable lighting for your
camera or for your phone and that’s amazing because there are so many
opportunities as photographers that we just want to take good pictures but the
lighting is not great so this really literally gives you a lighting kit that
you could light your subject either video or still on the go and it just
opens up a whole world of opportunities especially those photographers who would
like to show lots of behind the scenes of their brand and just themselves
especially on social media I can think of so many incredible ways that you can
use this it has wireless Bluetooth control you can use it on your cell
phone you can adjust the brightness you can adjust the color
I think this would just be a really great gift and also could fit inside of
a stocking so luhn cube offers a couple of different options and so many more on
their website but some of them are more portable some of them are like all the
bells and whistles ways that you can change and adjust the lighting to
exactly what you want and what are your creative needs are and it works for both
photo and video the next item I think would be an amazing gift for any
photographer especially wedding photographers is a wall calendar so this
is the finished calendar this is a 2020 calendar and there are a couple reasons
why I love this calendar so one reason I really like a wall calendar is that I
can see in my office exactly when I’m booked on a schedule so I use honey book
which is a client management software and it’s digital and that’s wonderful
but I also like having physical in-person real-life calendar
that my family can see so I think everybody needs a wall calendar and
another reason why I like this is that it is dry-erase so I could put something
down and then if the client changes their mind changes their date or
something cancels I can erase it and it doesn’t ruin the whole calendar the
other really cool thing about this calendar is that the day’s flow as the
week’s go instead of one month next month next month so because it changes
from July to August midweek or right at the end of this week you see it that way
you see that it’s about to become August but it doesn’t take you to an entirely
new block and this is really helpful because sometimes when we’re looking at
a calendar we’re only seeing one month at a time even though it could be just
days away from a whole nother month where I like this how it just keeps kind
of flowing into the next month so visually I like this I’m excited to use
this for my own business it also comes horizontal and vertical which is super
handy so you guys know that I love my double camera holster from holdfast but
I recently got a leash camera leash I think is what they call it where it’s
just for your wrist and I like having a little wrist strap for my camera when
I’m only shooting with one camera when I just want to feel a lot lighter in less
tether debt so I love my double holster I still use it all the time
but I have really found myself reaching for this wrist strap another reason why
I love it is because it has to hold points on your camera so for whatever
reason this fails you have a backup strap and when you’re talking about your
gear like the idea of this falling on the ground
I can’t like I said it’s too dramatic to even think of so I want this backup it
just gives me a lot of peace of mind so I really like this again this is my
holdfast and it’s called the camera leash it comes in a bunch of different
colors and materials and I really like it and I think it would make a great
gift we know photographers spend a lot of
time looking at the computer whether that is emailing clients editing images
posting to social media or just on their phones
so I recommend blue light blocking glasses this is going to block those
really harsh blue lights that often are inside of screens even your TV around us
even sometimes plugged into our houses that can be a little bit straining on
the eyes it can give you headaches eye fatigue and also make it kind of hard to
fall asleep if we’re looking at our screens for the entire day and then we
try to go to sleep the brain is just like really going and it’s helpful to
have blue light blocking glasses so got these off of Amazon I will link them
down below so next I have a planner now this planner I used all of 2019 and I’m
going to be using into 2020 and that is the my next ninety days this is by savor
life planner and this is a quarterly planner
so essentially inside of here it has tabs for the weeks and it gives you 12
weeks I think there’s also a bonus week for planning and it helps you to think
about your business and your life in a quarter instead of the entire year this
goes really nicely along with the 90-day year or the 12-week year I’ll link that
book as well one of my favorite books completely life-changing taking that
idea from that book and implementing it into a quarterly calendar would be an
amazing gift so the book or the audiobook along with this planner would
just be a really beautiful gift for someone who wants to plan and wants to
set goals but can be a little bit overwhelmed by the thought of an entire
year when so much changes in just a few months so I personally like to set
quarterly goals and think about my my year in quarterly chunks so that I have
room to pivot and change my mind on things so totally recommend this planner
really amazing comes with stickers all kinds of amazingness I’ll link this down
below so next I have a beautiful gift box by souther and grown vintage now
this would be great for some who wants to spruce up their office and
relax a little bit so southern grown vintage named this gift to the gift of
joy and it has some really cute little home decor pieces and also some pieces
for relaxing like a bath bomb and a lip balm and this would be perfect for
somebody who has been hustling really hard all year long and needs to take a
little time for themselves another gift I think would be perfect
for a portrait photographer is a changing tent how many times are you out
on a shoot or traveling around and your clients need to change but they have
nowhere to change this can open up a whole world of possibilities for shoots
because you don’t have to be limited by finding a bathroom or finding a car
somewhere to get changed so I think a changing tent is so awesome and helpful
and if you know a portrait photographer they would probably love this another
great gift idea is portable speakers for playing music either at a portrait
session just to make it feel a little less awkward help everybody loosen up or
during the getting ready portion of a wedding day so I think portable speakers
would be a perfect gift for a photographer so one piece of gear I
think would make a great gift are filters for photographers this is by
sand Mart and they have filters both for phones and for DSLR lenses and these can
do all kinds of amazing things these are their ND filters it says that these
filters will help to take dynamic landscapes add motion blur to subjects
or water like waterfalls or streams and then reduce exposure remove glare during
daylight shooting so this is gonna be wonderful for a portrait photographer
even if you have just your phone right now and you’re trying to take better
cellphone pictures or better camera like videos on your phone they have filters
for both so if the photographer in your life loves coffee this box may be a
really good fit for them it has a little bit of coffee a super cute spoon some
fuzzy socks a mug and a little planner so it’s a little bit of everything and
perfect for someone who really enjoys something warm we’re heading into those
colder months and the socks would be perfect to wear during those long
editing sessions and stuff like that so another planner option and some really
cute pieces from this gift box company as well so this particular gift box was
designed by they called murky gold absolutely
beautiful items all custom curated so this would also be great for client
gifts as well and last but not least I love these zippered bags these are
amazing for an emergency kit a little first-aid kit or just holding all those
little pieces that would be moving around inside of a camera bag like lens
caps back caps extra batteries and personal items even cell phones just all
the little things that all fits so beautifully inside of these zippered bag
these little bags are handmade by an Etsy shop called Bella Rica and I
absolutely love them I use them personally and they are really good
quality and they last they fit lots of different things they come in lots of
different patterns and sizes but I just think that they would make a great gift
for anybody who has lots of little gear pieces on-the-go includes everything
that I have for you guys today but before you go leave me a comment let me
know what’s on your wish list this Christmas or holiday season let me know
if any of these items made it onto your list or if you have something entirely
different I can’t wait to hear from you guys thank you so much for watching and
as usual I will see you next week bye guys

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  • December 4, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    Here commenting because I’d love a featured item!! 😍❤️

  • December 4, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Love holdfast gear

  • December 4, 2019 at 8:19 pm

    So many good things! Love the finish calendar and the 90 day planner!

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    Great video! The link for the first one doesn't work thought;-(

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    The lume cube looks amazing. I would love a future video on how you use it 🤗

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    Such great gift ideas!! Great job joy ♥️

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    You can never go wrong with planners/calendars 😍

  • December 4, 2019 at 8:32 pm

    The Lumecubes are great, I am thinking of picking up the 2 pack that is out along with the multi colour/multi temperature light from Apurture. If people love coffee and want to spend the $100.00 they can order the seasonal limited edition box set from Peter McKinnon and James Coffee Co. (Google James Coffee Co.). It also includes a signed small copy of Peter's photo of Moraine Lake (located in Banff, Alberta) from his Bucket Shot video. Another great gift for any photographer/videographer is Gaff Tape…I would be lost without it as I use it for everything!!
    Another great gift is an EDC Every Day Carry pouch…I keep mine in my camera backpack and keep zip ties, band aids, a lighter, flashlight etc…in it, in case of emergency.
    The lens filters you recommended are neat…I watched Eric Rossi's review on them and seriously considering picking up the set for regular lenses.

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    These are some wonderful ideas!! I ordered the glasses you recommended; been needing those for a while! And I definitely want to try out those calendars! Thanks Joy!

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    I look forward to this video each time ! Your gift guides are always spot on for photographers … love the light cube and pop up tent !!!
    Thank you for another enjoyable and helpful video .

  • December 4, 2019 at 8:48 pm

    Another great gift idea for photographers is Luminar 4…I tried out the free trial (14 days) and love it, you can get fully creative and do sky replacement with built in presets. As well you can sharpen and bring up details, highlights, shadows on whatever is in the background without it effecting the people in the photo. It also has fantastic tools for skin softening, blemish removal, etc..without it effecting the rest of the photo. For both Photography and Video for hybrid shooters who do both, a yearly subscription to Adobe CC with Lightroom and Premier Pro is perfect.

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