Ethiopia Habtemariam Introduces Tiana Major9 | Women In Music

Ethiopia Habtemariam Introduces Tiana Major9 | Women In Music

– Okay. This is such a dope
room, an incredible room. I wanna thank Deanna and Hannah and my sister Gail Mitchel for a, creating a safe space for all of us to be acknowledged and recognized, it’s interesting because this night has become one of the most
important nights in music because women make this whole shit work. I think you all know that. Before I introduce this artist that I’m so incredibly proud of I wanna take a moment to
talk about sisterhood. About five years ago I was promoted to being the president of Motown Records, the legendary label with the huge legacy. Over ten years ago I was
a young music publisher making a name for myself in this game. But operating from a
place of love and passion for storytelling, songwriters, producers and the development of artists. And I met a young director,
a music video director by the name of Melina Matsoukas. Melina and I saw each other, Melina and I saw each other. Back then, and when I stepped into this
role at Motown five years ago, twice a week there were
dinner meetings at Matsuhisa as we talked about the challenges, the challenges and our dreams of making it in this entertainment industry. Cut to 2019, May of 2019. My girl has shot her first debut film, called Queen and Slim. (audience clapping) A black love story, a black love story. A black love story. Taken place in today’s society. This film came out a few weeks ago, when my sister called me and she said, I’ve done my film, I’m ready to go, we need to have an incredible soundtrack. I trust you, you
understand and you see me. Melina and I, along with Lena Weithe, who wrote this incredible film, executive produced an
incredible soundtrack that not only introduces you to new talent but also tells a story in itself. In its accompaniment to, a triggering and provoking film that allows you to see us and love us, understand
us and talk about us. I wanna thank Melina and Lena
for trusting us at Motown. I wanna thank my team at Motown. Specifically Lindsay Linear, my vice president of
ANR who busted her ass through this process. Brittany Davis who busted
her ass on marketing this. This is what synergy looks like, this is what love looks like, this is what sisterhood looks like. Capital Music Group, Universal Music Group for supporting us along the way. Melina and I were at dinner and we said, we wanna give you that
shit that reminds you of what the Love Jones soundtrack was. What the Love and
Basketball soundtrack was. And we did it for us and by us. And it’s beautiful because we
are able to be in this room, loving and accepting, us. So thank you for that. In addition to telling the story of, black music with the soundtrack, you get everything from Roy
Ayres to Megan Thee Stallion. You get Ms Lauryn Hill
who gives you a new song that we have not heard from her in years. And you get new talent,
that was a goal for us. To introduce new talent. Motown, a label that believes
in breaking black artists and connecting people around the world. It’s a pop label, we connected people. It happened 60 years ago as we celebrate our 60th anniversary for Motown this year. And there have been so many
other black entrepreneurs that have operated in the same spirit of what Mr Gordy created then. So I wanna thank my brothers who have supported us
through this process. Coach K, I Know you bought
out several theaters as we supported this
film and this soundtrack. QC Roc Nation, led by a dope-ass woman, congratulations Desire. I wanna thank all the women
that have supported us and leaned into what this was. There was a bigger purpose
and intention behind it. We’ve been breaking new talent, we’ve been supporting other entrepreneurs over this five year tenure for me. I have the pleasure of
introducing one of them.

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  • December 13, 2019 at 10:22 am

    Wassup guys! I dropped 3 songs (one musicvideo) so it would mean the world 2 me if you would give sol honest feedback. Having so much fun with music lately! Love from germany <3

  • December 13, 2019 at 12:08 pm

    They had my girl in the dark😂


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