Dev (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya

Dev (2019) New Released Hindi Dubbed Full Movie | Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya

There is danger at every step here. Every moment you’ll encounter death. You need to be careful. Many people have lost
their lives in this area. Be careful with every step. Keep moving together. This needs to be crossed. Be careful. Don’t panic, Supriya. Be careful. Keep moving. Oh no! Avalanche! Walk fast. Dev! Swati. Snow slide has lead
to grave occurrence here. As you can see that so many people are
injured in this incident. Which camp you are from? Did you see Dev Saxena? Tell me. Have you seen this guy? Mr. Dev Saxena who is
a mountaineer is still missing. As of now a helicopter is sent
for his search operation. Copy.
– Copy. We are not able to move ahead. We can’t hear you.
Please reply. What happened? Sir, we can go ahead;
the storm is worsening. ‘Meghna.’ Vicky sir! Vicky sir!
It’s time for show; open the door. Yes. I am coming.
– We are getting late. All are waiting there. Is he ready?
– Yes, sir is reaching. The days of being punctual are over. Now I am a celebrity. Now don’t waste my time;
I need to rehearse. – Hello? The show is about to start
and you want to rehearse? Come on, it’s getting late. I had asked for hot snacks.
What about that? Excuse me.
– Hot snacks! I’ll get you right away. Hello! On the weekend,
after getting tired of life, pissed off of wife,
getting scolded from boss, you are here to refresh your lives.
Thank you so much. Only one thing has kept
youngsters glued together and that is engineering. After listening to your
loud applause I can make out that you all are also
bitten by engineering bug. Brother!
– Here is that bug. At least have patience
until I finish my dialogues. In which stream have
you accomplished your studies? Hotel management.
– Hotel management? It means feed junk to people
and lead them to obesity. Very good. That reminds me our ministers
are also expert in feeding. And what does public receive? Boring, stereotypical speech which is useless. But I am not like that. I don’t give speech but narrate stories. Stories which make you laugh and tickle. And sometimes scares you. Today’s story is of Dev Saxena. First day of school is like
nightmare in life of every child. Some kids weep; some scream but Dev was an exception. He came smiling and
started wiping our tears. Since then we are best buddies. Also our birthdays fall on same day. We three were like three musketeers. We were together in eating, playing and troubling others. Madam, your daughter
do not completes her homework. Don’t you keep check on her? Sorry, sir.
Henceforth I will take care of it. I understand your problem. Without husband it’s
difficult to manage. Hope you understand what I mean to say. Sir! I am here to
take care of my mother. Mom, am I right?
– Doomed. I thought teacher will take revenge
by punishing and failing us. But the game was reversed. Teacher himself made an escape. That day I learned the truth of life. No matter how powerful you are
but power of unity is greatest. As it is said unity is strength. When I grew up Dev
made me try every exercise only to reduce my weight. I thought I can escape
from him after school but even during college he was with me. People started knowing
me better as friend of Dev. I was fed up. All used to mock at me
as friend of a topper, joker. I used to feel very bad. Then I thought maybe I’ll get rid of him
after getting job. But what did I get in the name of job?
I had to fry desserts. One year of my life
was lost in frying desserts. When Dev was earning good
from adventurous photography, I was getting screwed
in my own shop of sweets. Then perhaps God felt pity about me and He sent me a letter
to pursue MBA in other country. Dad, our local sweets
are in great demand in Europe. I’ll make some customers there; you can then launch a shop there.
You can also get loan. Yes. I was feeling liberated after
getting away from Dev and dad. I got into flight and reached Europe. But my damn destiny. The person from whom
I was trying to escape followed me like a gloomy shadow and stood in front
of me and surprised me. I was shocked. Later I came to know that
the letter was sent by him. After knowing this, I couldn’t
understand how to react on this. Power went off.
Isn’t the bill paid on time? Friends, no one will
move from their seats. Power will be back soon.
– Brother, isn’t there power backup? Have patience. Till then hear the story in dark. I haven’t slept well last night and
now where are you taking me this early? Surprise! Fine with surprise but uncover my eyes. First start countdown.
Come on. One, two. Make a countdown. Ten, nine, eight,
seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Now let me open my eyes. Happy birthday, my friend. Happy birthday, Deva. Happy birthday, jerk.
– Happy birthday, you crocs. First see what the surprise is, buddy. Enjoy! Dev, how can you do this? You know he…
– Fears water. Hey! Come on, get up. Wasn’t it fun?
It’s just a beginning. I am done with your friendship in
this life. Don’t be my friend in next. Here.
– Else I’ll commit suicide. What’s so funny? Get up. You might get gnawed by crocodiles. That would be better
than accompanying you. At least I’ll get rid of you.
– Take this. Hey fatso, get up.
– Shut up, you crocs. I am bathing in sun. Don’t disturb. The sun here might get you burned.
– So be it. I am fed up. You have turned my life into hell. Fatso, you already look like an egg;
sun will turn you omelet in no time. To hell with you. Oh. Mermaid! God delays but never denies. What a superb birthday gift He has sent. Go on.
– 162… Hello. Do you have some water?
– Look at me; your dream boy is here. Fatso, what are you doing?
Don’t embarrass us. Shut up, crocs. Here.
– Thank you. What is she asking for?
– Water. She already had a dip in water.
Now why does she need water again? No. She wants to accompany us.
– Is it? Looks like she is in problem.
What is he saying? He denied her. He won’t let me be happy.
Wait. I’ll show him. Hello, baby. I’ll take you. Let me help. Tell him to drive the car.
She will also accompany us. Nisha, throw him to crocodiles
and let’s go from here. How can you punish me
for helping a vulnerable lady? He is not less than any enemy. Tell him to drive the car. Dev, come on. Fine. Let’s take her. I love you. You got a jackpot, fatso. Come on fast! Hey, Dev! She is mine. Hey. Move. Get lost.
– You fun sucker. I am superstar. Here. Your chocolate flavour
and strawberry flavour for you. I don’t want it. You have it. What’s wrong with this fatso? I wonder. Few minutes back
he was talking to that girl. After that he is pin dropped silent. I see. Certainly have done something wrong.
Come on. Hey Dev, I’ll miss you. Take care. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Bye. Dev, it was such a fun today. Thanks. Oh come on. Why you need to thank? Just like that. Why did you stop the car?
Are we getting down here? Just want to click a photo;
need it for a magazine. Is it? What’s so special
in this uninhabited area? Come and see for yourself.
– Alright. Let’s see. Come. Vicky, don’t drink much and come along. Hope you have heard about milk way. This is it.
– Wow. Amazing. This place is so stunning. Yes. But one thing for sure;
all stars look same. They look similar but all are different. There are total twenty seven types. Why isn’t fatso coming? He is upset with something. Give it here.
Enough of drinking. Hey, give it come on. I can’t survive more if he is with me.
– What? Fatso, stop creating a scene. What else can I do? My life is ruined. My mother passed away when I was born. He will never understand my pain. He is earning good, right? Dad sent me here to
launch a shop of sweets but my life has become a waste. Now stop cribbing.
– What else can I do? I am fed up of wandering
with you in this junk car. Step out of this junk and you’ll realize
that world is much bigger. The world is full of pain, troubles,
poverty and famine as well. Shut up. Come on get down. Enough is enough. Come on. Let me go.
– Come on. I don’t want to talk
to this treacherous. What treachery have I done with you? I don’t like to live in this manner. What manner? Wandering all places. You don’t care for anything
but I am not like you and don’t want to be like you. Have I ever asked you to be like me? No, you didn’t. Alright. Tell me what’s
your way of living? As like other gentle
men who have corporate jobs, earns good salary, party on weekend, get married and have kids. It means you want to
join the herd of ships. Oh. So you consider
my dreams to be funny? I am not making fun. There are many types of people in world. Some work in 9 to 5 jobs,
gets paid on month end, buys crap on credit. They pay government tax
and spend such routine lives. I mean they live life
the world wants them to. This is one of the kinds. Now look at those people. Lost in their own world, care free and in search of new world. Even such people do exist. We humans are born
to discovery something new. Competition,
pressure, ego are the things which people have forced on us.
Why should we get entrapped with this? There also exist a job
which is beyond money and fame. The job which gives
us peace and happiness. That job is for us
and we must look for that. But I too have big dreams. Then fulfil them. You have a habit of interfering
in others problems, right? People have number of excuses to bemoan. You can make them laugh. That moment I was fuming and Dev
was advising me to make others laugh. I was very angry. But I had well realised one thing that he was such a ghost of my life which is stuck to me so badly that I must jerk it off
very hard to get rid of him. Else for entire life he’ll
piss me off with his speech. If not now then I’ll never
be able to get rid of him. And that moment God brighten
my mind with an idea. The task which man fails to accomplish, a woman can accomplish
it at a snap of finger. Got it. Got it! Got it!
– Then go and get it. Let me sleep. Oh God. Hey, you are very fond
of adventures in life, right? Today I will show you one adventure. Why are you shouting like an idiot? Crocs, my friend is lonely. Fatso, what’s with your
love for him all of a sudden? That’s not about love
but I am concerned about him. If someone enters into life,
life becomes interesting. Love is the most beautiful
feeling in world. It’s also a kind of adventure, right? Dude! Hey, Dev. What happened?
– Today this idiot has talked sense. Wake up. You like adventures, right? Love is also a kind of adventure. Great. Copied my dialogue.
– Not again. For that I must find a right match. When time comes I’ll make love as well.
Now let me sleep. Don’t wake and lose the cake. But today I’ll not let
my friend lose anything. I will find a girl for you.
– Why will you find a girl for me? Because she will be my sister-in-law
and I’ll find her. Just think. Wake up. Idiot. Don’t trouble me. Where is the laptop?
– Wait. Where are you going? Dev, stop.
– Here it is. Where shall I start from?
– Open Facebook. Okay.
And here opens the site. You will find a match on facebook? Don’t underestimate facebook. Information of girls these days
is found more on social media sites than on their identity cards. Dev, try sending a friend request. Why will I send friend request
without any introduction? Please. Your life will get settled.
– Shut up. I am just asking you
to send friend request. If any girl likes it,
she’ll accept it else she’ll reject it. If she accepts send her
greetings else bid her bye. Yes. If she replies, chat with her.
If she continues, ask for a kiss. Hey. Sorry. Slip of tongue. These days even kids have girlfriends.
Then what problem do you have? Come on log in.
– I can’t. You are so stubborn. I love adventure.
That’s your password, right? How do you know? I am smart enough to
understand the obvious. Give my laptop back.
– What are you fighting? Don’t touch it.
– Let it go, Dev. Let it go. It might break. What are you doing?
– Enough, guys. Enough. Now both of you keep mum. We’ll count one to ten from friend list. We’ll send a friend request
to the first girl in list if we find her beautiful. If not then you’ll stop
irritating him henceforth. Okay? Good. I am fine with it.
Now ask him. Forget about him. Now even you have got into this? You shut up. Let me work. It feels like getting my
horoscope read from astrologer. Let’s give it a try for once. Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. What if it happens to be some boy?
– Six. Dev is not a gay.
– Five. Let it be girl.
– Four. Let it be girl.
– Three. Let it be girl.
– Two. One. It’s a dog! It’s a dog! Give the laptop to me.
I’ll send a message. Tommy, I love you. Hey, it was counting done by her. Now let me count.
– Yes. She decided to send
message to first one. That’s it. Dev, please. Hey Dev? What happened? Is there something unusual? Oh My God! She is truly beautiful. Hey, wait. What are you seeing?
Let me also join you. Move. Meghna Padmavati! What’s wrong in it? Nothing. Just the name sounds weird. Why? Nothing. Meghna Dev Padmavati sounds excellent. Your pair matches well.
Come on. Send her friend request. Hey. Name, Meghna Padmavati. Age 23. Well settled business woman who just at the age of 21
became a successful business woman with her hard work and efficiency. Padmavati group of companies
the experts in language research in short period made a
splash by making enormous profit It’s one of the fastest
growing companies in Europe. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning, ma’am.
– Good morning, Dipti. What’s the agenda for today? Ma’am, right now we
have meeting with investors and financers will be coming at 11. Has Harish come?
– Yes, ma’am. Let’s go. Good morning.
– Good morning. Hey Meghna. Sorry I couldn’t
answer your calls since two days. No problem. Good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. So? Let’s start. Meghna, there is a
lens box in front of you. Put those lenses. Trust me. You’ll be surprised. From now onwards you will not need a camera
or phones to click pictures. These lenses are enough to
capture the beautiful moments of life. Very impressive. Thank you. So what do you think, Meghna? Very interesting idea. We can make great profits
but we’ll not sell them. But why? This will affect people’s lives. Taking pictures or videos of people
without their knowledge will end their privacy. And I do not wish for this. But ma’am, if this invention of Harish
falls in someone else’s hands, what are we going to do? Why anyone else? ABC corporation can launch
this product next week. Anything can happen. Right, Harish? How would I know? Last Saturday you were with them so you must know it, right? What have they offered you? Never mind. Tell us. Twice of what I am getting here. Good. So you must accept the offer. Meghna! You are overreacting. Slipping down the valley
by mistake can be understood but I can see a deliberate
slip into the fire. Isn’t it a foolish thing?
I don’t want to be foolish. Your contract will be cancelled and
also you’ll get the letter by evening. Now leave. Meghna, I am the CT of company. Next week the product
is going to get launched and no one other than me
knows the technicality of it. I don’t care. But I am more concerned
that you befriended our competitor. Get lost. Meghna, you are putting
the company’s future and employees on stake
for your hollow ego. You need not teach me. You are sacking me just
because I went for an interview? No. Because you broke my trust. Today I am very happy. It’s been six hours and
he hasn’t spoken a word to us. He has gone crazy. He is walking and dancing
on thread mill without break. Finally I am saved. I didn’t get you. You won’t understand. One needs to be smart
to understand this. I’ll just be back. Hey? Looks like the girl has
accepted your friend request. What did you say? Nothing. You seem to
be in romantic mood today. Hey, you are watching folk dance? You were dancing on
crappy music like crazy? So what? What kind of a person you are? With such great efforts I
found that beautiful girl for you and instead of concentrating on her
you are watching silly dance? Fatso, forget it. Don’t force him if he is not interested. Forget it. That girl isn’t good match for you.
Let’s cancel the friend request. Why? Why you want
to cancel friend request? What’s the use?
– Give me my i-pad. Neither you are interested in her nor has she accepted
your friend request yet. Not yet accepted? Oh. She is truly not
a good match for you. What nonsense?
– And she lives in US. What? US? So what if she lives in US? India and America are at different ends. You will travel this far for her? Have you lost your mind? Good that you are saved
else your life would’ve been mess. And ours too. It’s possible that this
might be a fake profile. How can someone look this beautiful? I am sure it’s photo shopped.
Look at her name. Meghna Padmavati. The name itself sounds fishy. Dev, Facebook isn’t good for you. Give me your mobile.
– Why? Just give it. Got it. What are you going to do now? Aren’t you ashamed of
peeping into boy’s phone? Get lost from here.
– Shut up. Dev, smile. That’s more than enough. Amy, Stephie, Maria, Mary. Hey.
– Okay? What are you doing now?
– Tinder. Whichever girl within the area of
ten kilometres will go on date with you. Listen. Stop this
nonsense and delete it. Have you ever gone on date? Tell me. You haven’t, right? Good. Did you see this? Boys yearn for damsels
and you are denying them? Wake up, Dev. Just think.
Maybe you’ll find your dream girl. Forget all this and come on.
You go. Hey. Come on. Go inside and get ready. Go. And make it fast. Such a loser he is. Hey Fatso,
why are you after spoiling a good boy? As if he is already noblest. Now to reform him,
I’ll counter any risk. Hi. After getting divorced for six times,
I joined Tinder. Love can hurt you see. If you want me then transfer
your house on my name. Also transfer bank balance if any. Are you okay with casual sex? Bloody you. No.
– Wait. Where are you going? You said it was just a date. I won’t spare you.
– Don’t hit me. Swear you on Meghna Padmavati.
– You cheesy. Don’t hit me!
– Wait. Open the door,
fatso else I’ll sever the door. I am warning you. Then go ahead. Come on. What a mean thing. When I talk about being conventional,
you try to convince me for new things. When I try to send you on date,
you get conservative. Now listen to me carefully. This is the latest trend
among boys these days. What trend? Meet a girl irrespective
of feelings and waste your money. No problem. You keep waiting. Don’t get married soon. Fall in love at sixty,
get married at eighty and then spend your night
listening to bed time stories. Listen. A relation without
any feeling is useless. Relation means much more. You share your life with another person. Start respecting girls. Don’t view them as tool of entertainment
and have clean thoughts. Now don’t lecture me. Be a man. What do you mean? You called frivolity and perkiness
to be manly? – Yes. Listen, you fatso. Don’t screw my mind. Love happens.
You cannot force it on anyone. Arguing with you is useless. So does that mean you
want to stay lonely for life? Why will I be lonely?
I have friends like you. That’s what I don’t want!
– Nisha? Why isn’t she answering the call? Where is Nisha, Vicky? How would I know? It’s 12 am; where must she be? Please forgive me, my child. Don’t ever show me your face again. Listen to me.
– Get lost from here! Nisha, what’s the matter?
– Nisha! What’s the matter?
– Hey, where are you escaping? It’s nothing. Let’s go.
– Who is he? What did he do?
– Nothing. I said it’s nothing! What you want to know that
this man destroyed my mother’s life? He ruined my childhood
and now he is here to show claim on me. This man wanted a boy child but when I was born,
he refused to own me. You mean he is your father? He is a blot on the name of fathers. Why did you drive him away?
– What was I supposed to do? I will not go along with him.
– Don’t do this, Nisha. Have you lost your mind? Is it good to be with
someone ruthless like him? Yes. She must go with him. You are angry because he was not there
for you when you needed him. And now you too are
committing the same mistake. Dev, you are favouring that person? I am no favouring anyone.
But just think about it. What was the need for him to return now? Because he want his successor. He dumped us in our bad times. Why all men are same? You make mistakes and we pay for it. Nisha, I didn’t mean to say this. Never mind. If you do not
want to be with him then let it go. But at least you can talk to him. Nisha. Because of him Nisha
got her father back. There was a success party going on. All people were very happy. After completing studies,
they were feeling liberated. Don’t try to spot me there. Because I was somewhere else. Hey. What makes you call me today? How long will you take, Dev? You were supposed to
send photos and videos. Why haven’t you sent it yet? I haven’t yet received my last payment so how can I be sure about this time? Payments of freelancers
are always delayed. Therefore I was offering you to join
my company. Think about it. Alright. But I can give
a thought after six months. What? I am going on training
for Everest summit. Are you out of your mind?
It’s very risky. You want to commit suicide?
– Dev, hang up fast. Okay, I’ll call you later.
– We have got a problem. Some guys are beating up fatso.
– What? Let’s go. Punch him hard.
– What are you beating me? Hey fatso! Your friend is here. Dev! Dev! Police! Police is here. Run! Wait a little. Stop! Please stop. Stop! My legs! You are badly injured.
– Yes. What happened? This is ketchup but those
guys thrashing me were for real. What did you do? I didn’t do anything.
– Don’t act smart. You know Rosy, right?
– Yes. We know her. During first year,
she was dating George. During second year she was with Daniel and during third year
she was dating Anthony. So after completing the
degree when I proposed her she refused me and her
friends were here to thrash me. They shouldn’t have beaten you.
– Yes. They should have killed you.
– You too are hitting me? First the goons manhandled me and then my friends knocked
me until I was swollen. But only because of that knock
today I stand successful. I made one mistake. When my friend was in love,
I should’ve taken him to US and should’ve escaped
from there leaving him behind. But again my bad luck. Don’t know why but all of a sudden
Dev wanted to go back to India. It felt like all my years long
efforts were thrown away in dustbin. Now let’s move further. After reaching at airport,
we were welcomed with a music band. Welcome, sir.
– What is all this, Chotelal? This is to welcome you. He is father of Dev.
One of the renowned builders in India. His wealth is worth five
thousand billions nearly. Along with being a
successful business man he is also a very sensible person. Velu, change your thought process
and let the children progress. There is world beyond our houses. So stop worrying
and let your children be bold. Hey.
– Uncle! How are you? Didn’t you go college today?
– How are you? You still have time.
– Yes, sir. Dad. Dad! In short he had sweet and lovely family. Not all are this fortunate. Dev had all happiness
in life except for one. His mother. She died at his birth. As a memory of mother,
Dev just had a sketch. Which was made by Dev
by seeing at other’s mothers when he was a child. His father nurtured him. He played role of mother as well. No. Don’t cry. Now go inside and don’t fear at all. Your friends are awaiting you inside. His father didn’t want
him to miss his mother therefore he put mother’s
locket around his neck. Excuse me. Excuse me please.
Thank you. Hey! Yes, Nisha.
– Dev, I saw her. What are you saying? Whom did you see? That Facebook girl. Which Facebook girl? That girl with dog. Girl with dog… You spotted Meghna? Yes. I am following her. She is in Chennai?
– Yes. She is in the car in my front. Don’t waste your time. Make it fast. Yes I am coming. Where are you now? Dev, where are you going? Wait.
– Not now, aunt. Where are you going?
– I have something very important. I want to talk to
you something important. I am going to receive your
daughter-in-law. Now let me go please. Kidding again, aren’t you?
Because of this it’s taking so long. Son?
– Dad. Your phone is ringing. Answer it. Looks like you have something urgent. Then go, my son. Bye, dad. Go. Run away. I know you.
– I love you, dad. Dev is no more a kid. So many times I have tried
to tell you but you never get it. If he won’t focus on his career,
how would he progress in life? Geeta, our duty is only
to teach him how to walk then which path he
takes is his own choice. Nisha, where are you?
– I am on road; following her. Fine but which direction on highway? Towards mount road. Alright. I’ll reach there in five minutes.
– Make it fast. Where are you now? I have reached the signal of mount road. I too am there. Where? I can’t spot you.
– Near Spencer. I too am there.
– Where? I can’t see you. The signal at my side has turned green.
I’ll move ahead you follow. You idiot! Can’t you see? What happened?
– A bike has blocked my way. In which car she is?
– She is in blue Mercedes. Dev. Dev. Hello? Say something. Oh no! Hey. Move the car! Come on drive! Are you blind? Can’t you see? It could have caused such big accident. Sorry. Who granted you driving license? Idiot. So, gentleman? Love problem? That’s common at your age.
Carry on. Breaking traffic signals as like you
has led me to become traffic police. Got it. She is her mother and it’s her dog. Tommy. I see. Tommy is her kin. Padmavati. It means it’s not a fake profile. I am sure she must
be using economical network because she is seen 24*7 online and keeps posting wherever she goes. If we have found her mother, we’ll also find the daughter. Dev, proposing a girl and making
cottage cheese dessert is similar. As like milk needs to get
scraped for making cottage cheese similarly to convince a girl
we need to take slap from her. Shall I tell you one thing? With luck behind you,
you can succeed at anything. Got it? Stop thinking negative. Hey, she is dog lady…
I mean Meghna’s mom. Stand properly. Hi, aunt.
– Hello. Hey! Meghna! Meghna, how are you?
– Why do you fear? Let’s go inside. Talk to her.
– What are you doing? Turn around and smile and tell her that you like her. Don’t worry. I am with you.
– No. I can’t. You are my friend;
how can you be nervous? What if she listens to us? Any problem? Love problem, aunt. So need to worry; be brave. Did you see what aunt said? Aunt has flagged greed signal;
now go ahead. Yes. ‘God, please help.’ What the hell do you think of yourself? Have you lost your mind?
Be little sensible. I want everything urgently.
I want results and no excuses. Come on.
– Excuse me. Thank God. Today we almost had it. Dev, why are you nervous?
Come out. I am not nervous but being cautious. Be careful before it’s too late. You are not driving any car. You know for her you
are as like other people here. He has a point. So he is talking sense, right?
– Yes. Then you go and talk to her.
– No! Go. Yes. Go and talk to her.
– She is not less than a gangster. She will kill me. Best of luck. Go. Talk to her.
– Shut up! Go. God. Since this is very important meeting,
I expect everything to be punctual. Excuse me, ma’am.
– Yes? Where is ladies restroom? I think this way.
– Thank you. Bust up. She is terrifying.
– Idiot. Big talks and puny actions. At least she dared to ask something.
But you got totally dumb. Stop staring.
Listen carefully. Bravery is not in rejecting
a girl who is approaching you but it’s about impressing
the one whom you like. What am I to do? Talk to her, right? Then what else I am trying to say? Look. She is going.
Talk to her. Exactly. I am trying to say the same. So guys, what do you think? Guys? Balloons have already exhausted now let’s watch whether
the idea has worked. Follow the plan, okay? Hi. Hi. Who are you? Dev. What do you want? I have a request. What is it? Few days back I had sent
a friend request through facebook. You haven’t accepted it yet. Please accept it. Do you know me? Do I know you? Not yet but soon you will. People are strangers
before they become friends. I don’t have time for all this. Anyway, let’s try your luck. I’ll leave in two minutes. Find your request from
this list and accept it. ‘Four thousand friend requests
and all are guys.’ ‘Fatso is also one of them.
Bloody traitor.’ ‘I’ll deal with him later.’ Time up.
– She is so startling. Listen. If I failed to search it, you send me a friend request I’ll accept it right away. Meghna! Dev, Meghna’s mother has put an update that they are launching
the product tomorrow. Let’s go at the launch. Okay tell me one thing. What’s so special about
her that has drawn you crazy? Her eyes. Her eyes reflect pride but there is much more hidden in it. I can’t explain. That’s what draws me towards her. Good. At least you
found your dream girl. Now getting your love
story on track is what pending. Here. Have some energy drink. She is right. Though you find it wrong
but try once for my sake. I am trying. Thank you. Good morning. Dialect. Conversing with long distant people
to running a government, dialect is the most
significant part of our life. But how many people among us can easily learn other
languages and speak them? Such were the questions in my mind and we found answers to them. So in entire world,
no matter where you are, with the help of this device you can converse with
every person in the world. And you can also translate
other languages in yours and can hear it in no time. Any questions? Can you tell how successful
this product will be in India? In entire world,
ours is the only country where maximum languages are spoken. Roughly around 150 plus languages. Even if one percent
of people use this product, it will be a great success. Ask her if we can play radio on it. Any other question? Hi. I tried to learn about you on internet but couldn’t learn anything
other than your professional life. If you could tell us something about you which will inspire and motivate
the people admiring you. With regards to business of course.
– Come to the point. Just at the age of 23
you have achieved so much. How has this…
– This question is pointless here. But ma’am, the youngsters
who want to develop their business they will be inspired with your story. So please tell us something about you. Yes, madam. Please. Okay. I was five years old when I and my mother went
on Japan tour with a person who didn’t deserve
to be called as father. We thought that the trip
will bring happiness to us but we were wrong. That person abandoned me and my mother. Neither we had passports
and money with us nor did we know their language. Also the local police
locked us up in refugee camp. My mother Padmavati was
shattered with this incident but she kept smiling
to keep my hopes alive. My mother is the greatest
inspiration of my life. I wanted to help my mother
but I was too young to work there and also I didn’t had enough courage. When I was thinking
about the way to help her, I thought of language. It was very difficult
to converse with people there. I started working as translator there. Though I couldn’t earn much but I found a source of survival there. And that was the beginning
of the life that I am living today. Before we get thrown
out of here let’s go. You are right. Let’s go from here. She hates men. Ma’am, I have a question. My colleague will answer you. Dipti.
– Yes, ma’am. Hey. Wait. Tell me who you are
and why are you stalking me? Don’t you have any other business? People like you are
a blot on name of boys. Meghna. Control yourself. No problem, aunt. Her anger is justifiable. I was stalking her. I didn’t intent to tease or trouble you. I just saw you and started liking you. I came here to confess this to you. But henceforth I won’t trouble you. Whatever you have
achieved is really great. Congrats. Bye. Nonsense. Mom, let’s go. Dev, she insulted you
and you are still unaffected. Seems like now he will go on a trek. I saw her; liked her.
I tried but it didn’t work out. The way we have rights to try,
she too has rights to reject. Absolutely. He has a point. So what are you going to do now? First I’ll drop you and then return home.
– Alright. Well Meghna, that boy wasn’t bad. Who are you talking about? The one with whom you
were upset in the morning. Mom, please don’t start it now. For you all are good persons. He saw me on facebook and liked me. He has nothing to do in
life and just keeps stalking me. So filmy. How can he do this? If any boy likes any girl there is nothing wrong in confessing it and nor does it mean that he is bad. Even after knowing everything
you are taking his side? No. I am not taking his side. I just want to say that
at least give him one chance. You think it’s easy
to spend life all alone? Without any companion? Ask the people who live alone. My failed relationship didn’t
only affect me but you as well. I am sorry. Why are you being sorry? It’s not necessary that whatever happened
with me will repeat with you as well. Don’t judge any person
without knowing him. If any boy likes a girl,
that doesn’t mean he is wrong. Who knows? Maybe he truly loves you. Of course we cannot trust everyone but that doesn’t mean we stop believing. Give him one chance. Meet him; talk to him. Try to understand him. I’ll back any decision of yours. It’s your favorite dinner today.
Come on. ‘Every day you come drunk. Let me go.’ ‘No need to shout.’ ‘Don’t talk with me like this.’ ‘Let me go.’ ‘Just leave the house
if you don’t like it here.’ ‘Where am I supposed to go?
– Get lost from my house.’ ‘I’ll do what I want. Is that clear?’ Help!
– Hey, she unlocked the door. She is running away.
– Get her. Come on. She is going there! Where are you going?
Hey, stop! Stop! You cannot escape! Stop!
– Stop! Who are you? Let’s go from here. Come on. Are you okay? They have gone. Come. What happened? They ran away? Yes. Ran away. She is from my area.
You leave. I’ll take care of her. Is it? No problem. I’ll drop her. Come on. Go! Hey! He hit our brother! Wait. Stop. Where are you going?
– Hide there. Hey, stop! You cannot escape. We’ll slice you. You cannot flee.
– Don’t just stare; kill him! You too go with him. Hey! Kill him. Get him.
– Encircle him. He behaved insolent thus I hit him. You let me go.
I’ll take the girl and leave this place. What did you say?
– I am going to take her anyway but you will never forget me. Such arrogance? It’s confidence. Let’s go from here!
– Run! Are you okay? That person betrayed me. If you weren’t there,
I would’ve got ruined today. If it wasn’t me then
someone else would’ve helped. May people passed but
no one came forward to help. If you weren’t there… Seems like God has sent you for me. Will you be with me? Sure, sister. What’s your name? Kritika.
– Kritika. You are very pretty, bold
and also seem to be sensible. Shall I tell you one thing? Never force yourself in any relation. You will start mistaking everyone because one person betrayed you. You’ll start hating every guy. But one day you’ll find
someone who loves truly. Just because someone betrayed you, don’t spurn the true love. Just forget what happened.
Be happy. Life is calling you. Okay? That’s my house. You didn’t tell your name. Dev. Thanks a lot, Dev.
– Bye. One day we are going
to suffer because of her. Hey, Kritika. He hit us so hard. I already warned you that it’s risky but you never listen to anyone. Today because of you,
someone would’ve died. Yes but no one died, right? What do you mean?
– You want all of us to get killed? I just wish for your promotion. Take this and upload it. A girl last night was caught among goons but valiant Dev Saxena
courageously saved her from them. This video has gone
viral on social media sites. Women’s safety was
always a biggest concern but yet there is no
solution to this problem. That girl reported that she kept shouting
for help but no one stepped forward. Dev! Wake up. Come on. You are in today’s headlines
and you are sleeping here. ‘Never force yourself in any relation. You will start mistaking everyone…’ Sister, see this.
– Yes. I am watching. Dev is on TV.
– Dev is on news channel. He is on TV! What is this? These days it’s hard to
make out where the cameras are installed. It’s the wonder of technology, son. Vijay, switch on the TV.
Yes. News channel. I am going to office.
– Okay. You should’ve hit them hard on ground. Flatten them there itself.
– Just leave it. Do you have formal attire? No. Then buy one. We are going for
something very important. “Today I am liberated.” “I’ll appear for
interview and clear it.” “I’ll earn a lot and become rich.” “Then I’ll have my car…” Hi. Vicky, stop.
– Vicky? Wait. What happened?
Aren’t you appearing for interview? What is it? You call me friend, right? Then don’t you want
me to be happy in life? Hey. You do not belong
to this place but somewhere else. Use the talent that you have. I beg to you. Neither I have any talent
nor can I do anything. My dad was right. I am useless,
worthless and good for nothing. I’ll live my life; just let me go. Please. Got it. You are certainly hungry
therefore you are fuming. Get lost.
– Come. I’ll buy you chocolate. A guy and girl went on a date.
– Come on. The guy was little intimidated by girl. He said to girl. Darling, please forgive me
as younger brother if I a mistake. Once a mouse and his friend
was sitting on a big tree. A mouse fell on the elephant
passing under the tree. The friend of mouse
sitting on the tree yelled. Crush him. Isn’t he good? Hey don’t talk nonsense.
You think this is funny? Didn’t you like it? Hey buddy! Yes? What kind of comedy is this?
It’s not at all funny. Not funny? Not mine; it’s his opinion. Then you come forward. Go. He is calling.
– Come on. Go.
– Come on. Go. Welcome our new standup comedian! What are you doing?
– Please come. Don’t fear. Please come. Fatso, come on. Come on begin. Good morning.
– Everybody say good morning. Sir is greeting you. Please. After that you’ll
take attendance, right? Come on, Vicky. This is working. Check yourself if you have any guts. Actually… It’s easy to comment
sitting in audience. Facing the crowd needs guts. Now let’s get back to
real standup comedy, guys. So what was I saying? Hey. Where are you going?
– Let me go. Are you happy now after
humiliating me in front of crowd? Are you content now?
– Aren’t you ashamed? How can you fear a new comer? It’s not about fearing this amateur. Tell him to come to my place
then I’ll show him who the boss is. Do you have guts? You think I fear this rodent?
– Then go there and say it. Buddy! Let him try for one more time. Let’s see what he can do.
Go. Come on. Go on stage.
– What are you doing? Greetings, friends. I will speak in Hindi only. The real Hindi standup comedy, Boss! So he is my friend Dev.
He said let’s have coffee. You know how coffee shops are. They play English tracks all the time. Menu is beyond our understanding. Coffee worth thirty bucks
is sold at three hundred bucks and waits till the coffee cools down. Don’t worry; we all are same. So I said let’s go and have coffee. And when we entered we saw this brother
presenting standup comedy. I have noticed that all stand
up comedians have same start. They narrate stories of couples, ants
and of aeroplane as well. These stories were
narrated even by grandmas. So they too are stand
up comedians, right? Some or the other person in our family
is standup comedian. I too am standup comedian;
you too are standup comedian. Every person in this world is bitten
by the idea of being standup comedian. Just talk out your heart
without giving any thought. Talking is not chargeable. Now look at this brother. Once he gets the mike in hand, his blabbering never stops. He keeps others all night awake. If we’ll stay awake,
when are we supposed to sleep? It’s like getting involved in something
which is of no concern to you. And you know what?
This is going on since years. Just one selfie. Please, sir. Thank you, sir.
– Thank you. Thank you.
– Bye, sir. – Bye. Girls are all around me.
What can be better than this? What happened, fatso? You have become a celebrity over night. How many girls have given
their contact numbers to you? Excuse me. Celebrity doesn’t
ask for anyone’s contact. Girls ask for contact
number of celebrity. Don’t forget that you
are talking to a star. What are you seeing? Show me. He has won a jackpot. What happened? His crush has sent him
a friend request on facebook. No need of this. She has already insulted a lot.
Even on phone she’ll do the same. How do you know that she
is going to insult him again? I know these girls very well.
They can only bellow. Hey. She is calling. Talk to her. Hello? Hello? Hello. I wanted to ask something. Tell me. Why did you cancel the friend request
that you sent me on facebook? You had cancelled it? I thought you are not interested in me. Oh. It’s not like that.
I want to talk to you. Is this for real? What had you thought if I had accepted
your friend request when you had sent me? I must’ve got little surprised. You too entered my life as surprise. Sometimes the surprises that we receive
are very interesting. I was very excited to meet you. I wanted to know your thoughts
therefore I came to you. Okay. And? Maybe from now onwards we’ll be friends. Think again. Just friendship? You just want to be friends? Tell her the truth.
Say it. Fast. Why are you taking so long?
Say it. Dev, are you there?
– Yes. You just wanted to be friends, right? No. Actually I didn’t want
to be just friend with you. Okay. I don’t believe in love at first sight. If you wish we can meet. Let’s talk. Then if we feel anything for each other,
we’ll think about it. Okay? Okay. Alright. In few minutes I’ll text you
the place where we are meeting. Bye. Bye. Hi. Nice place. I have come here before. But today I love this place even more. Your smile too is sweet. I know we do not need to be formal
but still thank you for calling. Wow. Wonderful. From where did you get these fries?
– Idiot. You tell me. – Forget about him.
She’ll definitely say yes. Hello? Hi. Where are you?
– On the way. You haven’t reached yet, right?
– We are meeting at four, right? I’ll be there in twenty minutes. Okay. But I have called you to inform
that I had to travel to Mumbai for some important meeting. I left early in the morning and forgot
that we are supposed to meet today. After seeing the reminder
it clicked my mind. So I thought of informing you. I’ll meet you once I return. Okay? Hello? Yes. Hope we’ll meet once I return, right? Okay.
– Bye. Don’t look at me like this, mom. I don’t understand what you do. Meeting is scheduled for tomorrow,
right? Then why did we come here today? First you called him to meet
you and now you are here with me? I don’t even know who he is, mom. Not in my wildest dream I ever thought
that I’ll invite a guy for coffee. Oh God! Why to think so much
for just having coffee with someone? I know I did wrong but why meet the person with whom
you’re hesitant to go out for coffee? Anyways he seems to be
not interested in me at all. You are thinking too much. Mom, I very well understand boys. It’s been five minutes
since I phoned him. Until now I haven’t received
any message from his side mentioning looking forward to see you
and all. See. No message at all. Oh God. ‘Oh no. What is he doing here?’ ‘Shall I go inside?’ ‘But why am I panicking?’ Meghna? Hey. Hi.
– Hi. Why have you come here?
– What was I supposed to do? First you phoned me
and invited for coffee then you cancelled out meeting
and came to Mumbai. I wanted to see you. So I came here. So you are here just to meet me? Okay. So you met me, right? Are you happy now?
– Not just happy but very happy. You said that we’ll
meet after three days so I’ll wait for three days. Come back then we’ll meet.
– Really? You came here just to convey this?
– So what? Can’t I come here? I just wanted to see you. You are crazy. Hold on. How did you come to
know that I am staying here? Aunty had uploaded a post on facebook. Mummy bonding with Meghna in Mumbai. Hey. Aren’t you being too snoopy? Yes. I am on my way; I’ll reach on time. Now I have to leave else
I’ll be late for meeting. See you. Bye. Dev? I’ll be free in two hours. After that I have one
more meeting to attend. I’ll call you. If you can wait till then,
we can have lunch together. When I have already travelled this far, I can surely wait for three hours. Okay. I’ll see you then. Hello.
– Hi. I am waiting in lobby. I’ll be there right away. Dev, what’s the plan? Plan? Come. I’ll tell you. Hop on. On this?
– Yes. Let’s go. Okay. Just a minute. Thank you. Have you come to Mumbai before? Many times. There is no place in
India which I haven’t visited. Oh. Until now how many girls have you
impressed by riding them on your bike? Tell me. As many numbers of boys by whom you got impressed
and have ridded their bike. Hey? Who said that
I am impressed by you? The one who said that
I am trying to impress you. Winning in argument
with you is impossible. Want to win? What? Then tell me.
I will give up only for you. What a flirt you are. I am not flirting;
I am saying it for real. Liar. But I like this. We’ll have lunch here? Yes. It’s too crowded.
Will we find place to sit? Leave that to me. Seems like people no more cook at home.
It’s too crowded. Excuse me. Let me see the list. Who?
– Are you some celebrity? No. I am Dev. Wait for a while.
It will take some time. Brother, girlfriend is waiting. If I’ll make place for you,
the people will thrash me. If I don’t find the seat,
girlfriend will thrash me hard. Please understand. Fine. You go inside. Vacate any of the table
and make place for you. Meghna. Tell them to mail me the quotation. Meghna! I’ll wait for the mail. Excuse me.
– I know you are hungry. Just hold on. Please make the way.
– Madam, please come. Come. Be seated. Tell me. What will you have? Two plates mustard curry,
two flat bread, spicy brinjal and steamed potato and don’t forget the salad. And hold on. One mango milkshake. Seems you are very hungry. Thank you. Done with starters;
now let’s order main course. Main course? Of course.
We didn’t talk with each other. Here?
– Not here. Wow. I didn’t know such
beautiful place existed in Mumbai. Very beautiful. You always travel in flight and when in car,
you are always busy on phone. Just kidding. What did you like in me? Why this sudden question? Because that’s how I am. Okay. I’ll get used to it. Actually I liked you
because you look damn pretty. You too are like other boys. I thought you would answer differently. If I weren’t pretty you
would’ve not liked me, right? Just a minute. First let me finish. Okay. Tell me. I agree that you are very beautiful. Any boy will go crazy for you. But don’t know why I
cannot see beyond your eyes. Then I realized that this isn’t
infatuation but something different. When I saw you for the first time, I felt that perceiving
you would be thrilling And I felt learning about you. Therefore I fell in love with you. It’s first time for me as well. I too have had dinner with many boys; mostly with friends or co-workers but never had dated anyone before. You are lying. Believe me. Tell me something about yourself. Ask what you want to know; I’ll answer. If only I keep asking questions,
it will seem like an interview. So?
– I have an idea. Think that we are not what we are.
– What do you mean? Years back there was a king and his name was Dev. Got it. Similarly there was a
queen and her name was Meghna. Exactly. The king was very fond of adventures. And the queen…
– Yes? Queen was passionate about making money. That’s boring. King liked to spend money.
– Oh. Because he didn’t value money? The time will come when
the entire world will end so what’s the use of making money? He just wanted to earn
enough for touring the world. So does queen used
to talk like this only? What do you mean? I mean very thoughtfully and limited? Not at all, dude. Great. Okay, babe. Hey.
– If I am dude then you are babe. Okay. Fine. Let’s go now. Let’s wait for some more time. Please.
– No. I have lot of things to do and also you are flying to Chennai.
Come on. Let’s go. Meghna? Have you ever done something
adventurous in life? As like? I have an idea. Are you interested? Tell me what it is. I was thinking of riding
the bike to Chennai. You also come with along.
– What! Have you lost it? Meghna, we just had lunch
and we had a chat for little while; also you couldn’t know about me. Just think. 1500 kilo meters of journey; we’ll be together for twenty two hours. Heading towards Chennai. And till we reach Chennai, it will get easier for you to decide
if you want to be with me. Don’t even think about it.
I won’t come. Okay. Thank you. Meghna, please say yes.
– No way. Alright. Listen to me. Do you believe in fate? Why? Just twenty days back we were strangers and look at us now. We have at least become friends. I never ask this before to any girl. Nor I felt this for anyone. This is my first time.
It’s a different feeling. I would’ve taken a flight
or private jet instead of bike; I would’ve reached here much sooner
but I ridded bike this far. You know why? Because during entire journey
I was thinking about you. I don’t know the reason for this. Perhaps this is the reason
why I want to know you. And I think you too want to know me. I want to take you along
without any expectations. Believe me. Actually I don’t want to leave you. Will you come with me? Okay. It’s safe, mom.
I’ll reach Chennai in two days. Dev, we need to talk. Come with me. Need to convince her also? Aunty, you need not worry. I am cultured boy;
I’ll take good care of her. You silly, how did you convince her? Congrats. I know she is too stubborn but good at heart. No matter what,
don’t ever leave her, Dev. All the best.
– Thank you, Aunt. Meghna, isn’t this amazing? You and I together on bike;
long journey. Isn’t it good? Actually this is happening
with me for the first time. And what about you? Damn her. I was casting pearls before swine. What happened? Do you even have heart?
– What’s the matter? I am riding bike in this scorching sun and you can’t even be
polite enough to talk with me? I see. As it is when you had travelled
to Mumbai, you ridded alone, right? I don’t know about that. What if I fell asleep and lead to accident?
– No. Sorry. I’ll keep conversing with you. Sure? Yes. Good. Listen. Today in news
paper I read reports of one more politicians
charged for corruption. If this continues,
what will be the future of this country? You let it be. I’ll manage. Country?
– No. You. Meghna, would you like
to play Antakshari with me? With songs the journey will be easier. You are asking me? Who else is here other than you? Go on. Five minutes. Make it fast. Isn’t it tasty? I am very scared. Can I? This is one of my favorite places. I often come here. Meghna, this way. Meghna. Meghna. Come out.
– What happened? Come on. Alright. Just ten minutes more.
– Okay. Dev, where are we going this late? Seems like we have lost our way. I know the roads here; don’t worry. I am very scared.
Please ask for guidance here. Who will be awake at this hour?
– What was the haste? Don’t you trust me? Without trust, I wouldn’t have
come with you. – Is it? Come. I want to show you something. Okay. But tell me what the surprise is. Wait. One. Two. Three. Four. Wow!
– Siberian birds. Rarely seen. Can I ask something? When did you plan all this? When I was travelling to Mumbai. I hate you for this. But thanks. It’s too beautiful. I am with a girl special to me. That’s the least I can do. No other moment can
be more beautiful than this. Meghna… I love you. We are getting late. Let’s go. Meghna? I said let’s go. Damn. I shouldn’t have
rushed for proposing. She is not talking to me at all.
It’s all because of you. I shouldn’t have brought you. But she is still with me;
hasn’t left me alone. It means she has some feelings in heart. Hey, you are still here?
Didn’t you leave? This road is unsafe during night
therefore I’ll go later. Now I’ll take a nap; you carry on.
– Okay. Hi. Help! No! Leave me! Hello. Calling from Nice Road junction. A car accident has occurred here. Immediately send the
ambulance here please. It’s okay, dear. Calm down. Hey. Family is fine; saved by seat belt. Let’s go. Listen. Are you nuts? How can you just get into
the brawl with those goons? What if you…? I mean what if something
had gone wrong with us? We can’t change what’s
stored in destiny. If we all keep ignoring others problems,
who will step forward to help? Such a foolish guy you
are but what you did was good. Because of you that little
girl had smile on her face. If you hadn’t helped them, her smile would’ve lost forever. Meghana. Thanks. For what? For praising me. Stupid. See you. Bye. That’s it? It’s going to rain; quickly reach home. So what have you decided? About what? You said that you won’t
expect anything from me. I remember. Still at least tell
me if we are meeting again. It’s true that you
are a very good human being But I don’t know whether
I love you or will I ever love you. Maybe we could be good friends. Two weeks from now
I am returning to America. You have my number. Text me whenever
you feel like messaging. I’ll reply you whenever I get free. Bye. Hey! Are you upset? No. I am very glad
that you are leaving me. Oh. It means you won’t even try to stop me? Love happens.
It cannot be forced on anyone. If you know this then
why are you worried? Mind understands this
but here the heart matters. Idiot. What have I done now? Idiot! She is the limit. I can’t even refuse;
she has turned me into her pet. Wow. Great timing. What is it? Idiot. You could’ve let me be with you
for some more time, right? Hope you’ll always be like this. Forever. And you must never ignore me;
don’t ever betray me. Never. Tell me honestly.
Why do you love me so much? When I used to see you, I used to fear. Why? Do I look like a witch? What makes you laugh? Tell me. I thought of spending
life alone until I met you. But now I fear I cannot live alone. I love you. I love you too. What is this? My mother. Say something. I love you. Alright. Say something
more beautiful than this. You. And you and I? We. Are you okay? Hey, Meghna? Now you go from here.
Come on. God knows what spell
you have casted on me. Now go! It’s better if our
relationship flourish steadily. But I didn’t do anything.
Listen to me. No. Leave!
– Meghna! Meghna! Trust me. I totally trust you but not myself. What if I lose control? At least let the rains stop.
– You love rains, right? Now go. Come on. Really?
– Bye. Hi. Let me know once you
start trusting yourself. We’ll talk all night. Bye. I love you. Crazy. Wow! That’s great news! So what happened next? Tell us. Enough, friends. I can’t.
– He is blushing. He is very much in luck. You will understand
once you’ll fall in love. We will fall in love? That isn’t possible when you are here. It’s her call. Hi, baby. Hi, baby. What are you doing? Nothing. I am with my friends. Shall we meet? I am travelling this
evening for some work. I’ll return after a week. One week? What will I do without you? I too will miss you. Shall I come along? Will you? Yes, if you trust me. If you don’t trust then…
– I totally trust you. Really? Fine. Then I’ll come with you. I love you. I love you too. The way tobacco is injurious to health, love is injurious for friendship. Love took our Dev away from us. Hello? Yes. I’ll reach in an hour. Dev, we are getting late. Baby, come. Hello? What are you doing? Tomorrow we are launching the app
and you are informing me now? Hello? No. I cannot do this.
I have already told you. Please book my room. Help me! Congratulations.
– He is my boyfriend. You need not worry. And you know what happened then? We started laughing crazily and… Hi! I never felt this
happy in my entire life. And this is all because of you. No matter what the situation is,
we’ll always live happily. Promise? Promise. But what if we had fight some day?
– Why will we fight? No. I mean there happens to be
small issues in every relationship. What if in future we had fight? Simple. I will not argue with you. And what if you do? Alright. Come on. Argue with me. What nonsense is this? You said that you see
lot of adventure in me and therefore you love me. Yes, I did. So? But if in future you
didn’t find me interesting, will you stop loving me? Meghna, what’s wrong with you?
– No. Tell me. It’s important for me to know. Okay. If you ask the reason of me loving you, I can give number of them. But that answer isn’t plenty because love cannot
be explained in words. It’s a feeling. No. Don’t lie. I don’t see truth in your eyes. No one can ever love someone so much. And it’s hard to trust
the people with sweet tongue. I was a fool to get
carried away in love. You too will dump me like my father did. Do you realise what you are saying? Yes. Very well. Hey, Dev? What happened?
– Let me go. Where are you going? Dev? Thanks for hurting me. Listen. I was just kidding. Please, Dev. No. Don’t lie. You don’t trust me. No matter how hard I try
to gain your trust, it’s useless. Dev, please. Please listen to me. Dev! Please! Hello, baby. Why are you crying? Who was he? He seemed very scurrilous. Hello? No need to interfere. It’s between me and my boyfriend. Your boyfriend? That guy? Very bad choice. You are woman so pretty
he is like a street urchin. You can find better guy than him.
– Mind you own business, okay? Okay. Where are you going?
– I was just kidding. How dare you?
– What are you doing? What’s with these shades at night? It’s hurting. If again you play such prank,
I’ll kill you. Is it? Yes.
– Be careful. This time I returned but this ever happens again,
I won’t return. Why? You are very defiant, aren’t you? If you’ll not return to me,
I’ll come to you. I have never trusted anyone else so much and maybe I’ll never
trust anyone other than you. Please never ever leave me. Always keep this with you. Whenever you’ll find
your trust on me vacillating, ask my mother. This will tell how much I love you. Love is nothing more that some lunacy. It’s useless to talk pearls
of wisdom to the one fallen in love because he stays unaffected. Now let’s hear the further story. So Dev returned to his home in Chennai.
– Thank you. I need little more creative.
– I like it very much. Nothing can be more creative than this. Dev? Come here. Look. This is the
design of our new mall. To be frank I liked it very much. Your father is rejecting every design. Do you have any design idea? Are there other options? Can we go through more options?
– Sure. Why not? Pencil please. What is the measurement of our site?
– Half acre, sir. Nearly 120*180 in front. FSI? Nearly two. Wow. Very nice. Dad, I have an idea. If we reduce footprint and lift the building little heighted, we could have more parking spaces. Our site is at Four
road Junction, right? It’s a crowded area. This type of architecture
will be an paradigm; it will lure youngsters as well. That’s like my boy. Final this design. Okay, sir. Son, hope you will
take care of construction. Okay, dad. Thank you. You guys carry on. Sure, sir. I knew that our son is very talented. Did you see? His design got finalised. Dad, I want to talk to you. Come in, son. Dad, I am in love with a girl. Her name is Meghana. She is a very good girl. She has only mother in her family.
She stays in USA. She is an entrepreneur. I want her to be part of our family. It’s a great news, son. If your mother was alive,
she too would’ve been glad. Cute. So what are your plans, son? I want to take over our business, dad. But it will be difficult if we’ll stay in
two different countries. She’ll be troubled
if I didn’t stay with her. She is a very nice girl, dad. She has gone through
a very painful childhood. She is happy when she is with me. I don’t want to hurt her. You are exactly like your mother. Follow your heart. Don’t think of anything
else no matter what it is. Handling family business
in future is not mandatory. So what if you couldn’t stay with us?
We will stay with you. Thank you, dad. Dad, I’ll look after the
construction of our new mall. Thank you. But when are you going to introduce us
to your girlfriend? She is busy with work, dad. I’ll invite her on the
day of laying foundation of mall. Good. I’ll meet her then. Hi, baby. Hi, baby. What are you doing? Jogging. Flight is at 6.45 pm and it’s 2pm now. So be ready; I’ll pick you up. Baby, boys are supposed to offer lifts. I’ll come by myself.
– Okay. Hello? Good afternoon, sir.
This is architect Murthy speaking. Tell me, Mr. Murthy. Can you please come
at site on 6pm today? Just four days are left
for laying mall’s foundation. It will be better if you’ll
approve the design today. But I have a flight
to catch in the evening. Can we meet at 3.30? What is this? This is totally different
from what I had suggested. Very different. Sorry, sir.
Therefore we had called you. If you can spare some time with us,
we’ll make new design. I have a flight to catch in an hour. Have you left? No. I am stuck up at something. Are you fine?
– Yes, I am fine. Baby, you carry on;
I won’t be able to accompany you. Is it okay?
– Okay. See you in three days.
– Bye. I’ll call you later. Is everything alright? I know he is fooling me. He’ll reach at airport
and give me a surprise. Hi, baby.
– Baby, where are you? I told you that we’ll
meet after three days. Oh. Travel safe. Okay? Bye. What must be more important than me? ‘No calls, no messages.
What is he busy with?’ Compare to last year, this year the revenue
earned is greater by 7.5%. We can consider it as better
profits but it isn’t sufficient. We’ll need more resources in future so that we could increase
our profit margin. We need to focus more on performance
as like Meghana. So that we can have
better returns in future. Market keeps fluctuating
but if we depend on market, it will be riskier. We need to focus more on this. Hello. Hi, baby. What’s wrong with you?
Where are you? Planning a surprise for you. I don’t need any surprise. I just want you. It would be great if all girls
could think like you. Baby, I’ll call you later. Bye.
– Hey. Listen. Girlfriend’s call?
– Yes. Tell me.
– I couldn’t understand this portion. This area falls last. ‘Let’s see when he calls me next.’ ‘Working late night?’ Hello.
– Hey. Baby, I’ll talk to you later. Okay? Bye. Hey! What is all this? Why did you do this? You sent me alone and
didn’t even come there. I wanted to surprise you, baby. What’s the surprise? Tell me. Where are we going?
– Have patience. Tell me, Dev. Please.
– I will. Okay tell me which place is this.
– You will come to know. Let’s go first. It’s nearby.
– Okay. Fine. Hi, sir. Welcome.
– Hi. Look. Meghana mall.
– Meghana mall? You know who has designed it?
– Who? Think? I want to introduce you to someone.
Just hold on. I’ll be right back. Don’t hesitate. Eat plentiful.
– Dad. Meghana is here. Oh she is here? Come on. This is designed by sir. Just in five days. Without focusing on any other thing he has worked hard day
and night to design this. If he continues working like this. one day he’ll be the
number one business man. He told us about you. You are very lucky
to have such good family. Sir is also a very nice person. Where is she?
– She was just here. Hello.
– Please come. We are getting late for offerings. Priest is calling.
– You carry on; I’ll be right there. Please come.
– Hurry up. – I am coming. Hello.
– Meghana, where are you? I am going back. Why? What happened? Was this building your only surprise? Yes. This is it. Because of this you didn’t
talk to me for 36 hours? 36 hours? What are you saying? I had told you not to leave me alone
and even then you kept avoiding me. I didn’t avoid you. In these 36 hours
you couldn’t spare leisure time for me. What kind of surprise is this?
What were you doing all this time? I was look after construction project. Interest in construction
all of a sudden? Meghana, dad for the first
time doled out some task to me. How could’ve I refused him? Okay. Still how long are you going to be busy
with this construction work? Until it gets completed. I think six more months. Then what about me?
Won’t you spare time for me? Meghana, I am not going
to be in business for life. You need not tell me about business. I know how it is once
you get into business. That’s what I was always worried about. Therefore I kept asking
you again and again. I fell in love with you
because I thought you will be with me; you’ll spare time for me. Baby, forget all this. Henceforth I will
not say anything to you. I will be with you; I promise. I’ll take care of you. What do you mean? I didn’t get you. I expect nothing when you are with me. For next fifty years I want
you to continue doing the same what you did for
last twenty eight years. No matter what,
you never care about anything. You always enjoy life. Baby, you are different than others. Therefore I selected you. Selected me? You think I am some object? Until know you kept
thinking about yourself. Who can be more selfish than you? Oh. So now you think I am selfish? If a girl is beautiful then being with her
is an adventure. Once you get married to her she is expected to manage family,
kitchen and kids. All you boys expect this
same thing from girls, right? And I am being selfish. If I have selected something
which will keep me happy for life, how am I being selfish then? Meghana, not all men are same. You want to think about
yourself then go ahead. And talking about love it is
as important to me as it is for you. Being with you is everything for me; nothing is more important
than your happiness. That’s what you said to me, right? Now you have changed. I know you are used to changing places
in the name of adventure, right? So that’s what you’ll
apply to people as well? You have done nothing which will make others
feel proud about you. What do you mean? You mean I am inefficient? You want me to be a puppet at your hand? If that’s the case then
you never have loved me! Yes. I didn’t love you! I trusted you. Now there is no point in talking.
Good bye. Meghana, you are overreacting. Hello? Meghana, what happened?
– Mom, hurry up. Why are you crying? Tell me. Now I am not crying anymore. I have booked the tickets;
we are going back. Meghana! Tell me what happened? Meghana! Did he say anything?
– I don’t want to be with him! All men are same!
– What? I don’t want to be here!
– But what’s the matter? He cannot give me
enough time that I need. We have already deceived by father. Now I do not wanted to
get deceived by any other man. Don’t be so quick, Meghana.
Calm down and think. Dev is a nice boy. I don’t want him anymore. Meghana, listen to me. Are you coming with me or not? Meghana! Meghana! Meghana! Meghana! Meghana, I am sorry.
– Dev. Let’s talk and sort out. Stop the car. Mr. Ram Saxena.
– How is my son now? He has four fractures in body.
Condition is critical. Someone has to be with him. Sorry, dad. I have hurt you all a lot. I tried a lot but she didn’t stop. We had planned to have same name for our daughter and son. She very well knows that
I cannot live without her. Even then she left me alone. She took away my life
along with her, dad. I am incomplete without her, dad. How will I be able to live?
– Dev. Dev. I understand what you are going through. When your mother passed away,
I too felt the same That time you were with me. Today I am with you in your pain. I don’t know what Meghana
did is right or wrong but I know that I have
imparted virtues in you. I am with you in your
every decision, son. But I cannot afford to lose you. Your smile is what makes you. I see your mother in your smile. Therefore don’t stop
smiling at any cost. Mom? Open the door, mom. Why are you angry with me? First he hurt me;
now at least you understand me. I thought you’ll change
after being with Dev. But you don’t value any relation then what’s the use of talking? Are you sleeping? No.
– Uncle, what is your name? Dev. Uncle Dev, how did you get injured? Did you fell off? Yes. I fell off while
climbing mountain, dear. You climb the mountain?
– Yes. Wow.
– What’s your name? I am Meenakshi and this is Dora. My mother’s name was also Meenakshi. Oh. I didn’t know. You know uncle,
I and Dora do not like this hospital. Once day I will hide
in the mountains with Dora. But I fear Polar bear. Will you take Dora there? Yes. Promise? Promise. What the hell is going on? What the entire team is doing? In my absence won’t anybody
work in this company? Madam. What! Yes. I think we would
like to explore this place. Be careful. Watch out. ‘I love you.’ Why did you come here alone? At least you should’ve
informed us before coming. I thought I am very strong. But didn’t know the
pain would be unbearable. Don’t worry, Dev.
Everything will be alright. Forget it.
– Don’t stress yourself so much. If required we’ll talk to her. I have nothing left to say. I know one she’ll return for sure. And what if she doesn’t come? Uncle, get up. Let’s play. Harish. Am I really bad? Well, you aren’t bad but you are little self obsessed. You mean I am selfish? Think for yourself. ‘What will you ask for
from God if you want to?’ ‘Just for once…’ ‘I want to climb Everest.’ ‘If you try to ask for anything
else than me, I’ll kill you.’ ‘Okay. Fine. I won’t.
– Is that clear?’ ‘Now say it that you
love only me in this world.’ ‘As long as I am with you,
you’ll not risk your life.’ ‘Yes. I’ll do as you say!’ Meenakshi’s last wish
was to give this doll to you. Slowly. Little more. Just walk little;
it will feel comfortable. What did you achieve
by troubling yourself? Let her go. You’ll find better than her.
I’ll queue up the girls for you. I truly loved her. How can I forget her? Son, you are not still well.
Do you really want to go? Yes, dad. I have already lost her. I fear losing myself now. I need some time to think. Let me go, dad. Take care of yourself, son. There is danger at every step here. Every moment you’ll encounter death. You need to be careful. You are coming, aren’t you? Many people have lost
their lives in this area. Be careful with every step. Keep moving together. Be careful. Watch your steps. Hey, be careful. Give me your bag.
– That’s okay. Come on. Hi. I am Swati.
– Dev. Are you alright? Maybe you people are here
to climb the mountain for fun but I am here to overlook my pain. Climbing Everest was
just my desire at first. But now it has become my necessity. Though awards make us realise success but this isn’t enough for me. I am happy but I still
have a long way to go. Need to cross this. Be careful. Don’t panic, Supriya. Be careful. Keep moving. Oh no! Avalanche! Walk fast. Dev! Swati. Dev! Help! Help! Dev! My hand is slipping? Dev! Dev, save us! Dev! I don’t want to die, Dev! Dev, save me! Grab my hand! Help! Use your ice axe to climb up. Place your leg on my shoulder. Base camp 3.
There is a possibility of avalanche. Don’t let anyone climb up. I repeat. Base camp 3. Don’t send anyone upstairs. Meghana. Mr. Dev Saxena who is
a mountaineer is still missing. As of now a helicopter is sent
for his search operation. Hello? Vicky… What is she doing? Hello? Vicky, I just watched
the news about Dev. Hang up! Vicky, please. I want to see Dev. Now you remember him? Even the wise fox will never
rob his neighbour’s hen roost but you are more cunning than him. After all what did my friend do to you? I curse you that you’ll
never lead happy life. The way you have tortured Dev, you too will die painful death some day. You will take my Dora there, right? Promise? Please never leave me alone. ‘Calm down and think.
Dev is a nice boy.’ ‘Well, you aren’t bad
but you are little self obsessed.’ ‘Always love me like this.
Never leave me alone.’ ‘I have trusted you.’ Come on. Open your eyes. Come on. Oh no. Dev? Are you okay? Are you crazy? How can you climb
the peak without oxygen? No one does that. Officer, keep checking on him. Are you crazy? What would’ve I done if something
had gone wrong with you? This is all because of
that witchy Meghana, right? She does not deserve you. Now I will be with you. No. I do not want you. I want her only. But that girl is very arrogant and I am not like her; I am a good girl. I cannot live without her. She too can’t live without me. Then why did she leave you? We leave so that we could return. You will never change. Never. I love you. I love you too. As it is said you get
what you desire from the heart. As like there are offers
of buy one get two free similarly Dev got twins
along with Meghna in his life. My friend, we must know what life
we want to live. And for that just listen to your heart. Our heart knows better because it is more sensible than us.

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