Cyberpunk photography tutorial

Cyberpunk photography tutorial

all right everybody welcome to another
Lightroom tutorial and in this tutorial we’re going to be taking this photo that
I took on a rainy eve we’re gonna make it look something like this so very Akira esque
it looks kind of like a painting in a ways and I’m gonna show you guys how I
accomplished that before we get any further I want to
clear something up because I get this question a lot and that question is what
are my camera settings and if you look at my pictures they’re all kind of taken
just at the moment you know I don’t really pay attention to my settings and
I know there’s many beginner photographers who want to learn they
focus too much on the settings of the camera and let me tell you that that’s
not really important what’s important is that you take the picture and that’s all
you gotta do is just take the photo now that being said my camera settings I
usually shoot in aperture priority I don’t think about the shutter speed so
the camera size the shutter speed and actually about the ISO I shoot in
auto ISO so I don’t even worry about the I also either I just take the photo and
I think cameras these days are good enough to decide the settings on their
own with that being said let’s get started
first thing we’re gonna do is start with the temperature now I’ve been shooting
night photos for a long time and I’m most comfortable with shooting at
something and giving it like a temperature of 3500 that’s usually my
go-to white balance temperature for these kind of pictures I also like to
increase the tint just to my own liking so I’m just this
is looking good pretty this is looking pretty good to me like I like the way it
looks right now now if you watch my other videos I’d like to tell you guys
that I like to go back and forth a lot so these might not be the settings I get
at the end of my video this is just the settings that I like to start with so if
you guys watch my Auto V other videos you guys notice that I like to increase
the dynamic range so we’re gonna reduce the highlights reduce the whites all the
way increase the shadows all the way and the blacks and that kind of gives us a
lot more dynamic range to play with so it kind of gives it that little HDR
effect the other day I was on a reddit board and they were actually discussing
my picture and they trying to discuss how do I take my photos and they said I probably
do HDR or Photoshop and all these other things and really I don’t do any of that
I just I just take the photo you know and I redo some highlights and whites
increase the shadows and blacks to give it that kind of longer dynamic range now
what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna increase the contrast until it looks to
our liking you go all the way if you like but sometimes I just like to
eyeball it and see what works and see what doesn’t so this there is no one way
to do this it’s just you look at this photo and how do you wanna make it look
you know because I can use these settings on different photos and it’s
not gonna come out the same way it’s just the way I like the way I want this
picture to look you know so now that we got these settings are the way you could
increase the presence if you like I mean the clarity give it kind of a more sharp
look but actually I like to give my photos that kind of painted aesthetic I
know it’s not something many people like but it’s something I like so I find
myself lowering the clarity anywhere from between negative 20 to like
negative 60 sometimes I’ll go all the way as you can see it looks really some
people might not like that and it’s fine but nowadays I like somewhere between
negative 20 and negative 60 it’s just the way I like things now actually it’s
looking a little too saturated for me some people were like also on red I’d
like to say that I increase the saturation my photos and that’s actually
not true I usually reduce the saturation so we’re
gonna reduce it reduce it there you go if my voice sounds a little weird I’m
sorry guys but as you can see in this photo so it’s kind of really polluted
these days and it really hurts my throat so that’s one of the reasons I have been
making videos lately is my throat is not helping me out right now but anyways
back to the editing now we’re gonna go to the HSL color panel and let’s look at
some colors that we want to pop one of the main ones is the Reds we like to
give it a little kind of violetish tone to the color reds and that’s just a
little smart touch that some people will appreciate others not so much but that’s
fine now I do want to make these kind of orange and yellow pop so we’re gonna go
down to the yellow and just play around let’s see what happens okay we reduce
the luminance it doesn’t look that good and I increase the luminance to 100 and
you can see this sign kind of pops a little bit more it’s a subtle difference
like you can’t really tell but it’s something that I notice and it’s
something that I like to add to my photos to give it that nice kind of
touch you know let’s do the same thing with the oranges there you go so as you
can see it’s small change but I feel like it adds so much more to my photos
now we’re going to go to the split toning section
this is up to you guys how do you want your highlights and your shadows to look
I’m pretty happy with my highlights being white right now I don’t really
feel the need to change them as you guys know it’s it all depends on your taste
like me you can give blue tint make your lights kind of bluish but I like the
photo as it is right now I don’t really feel a need to play with it right now
but I do want to give my shadows kind of a bluish tint maybe let’s see actually
that makes my phone look a little bit too blue but it’s fine no like I said
this is one of those things that just gonna go back and forth and I can’t
decide how you want to make your photo look so right now I’m just gonna play
around and see what I like the most and actually that’s the game I’m kind of
liking that no like it’s kind of a little orange tone but it makes the
bridge pop and it also it makes all of this part stand out from from the
background so I’m liking that and just pinpoint match the way I want and like I
said you can’t do this for every single photo like there is no preset I can’t
put this preset onto another picture because it’s not always gonna work no
it’s it’s an individual piece of work that’s what I can say so that’s looking
pretty good I’m liking that actually I changed my mind about the blue I kind of
want the blue to look a little bit more more teenage but I don’t want to mess
around with the highlights because I do like that color so I’m gonna come up
here to the blue and let’s reduce the huge change it see it’s already looking
much more different that might be a bit a little bit too
much but it is to your taste how do you like the photo like that or I think
that’s looking really good let’s do negative 25 and actually let’s go a
little bit more there you go now we’ve got this nice teal oh we got some orange
and we got this kind of violetish red in the background so nothing to it
nothing to it I like to sharpen my photos despite the
fact that I duel over the clarity to 70 1.5 10 30 so why do I use these settings
I am not completely sure I just I really like this numbers I learned them from
SLR lounge a long time ago one is to landscape photos and it’s worked out
really well for me and it’s just something to do with all my pictures and
again we’re gonna go to noise reduction I’m gonna push it to 30 that’s usually
where I leave it at because like I said the camera does shoot out of ISO and
sometimes it does go pretty high I mean I’ve never heard anybody talk about the
noise in my photos and even when you zoom in the noise is not that bad you
know but yeah my photos are more like art and they’re much less something for
pixel peepers you know and finally I think if we add a little vignette it
would look nice so again this is something that just you do for each
picture differently so some photos look good with this much of it yet others not
so much and I like to let the highlights show so
there you go we have our key risk photo and yeah I hope you guys are enjoying
this tutorials and I’m planning on making many more videos just like I said
these days the pollution is pretty bad so it hurts my throat
I don’t even want to go outside but yeah if you guys got any questions comments
please leave them below I try to answer as many comments as possible and I’ve
this your first time please be sure to subscribe thank you very much and I’ll
see you guys around

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