Crystal Grid Photos/Crystal Healing/Energy Healing

Crystal Grid Photos/Crystal Healing/Energy Healing

Hi everyone its Lourdes. I’m very excited
to offer a new type of service for you. Many of you know I already do Reiki
infused photos. Well now my website will have Reiki infused photos of crystal grids.
What will happen is, if you’re interested in purchasing one of these photos. You
will let me know your intention and let’s say your intention is
transformation. A grid will be created with crystals that will aid with that
intention, transformation. For example like the one in front of me. Which has a
Clear Quartz and I’m using Labradorite which I find is excellent for that. It
will be placed on a crystal template. For example this one is the seed of life.
Reiki will then be sent to not only the crystals but the entire grid itself.So
that includes the symbol and the crystals will have Reiki. So that it can
help you in achieving your goals. You will have the Reiki energy and the
crystal energy all in one although you will not receive the crystals. You will
receive the photo that is already Reiki and crystal infused, for you to use for
yourself. You don’t need to have any crystals on it (the photo) if you’d like to put a Clear Quartz on it, it you’re more than welcome to but you can just have the
Reiki working for you as is. And of course the Reiki will be set to the
intention that it keep growing as you get used to the energy that the energy
keep getting stronger. There are some different templates I will be using for
example this Shree Yantra. I also have Metatron’s Cube, the seed (mistake), The Flower of Life and of course the Seed of life which is right now being
used in this grid. I also have some wood templates, the same thing. My goal is to
create a grid for you that you can you as a screensaver. You can print it up. You
can use it as a background. So that you always have energy flowing to your
intention and it doesn’t have to be a video. This is one of the easiest
ways to get energy to you and you get compounds energy, crystal energy and
Reiki energy. If you have any questions please let me know. I look forward to answering it. Thank you. Thank you for watching this video for more information
on my Reiki sessions, services, classes, and readings please check out my website, or the description box. You can
also find me on other social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram all under Rest Relaxation Reiki or Rest Relaxation and
Reiki. On YouTube I asked you to please subscribe to my channel. You may also
want to look at the Bell which will let you receive notifications as to when I
produce a video, which is usually everyday. And occasionally there will be
a day where I produced two/ Besides the notifications button and the subscribe,
you may want to check out the community tab. The community tab is where I post a
Reiki infused photo every day occasionally I’ll
also post a video that’s not found generally in the for the public and a poll.
If you have any questions about anything please let me know. I look forward tring them. Thank you.

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  • January 11, 2018 at 6:37 pm

    how to get this crystal photo for our need and what are charges for it


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