Creative Photography Ideas – Disposable Cameras

Creative Photography Ideas – Disposable Cameras

I bought a bunch of disposable cameras
and gave them to various students around the city of Seoul these students have
never shot a real camera before much less a disposable camera so it’d be
really interested in cool to see what kind of shots they took anyways this
week one student finally returned one of the cameras and I got it developed so
let’s see what she took this is a high school students and I
haven’t looked at her pictures I only got like glimpse of them when I dropped
them over to my phone so let’s get to it first picture not sure the buildings are
crooked or if she was but actually I can see what she was going with this and I
like it you know sky’s a little overblown but that’s really only
something that uh depends on what time of the day you’re shooting or it could
have just been overcast so I like it picture number two looks like some wall
arts really colorful actually the kind of film look really complements this
pretty well as you know I’m not actually good at critiquing photos I’m just
letting you know what I think and so far I like I like what she’s going with this
you know well when I gave these cameras to them I told them to take pictures of
anything that caught their eye or that was interesting they could take months
doing it and I actually like the colors of the roof and that water tower thingy
but yeah looks pretty cool and the little lens flare is even as a little
bit of character to its picture number four looks like it was taken in the same
areas number one actually now that I think of it this kind of looks like it
was shot in the city of Busan Busan is like a second biggest city in Seoul it’s
a near the ocean so this is Gamcheon village it looks like but lots of colors
I like that number five and looks like I was right this is Busan those are the
three iconic Canal skyscrapers of the city her finger is kind of in the way of
the lens but actually I don’t mind so it looks like she’s got composition down
pretty well not bad for her first time right picture number six
is okay I mean it’s all right yeah I mean I would like to see the horizon a
little bit straighter but nothing that can’t be fixed in my room picture number
seven she was at the beach probably with her family if you know beaches in South
Korea can get pretty crowded actually her pictures kind of remind me of Martin
Parr like he does like a lot of color in his photos and he doesn’t really well I
mean I’m not saying she’s as good as Martin Parr on the same it kind of
reminds him that she’s got the eye for color and it is color film here’s
another shot I wonder what caught her eye is it the colors or the people but
it’s kind of interesting you know looking at looking at the pictures of
basically a newbie who’s never shot a camera and I hope it inspires her to
shoot number nine looks like something more my style like I think this would
look really good like an infrared especially with the the lanterns in the
picture actually I like this one very much but I mean I’ve liked some of rooms
so far I bet a little bit of tweaking in Lightroom will make them really great
here we have a picture with real good composition I mean now it looks like
she’s got a little more practice picture number 10 looks like some sort of
Chinatown with some lanterns this is the kind of picture I would want to take at
night but it looks really good in the daytime too number eleven is actually
really what is the kind of stuff I like know if you watch my Instagram if you
look at my Instagram you notice I take a lot of pictures of wires and like
lamp posts and skies maybe she’s been looking at my pictures you know I don’t
know but I definitely like number eleven so good composition good color good some
of the day we’ve got silhouettes and everything I like it very much and
twelve seems like a continuation of that actually
it looks like she’s got the eye of a composition I mean you know a lot of
photographers are especially on you to focus on like the gear but many people
don’t actually talk about composition very much and for someone who hasn’t
studied this kind of stuff I think she’s doing pretty alright picture number 13 this picture kind of reminds me of that
movie what’s it called the window with the apartment complexes so it looks
pretty cool actually that looks kind of looks near where I live
or it could be Busan still I don’t know but it looks like maybe she was walking
home from school and she saw this and she liked it so she took a picture whoo
number 14 is actually really nice and we were halfway through a row but I think
she’s getting the hang of light and Composition even though she’s never
started but you know it’s really interesting seeing the kind of pictures
like a total beginner would take because when you look at photos that other
people take usually they’ve been told all these things by photographers what they
have to do and like the pictures are better but they’re not original which is
I mean I made a video about why I don’t do critiques of people’s photos it’s
because I don’t want to take away from their creativity and this picture I
really like it you know I just got to say I really like her photo and that
timing with the light is just right 15 looks like she was going for picture of
the sky with the clouds actually it was really pretty this day we got our finger
in the way but that’s fine maybe you could crop it but I can see where she
was going with this maybe I would have liked to see a little bit more cloud in
the photo 16 is it’s alright I kind of like 15 more but that’s because if you
point the camera towards the direction of the Sun it would have been a little
bit overblown that’s what we’re seeing here 17
we have some nice sunrays actually that’s really nice she’s got leading
lines and everything she’s following the rule of thirds she’s got a going no
maybe with a little mentoring should be good 18 I think it would have been a
continuation but her fingers in the way it’s okay you don’t want to do these
things you don’t expect every picture to be a banger you know I’d be happy to see
one or two good pictures but she’s got a few good ones in there so I’m pretty
proud of her 19 cloud Sky Tree it’s all right you know I like the other one more
this one is really nice like this one is probably her apartment complex and I
know these cause like a lot of students live near nearby me but these clouds
are really fluffy you know and I like this one this is kind of thing I would
print out just to give her you know it’s like you took this you deserve and kind
of photo you know on it I think I’m gonna print out some of these pictures
just for her and I think they’ll make her very happy
21 looks like it would have been like a very nice sunset photo or something but
uh maybe just she didn’t know the timing right or maybe the clouds just very nice
I’m not sure if she was shooting this as a reflection though because I see
something or if she was shooting through a window screen but maybe she’s playing
with like some sort of artisticness you know like maybe she’s talked through a
window hoping for some reflections but you can see her she started to play
around with it but we’re up to 21 22 would have been really really good photo
she’s got the composition down but she’s got a finger in the way and she got the
colors too so I think 22 would have been an awesome picture if she didn’t have
the finger in the way it’s okay you know there’s a learning experience 23 good
stuff we got clouds we got some green it’s too bad this camera’s not a zoom
it’s just like a disposable camera but you know it’s all right
and I think this should be our last picture number 24 actually I think the
row is going backwards I’m not sure maybe this was when she first got the
camera and she’s just learning it makes sense no because this was around the
time I gave her the camera and she I just
she just got her hands on him she just wanted to try it out and 23 she looked
up into the sky took the photo and 22 makes sense because her fingers in the
way and she’s like oh man I screwed up yeah it makes sense like I’m not sure if
that’s correct but it’s it’s it’s a comforting feeling for me to kind of
look at this and think oh she just got the camera she’s just trying it out
trying to get a move or a hang of it well we got some more 25 actually I’m
surprised I thought this camera had 24 exposures but it going for 25 here okay
fingering the way but no that’s fine and 26
I actually I know this place I’ve taken pictures here before so it’s good to see
she has the same eye as I do you know I walked this stream very much and I like
this this area so it’s good to see what she likes and me are kind of similar and
she’s going to be very happy when she sees these pictures because she hasn’t
actually seen them we still have a few cameras out there but uh if you like
this video be sure to like it in comments you know I like to do this kind
of artsy projects you know like give cameras to people and see what they take
and know it’s really fun you know maybe you encourage them to get into
photography a bit more or like maybe you saw this video and feel encouraged to
try it out with like someone who’s interested in photography right so yeah
that’s what this channel is all about photography so if you haven’t done so
already subscribe and I’ll see you around

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    굳 비디오!

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    Are you gonna do more of these type of videos when the other students send you the pictures?

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    The finger in thr way gives a orange tint it looks nice

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    This idea is so cool 🙂

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    Really great idea man!

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    This is great – cheap film camera love! All those red lanterns really pop.

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    If I’m allow to say…
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    Very good

  • September 4, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    I bought my son a disposable camera for his 6th birthday. What he took photos of what completely up to him. When he was done, I took him to the lab, got the film developed, and made 4×6 prints. It was a wonderful experience. What you've done, here, was an awesome idea and I can only hope others follow your lead. Such a cool concept with such wonderful potential.

  • September 4, 2019 at 7:27 pm

    This is so cool man, what a grate idea, can wait to see what the other students got.
    Going back to what you said of why you don't make photo critiques, I agree about not taking away people creativity but I think you can help them grow by asking them to explain what was the intent of the photo, if they wanted to get this composition, or liked this colors or whatever it is and give advice on how they can get those specific results, not saying if the photo is good or bad, just helping people to achieve the results that they have in mind.

  • September 4, 2019 at 8:25 pm

    Kudos to you Noe for encouraging the youth. Student, Good Job!!! My favorite was your Busan pictures!! Thank you for sharing your photo's. 💯

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    04:13 is my fav with the anamorphic style lens flair 👌

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    Fun photos!

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    this inspires me to buy one and give it to my daughter and see what she likes and how her eye is… thanks!

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    Seeing the fingers on the lens brings back so many memories of ruined pictures for me lol
    Definitely happened a lot to me as a child with those disposable rangefinder cameras. Can't tell that your finger is in front of the lens so if you aren't careful…

    She definitely took some good pictures. I always find it interesting to see a beginners pictures because their compositions and so on are all completely based on their intuitions.

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    Really cool video my friend! You're inching closer to 10K now! Congrats! 👊

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    Disposable cameras are a good exercise, I love buy some

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    I really enjoyed this. some of those pics were exceptionally good. please continue with these kind of projects.

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    how cool! i love this project

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    I think this is pretty cool! I love the idea of giving them a chance to explore & learn! It makes me wanna go back to film photography!

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    Could you share her pictures for us as files, to study and etc?

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    This is a great idea, I am going to do this with my students! thanks for the inspo

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    it's fun to see people playing around with a disposable camera. Really enjoyed the video

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    They are student of what ? I don’t know why but I thought you teach photography 😂


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