Creating a Colored Pencil Painting – step by step

Creating a Colored Pencil Painting - step by step

hey it's JP for another drawing tutorial this is just some example of my art going in the background long talking I have a link to my new website on my website under the you know add in all your colors beautiful colors in the prison the color choice choices of color pencils and then you want to add your blow lights this can be in any order you want low lights the darkest the shadows everything in there make it interesting you know you want to make sure that you have these values these low lights and highlights especially for realistic drawings and any drawing to make it look great and spectacular this is my process you know I add the white lines I add the highlights I add the low lights I add several colors in from that to blend the pencils together I press harder on the ones I want to blend I press lighter when I want to blend it out into the background color I had here and I'm using pastel paper by the way and then going from there it's all about creativity okay I'm basically finished right now with it and there's the final product that I did very odd drawing for me but still very interesting I really like it thanks for watching um definitely coming out with a better tutorial in this next time promise I'm going to make a blending tutorial video soon people have always been asking about how do i blend and everything so I'm going to come out with several videos about that and so thanks to my subscribers you've been with me and if this is the first time seeing one of my videos subscribe and look at some of my other videos that I've done in the past anyways hope is helps in your color pencil process thanks for watching and see you next week

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