Create Doodles and Dreamy Aesthetic Photos With These Apps

Create Doodles and Dreamy Aesthetic Photos With These Apps

Hi everyone and welcome to my YouTube
channel my name is Nancy Casanova and I’m a digital content strategist. Today
I’m going to show you how to create some fun doodles and unique effects using
some creative apps that will really help you show off your personality and help
you send out online. So let’s get started. So the first app I want to show you is
called Meitu. Let me show you a glimpse of what this looks like. This app has
really fun doodles for your images and I’ll show you some examples. I’ll choose
this image and if you scroll through the area that says magic brushes. Here’s where I like to really get creative. So say you get something like this magic brush with
like little dots and lines you can really just trace around the image
and really make it your own. You can even get it a little bit thicker if your
that’s your preference and go around the image and really doodle around that.
Here’s another example of some of my favorite edits. So there’s also one with
the moon that I like so again if you go to the magic brush I’ll go to the moon
one and you can make the moons really big or small depending on your
preference and you can do something like this, which I like, you can also make it
larger. So say I went like that and then there’s also one more which adds little
flower flourishes to your image so say I’ll go back to this image now go back
to magic brush and I’m just going to scroll to the side to choose this one
the flowers I really like this one you can add some fun doodles there and then
you can incorporate some hearts you see that looks really easy and it doesn’t
take that much effort and it makes your stories or your photos really pop out
and you know there’s an opportunity to really make your images unique to you. So
the next app that I want to show you is called PicsArt and this app I feel like
it takes a lot of the hard editing out of your way, so if you feel
intimidated by some of the edits that people do and you think they’re using
fancy Photoshop tools…think again! PicsArt is here to rescue you so
what you want to do is open up the app I’m going to choose this photo for
example and I’m going to go to the effects section and go to sketch and it
does this really cool effect where you can add this part to the image I’m gonna
do the eraser here so I’m just gonna take that part out and this will give
you one effect, but if you want two you can do two and then again just like
erase that part this part and there you go. You have your photo with a unique
little sketch. No Photoshop required nothing fancy. You can do another effect. Oh, actually what I want to show you is some
of the inspiration that you can get from this app. So say you go here to see the
sketch effect, you can scroll down to the app and and see some of the different
ways that other people have edited photos and this is really helpful
because it just you know you draw from different inspiration you get to see
some of the creative ways that somebody edited a photo and I always find that
really helpful to just kind of see a sort of like a vision of where you can
go with an app. So the final app that I want to show you is called Rainbow Love
and the reason I like this app is because there’s a lot of filters to
choose from and you can spend a lot of hours on this app. So be warned. When
you open up the app you’ll notice that you know it has a little bit of a
rainbow theme obviously, but once you choose your photo…let me show you
something with like it’s kind of playful like I’ll choose this pink image and I’m
gonna add a rainbow filter to it so you’re gonna notice that they’re very
subtle but you know you can really play around and and move things around like
you could put something here you could put it there has like sunlight and so if
you’re kind of into the dreamy mood kind of theme you might like this app a lot.
So the other effect that you can do within the Rainbow Love app is do a
mermaid sort of add a mermaid fin to a photo. So if you’re maybe into like the
yoga or wellness or maybe like the dreamy moon cycle moon sort of phases,
these like filters may really be right up your alley. So I’m gonna choose the
mermaid and tailfins as an art piece and I’m just gonna play
with this a little bit so watch me. I’m going to resize this a little bit and
also rotate it so that if it fits our contours within the body. So this is
something that could be refined in the future, but for the sake of sort of
showing you how it works that’s an example you see? So this is like a
mermaid effect on an image. I also want to show you a couple of other tricks
within the Rainbow Love app and that’s the ability to add like wings to
a photo. So you can go to art and I’m gonna move to angel wings. It requires a
little bit of editing. I’m gonna move it here and then what you’re gonna want to
do is get the eraser and just start sort of erasing around the arm so it sort of
goes behind the image and then you have it there. Okay well that’s it for me. I
hope that you found these apps helpful and that you found new ways to show a
little bit of your personality online with your photo editing. Let me know
in the comments which app are you gonna be using first and what did you find the
most helpful. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel please do so below. I
will see you in the next one. Thank you!

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  • October 18, 2019 at 2:31 am

    Raise your hand if you can't draw a straight line? haha! 😁 These apps are here to make you look like a doodle pro. Hope you enjoy the fun doodle effects and dreamy aesthetics in these apps.


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