Archival Storage for Photos, Papers, Certificates, Quick and Easy

Archival Storage for Photos, Papers, Certificates, Quick and Easy

Hi, my name is Scott Haskins, and I’m the
author of “How To Save Your Stuff From A Disaster.” Today I’m going to share with you tips from
Chapter 1 on how to quickly, easily, very inexpensively, throw some things that you
have sitting around in boxes and in piles like photographs and certificates, and we’re
going to put them into archival storage; quick easy and it’s going to give you peace of mind.
The first of these seven easy steps is to purchase polypropylene or polyethylene plastic
page protectors with three holes punched for a notebook.
These come in lots of formats and have ready-made slots for photos, documents, or other things
too. Don’t let the scientific name of the plastic
put you off. Here’s a tip: if the plastic doesn’t smell
weird or toxic, it’s okay to use. All the page protectors that you can buy at
the office supplies stores are made of the right stuff and are okay.
By the way, don’t pay more for acid free. It’s a sales gimmick.
All plastic, good or bad, is acid-free by nature.
It’s an irrelevant term when buying page protectors, so don’t pay more.
There’s really only one quality of page protector, so if they’re different prices, and even if
the sales hype is good, buy the lowest priced pack.
These page protectors are made for 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheets of paper but you can see I’ve
put things into them, for instance, papers that come from other countries that are not
formatted for 8 1/2″ x 11″. There are letters in here, there are certificates.
As you can see, I haven’t really tried to organize what’s going on.
It’s simply a process of getting items into archival storage; three-hole punch for easy
access later on. Does anyone out there remember taking slides
or transparencies? I took lots of slides.
As you can see they make these page protectors also for slides.
So you can find the pages made up for a lot of different-sized items that you have in
storage. The three-hole punch pages, obviously, go
inside a regular three-ring binder and you can recycle one like this one here.
Just simply put your things into the binder and you’ve got the archival storage and easy
access that you were looking for. And there you go, ready to go on the shelf,
protected, separated, and safe. So you’ll see you don’t need to spread things
all over the room getting ready to organize them, but you can simply buy, for instance,
a book like this that came from one of the warehouse stores that bought for ten dollars
and you slide things into the pages. This is another little $10 item, archival
plastic, and ready to go for storing photos that you’ll want to keep; very simple, easy
to do. Go get some and you’ll be done in a jiffy.
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