aleatory pictures – Teil 1

aleatory pictures – Teil 1

A film portrait about A film portrait about
Michael Spangenberg Part 1 Part 1
random artist? Next stop: Frankfurt main station Yes artist, well to be an artist is such a concept in my opinion, which is very broad, I am also an artist with my shop! I would say that I do not want to be an artist at all. I want to stay myself because … I’m too conservative for artists, way too normal! So normal I know, by now
I get told that I’m not at all but… I feel too normal. I try again and again to imagine that I understand … that I now understand how the camera functions, but then, every time I pick up film I learn
that it was not as I imagined in the moment All the thoughts and all the knowledge that I have, I can only partially apply because
the camera does not accept them. Because she has a life of her own. It’s a transport problem, let’s call it that, not a mistake! I took 10 photos, now are all 10 there
or only 4, or 8, or 6, or 1 … or none? Well, I now take the word that we always use, so to speak, that was thrown around here in the room. Probably it’s a kind of aleatoric … Well and after I picked up this first film, I noticed that the camera takes this multiple exposure! We argue about how often she exposes this picture. There is no number that says that. And there is no … no factor that tells you it will
be so often exposed and then the next one begins. Everybody says to me, yes you have to
adjust the stop and everything possible. Then I say yes boys and girls that is nice, but that does not mean that the pictures are better. I’ve heard from several people just that … namely that the playfulness in my photos is fascinating and for that reason I should
continue further in the same way. My problem with today’s
digital photos is that in my opinion, they all have a certain amount of dishonesty. By now I’ve discovered it is a bit of a self-therapy for me. This uncertain, playful …
unpremeditated method is more fun for me! That’s exactly what I want … just discover! At the end, it’s like a dice game. Like how Aleatorics is beautifully described:
it belongs to the player. That is, as stupid as it sounds,
but the camera really belongs to me! Yes, I live from my own self-employment by running the shop and then also on
Sundays the shop offers bmx school. Of course, not every Sunday, only when
the weather is suitable and if I can find the time. The work with the photography has crept in so slowly. So the really intense photos … I will do in about one.. one and a half years. esss … mmh … Too many people have told me to do this professionally,
the moment you do it professionally, you lose your joy, your happiness. I go out in the morning to make myself happy, to find myself in a very special world again. Just to say, your life is not that exciting right now. I’d say from January to March
it is not so great in such a bmx shop, because there is not so much going on. Then you have to find your luck somewhere else. What makes me happy? I have clearly realized in my life that money
doesn’t make me happy in any case! A lot has happened to me through bmx, but it has been increased by the camera. That means I … yes I’m always coming back to it
because I can’t get it out of my mind. Um, afraid? Well, of course, the camera must not break! That’s the worst thing that can happen. I have 15 developed films, where I have to say that
at least 5 have gotten nothing. I can understand super well, if people say the pictures do not suit me,
that’s too confusing for me. I also need my time until I figure them out. And there are many photos
that my viewers like, but not me. I also actually wish that the circle in which
we talk about the photos will remain as it is. And that it stays honest. That I’m a little more behind the camera and understand
what’s going on in order to control that a little bit better. I would of course like to first have this exhibition,
although I have already been advised otherwise.

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