Acoustic Guitar Lesson – "E" Chords | PRD Paul Ryan Doronila

Acoustic Guitar Lesson - "E" Chords | PRD Paul Ryan Doronila

so this is the letter e guys letter e [Applause] after II it's very very easy guys the letter the letter e cuz it's only a three much for this it's only three one two three like that three hand positioning it's very very easy we've gone out to our step by step what is the step by step sanity neligan hands nothing for the letter e we're gonna place our hands like this like this kissing letter e so this is the frets one two three four so on your strings this is the number six this is the number one so now you need to place your index finger index finger at the first fret this is the fret 1st fret up the third string that's it this is the third string and second gonna place your middle finger at the fifth string second fret and your ring finger at the fourth string second just like that see it's very easy guys do you need to place your hands like that right the struming guys so you need to place your hand like this you can pick up this is the reality leaves a lot to the imagination who's happy median land say John Lennon is a vocalists Beatles guys in LA so some of you didn't know la la la la million helps me so season tenderness a Beatles you know take over say people's guys hi uncle Montana imagine people you can do my sauce in old so so a lambda ma I know nothing young mother father yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away Megan Ammann candidates so any more songs not in an attorney Ed Sheeran so ganancia reality leaps in imagination Sola hottie engaged nurse of mind composite tip you mind I am a guitar guys I believe I believe in you and the only thing Lanka say you mind let us have been in the ko kya or I don't know about it I don't have time for it but if you're very interested you can do it so that's it guys that's the word of encouragement by John Lennon thank you so much guys Panola videos going thank you for your time thank you for everything guys for your support and some of you and the profile that I guess video so guys thank you so much for that guy's effort new insert time yoga if you are new to my channel guys I'm singing pala and cooperating a phenomenal songs and copying some songs and I'm writing also my own composition place and lastly a lesson if you are interested to follow me guys this check out my videos there and it's a playlist enough and thank you so much guys for your support thank you for everything thank you for watching all my videos thank you our next lesson guys [Applause] [Applause]

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