A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City

A Toronto Symphony: Concerto for Composer and City

Toronto is a city that's incredibly spread out in horizontal and feels like it is infinite that that there's space and that you can you can let your imagination go at the same time it's a city that's one of the most vertical dramatic and and aspirational is very unique I don't know of another city like it I'm Todd Mac / and I'm very happy to invite you to participate in an exciting new project called the Toronto Symphony along with my colleagues at the Toronto Symphony and at the MIT Media Lab where I work we're doing something pretty unusual we're gonna make a new symphony and what's unique about it is that I'm gonna compose it along with you we're inviting everybody in the city of Toronto to collaborate with me over the coming months to shape this symphony to make the music to make decisions and to create it together Toronto is one of the most international cities in the world as every idea every kind of person every nationality every sound that you can imagine and one thing that's always struck me about Toronto is how it combines this complexity with an incredible sense of order and beauty as well I've started off this process by imagining a kind of shape and picture of a Toronto Symphony I want to share that with you and we'll use this as a way to imagine this Symphony together in a funny way to me it's a kind of picture of the City of Toronto to do this I'm thinking of the music that we're going to create as being in three categories yours mine and ours the yours part is kind of self-explanatory I'm going to send out requests for different kinds of sounds different kinds of melodies different kinds of music over the coming months and I'm hoping that as many people as possible will send things back to me so I can listen to it share it with my colleagues maybe tweak it and send it back to you for the mine category I'm gonna sit down and make some of this material as well sometimes it'll be chords sometimes it'll be melodies sometimes it'll be sounds sometimes it'll be a section of a piece and I'll send it out to all of you so you can let me know what you think and also so that you can vary it you can tweak it you can add to it and then we're gonna make things together we're calling that ours H in parentheses Oh urs we're going to take sessions over the coming months every few weeks and what we'll do with that is we'll have some music that I'll put out there and some musicians and together as if it's a kind of interactive jam session we'll play the music and we'll listen to your comments and together we'll shape this clay into final sections of the piece that we all like the piece will be played for the first time on march 9th 2013 at the new creations festival it'll be magical with your participation so we have a website ready to go please come visit it to find out how you can participate in a Toronto Symphony starting today you

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  • July 12, 2019 at 9:09 am

    As a contemporary composer myself, I am excited to hear about this project!


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