5 Tips: How To Grow As A Freelance Music Composer

5 Tips: How To Grow As A Freelance Music Composer

okay hey how's gone guys stayin I'm back in another video and as you can see it's a bit different than it'll have a face cam actions bought a logic tech c27 year tink it is that's a nice little webcam to SACEUR of the production a bit on the edge video so hopefully enjoy the face cam so you have to stare at me face now in the corner is granpa we can be able to so in this video I'm actually going to be talking about a topic of how to get started a freelancer and how to basically focus on your career when you have freedom to no do I know if to my phone so topic to know about really because I'm a fully established freelancer no honest for him it was like probably most people watching this video so anything that I mentioned in this video I'm also trying myself and things I've walked me and things I will also try myself to see can I go me as a composer awesome so the first thing that I was always told and I think you should do it does record your music no good or bad you think if he's music is recorded no matter what and even if it's unfinished it could be something like it was sparked an idea if you come back later on down the line or it could be something you might think isn't that good for a director or a game developer or someone who does listen to song and my find really really interesting and they called could open the doors with many of the things and you don't know what that person is interested in so simply make sure you're recording everything and yeah the four steps are giving okay so the second hit but I would give after you've recorded this music is create all social media accounts and nowadays you have to be a freelancer basic to treat yourself like your own business and ruin yourself like your own business so make sure you make a youtube channel that you surround sound a Facebook page and website of the social media and I find nowadays websites actually don't seem to be as prominent as they used to be I think they sell actually look very professional I have and you can really customize the hell you like and direct people to exactly where you want to direct them and so they are ready to go to heaven are you having yourself with us made it simple with air Wix because the lowest different sort of sites I have you build up on our website so it's not too difficult to actually do so I have my own build up for weeks and gonna be linked in this video so I gotta go check how it looks go check the description you'll see both the two will a tree may enjoy flying will be and the Facebook page YouTube and an Instagram I upload all my music on YouTube onion you as a YouTube as a portfolio rather than SoundCloud I find the audio quality a tiny bear on YouTube and those youtubers attracts more listeners in general and sale clown does so you never know he would actually stumble across a video are attract the uploads YouTube and pretty sound cover sort of feel it I could beautiful before instagrams raising any followers and post pictures and videos of snippety or walking on different tracks so really think it's a Waterman is when you can really grow a following and then of course a Facebook page Facebook is probably the biggest platform social media platform elder dot where in his room so a lot of facebook page to twitter i don't tend to use how much boy do you know a lot I'm hosting used where so it's fun to wear a big either go gift where Troy and see how it is well yet dari my second hit make a social media account okay so the torque it but I'd give after making your social medias recording the music that you want to record it is self promote as much as you possibly can and a lot of people have different opinions on self-promotion and some people who feel emotion it can be been your Facebook honestly how else you go to get your music out there that's what social media platforms are for as the self multum so all blowed everything to you to make a post of elements from link video in the post or blow to Facebook and join facebook composer pages group pages on the part of plenty Richard's typing music composers or anything that into a Facebook group so I should find the lo different pages and I knew sour posts on your music in there which you can get you read good feedback from putting more talent than those of what you are if they're honest and often those are also just gained a lot more attraction you never know you might see it from that group so I guess one to clamor a mature and you could just meet some great people so itself all your music as much as possible when you actually do post it okay the fourth tip once you're done Alice online stuff and this is one thing I haven't done yet boy I know it does work because its water many other composers I'm sure all for you I'm sure go for me and this network in person leave you here a house you're ruining a pseudo lever go outside to a games convention to a movie meet the games jam something and network people face to face bring a business card I do help my own business card a print off plenty to lay on top and the only thing I have met some people face to face in the past I didn't have business card – so tell them who I am or where to go to find information about me we'll go me people face to face and just how much I don't have the sub models which as much as what I'm lying because well they'll just be weird you know not there to destroy your music at the metro service doesn't you right there to hopefully try to actually make friends and learn about some new you don't disconsolate reproach abuse will protect you go meet some people as you never know later on down the line where it up her as much she come from so do go and see how I find it a bit done for pure force does come with or by themselves people maybe some other people there are in nature or it's worth to go meet some new people and especially have a common interest to go I love came and along with composing music so come to a game jam could be really for me to do I get to play video game as well so get there hopefully connect with some people some game developers to hopefully diamond dollz music or video games so give it a never all can I try also and now the last tips I'll give you know my voyageurs dos be open to any offer in general and where you feel like you're the correct person for it if it's your strengths your weakness take and offer that's tragically honestly you will never even realize where these offers could lead and orchestration might not be completely my strong suit and I do like to think I'm pretty decent and I said here to arraign which do a few arrangements for an orchard and I'm playing some music play Abbott live festival so to basically arrange and have a set for a live orchestra and that's not in the realm of a film composing for is still another job and in a reggae to do and there's another experience to actually try out something different so I always be open the collaboration with another composer and taking up a game as far as like the film anything really does I think that you feel that you could basically benefit from and give good a voice or some or just help them out in general be open tall and under projects given Amish Raleigh and does I'll help you meet new people just help you grow as a person and how housing policy in general so there are my five tips codes for beginning oppose are facing new freelancers and make sure coordinate our music and you're there I'll go tour but you never know where it could lead make sure you make other social media comes on all platforms you're gonna be using regularly self from all your music as much as possibly can then also remember to leave your house and network with as many people to come face to face and just be open to any opportunities they can so I hope you found these tips useful also remember to treat yourself like a business and you that's kind of the main thing nowadays you really have this Autry so as a business I hope you try to grow yourself along which are music so I hope these tips really helped you if you did leave a like in the video comment down what you like to see next and subscribe to this channel if you haven't already I hope you enjoyed I'll see you on the next video

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