3 PHOTOGRAPHERS – ONE MODEL – One Hand Challenge (ft. Godox AD200 Pro & Godox V1)

3 PHOTOGRAPHERS – ONE MODEL – One Hand Challenge (ft. Godox AD200 Pro & Godox V1)

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today we’re going to be doing a very interesting shoot but before we talk
more about that I want to introduce all the shooters and what they’re shooting
with Jeff Antone’s here today I’m gonna be shooting with the Sony a7 3 along
with the Sigma 85 art 1.4 and possibly also the Sigma 14 art F 1.8 my name is
Benjamin briones I’m shooting with a cannon a DD and a sigma art 35 1 4 and
I’m gonna be shooting with the sony a7r 3 with the samyang 35 1.4 and we’re all
gonna be shooting with Monique here very beautiful model hi guys
if you guys have seen some of my latest videos you would you might recognize her
like I said before we’re doing a little bit of an interesting shoot today
because today is a bit of a challenge shoot we’re gonna write down or we
already wrote a lot of different challenges that we might be doing today
and monique is gonna choose one of those from this nice sony hat right here one
hand challenge ok one-handed challenge I can do that I
actually like that okay so it’s gonna be the one-handed challenge and you know if
we shoot with the heavy lens that could be a bit of an issue but I think we can
do I don’t know but you guys this is gonna be toughest for me but yeah ok I
think we can do it I’m just glad it’s not any of the other challenges that
worked that was not scripted that was the actual challenge last night we had something to add I’ll
be Kissin but I don’t really have a cake you don’t have to mention you just like
their attention so I was thinking of you sitting down here when your back against
the tree so like one-handed would simply like this right this is why my shorts always dirty one
Tuesday at 1:00 too a little closer find easy I’m good
sweet we’re go to the swing let me check my ambient right yeah this is heavy
go ahead uh start swinging and just keep a constant a constant kind of distance
so don’t kick me in the face side a little bit bring the slide in just a little bit
yeah just little swings my arm is dead okay I think we’re good yeah shoot okay
let me try one other thing I could barely feel my arm okay and yeah I’m I
army service dude his heavy ring needs a slight post here five minutes starting
now do I have to use the flesh we’re gonna
be fine natural light four three two one go
can I have one hand like up by your hips and eyes to me I’m good yeah my moves like volleyball
I want to shoot the 85 should’ve did this before lens change pitstop I’m here trying to do an end if
everything I got it gonna go in between here but I’m gonna
grab this pad this thing weighs a thousand pounds okay cuz I’m I didn’t
want you sitting in the sand gonna be kind of a sitting shot then if you could be a pal and just kind
of like just hold it kind of a neighborhood yeah bring it a little bit
just kind of further in lit now I want you to with your right hand we’re going
to be a little dirty just grab a nice little kind of pistol and just gonna
have your dressing and then when I say go then you’ll kind of like let it pour
out you do kind of like a let’s go what are you doing kind of a sports pose like
this yeah like that I’m putting all my money on that
damn so I’m gonna have you standing here no
I’m gonna good fun here sweaty body part down
No well maybe having a single idly wanna
have you switch hands I’ve done all right okay see if trying get the
reflection sit in this patch of dry area don’t come around this way I’m good that’s good there but just keep the
hands bent a little bit that one oh okay I’m not using two hands but I have a
thing to tell you maybe one shot where you still looking
that way but hands like brushing the hair like that lgbts that last one VTS okay one over
here you stand at the bottom of the stairs get this light sort of hid in a
little bit I’m kind of going for a bit of a symmetrical feel as I like to do
here Oh God who had that well that was me I had that powered up so high that
was way too much power we’re just gonna use the rest of my time
to fire away one-handed until my hand falls off oh so heavy and you’re doing
the post you took ahead just a little bit up you got my cool pose whose pose
is cooler dude the cameras slipping out of my hand
darn Sony grip is too small stupid Sony seriously my hand hurts I’m
gonna have you sitting right here I want you to lift it and like bring water with
it like bring like a scoop up okay I’m going crazy okay okay
and right go okay got it maybe my strap is a little wet but
that’s it alright guys that was the end of the
shoot it was a lot of fun it was really challenging learned a lot but I do want
to give each of us a chance to say what we experienced and what we went through
and how how those shoot was overall I’m gonna let Jeff get a chance to talk
first cuz it was interesting watching him work especially shooting white yeah
yeah in the end I I II I decided to like really go all-in on the 14 mil and just
try to shoot wide both the 14 mil and the 85 are super heavy that’s the thing
like I’ve been eyeballing some less heavy lenses there’s you know if you’ve
used these Sigma art lenses like you know they’re no joke
and these Sony cameras have like very little grip so this challenge in
particular was I had the worst combination yeah that second shoot I was
trying to like use other ways of propping like this using my leg that
helped out a lot but otherwise you know just trying to hold it in weird ways is
how I would try to overcome the challenge the other part of it was we
gave each other I think that five minutes to shoot knowing you have a time
limit I wasn’t really thinking about perfecting my shots I kept on ending
before five minutes so it’s like I felt like I was rich I was rushed and I
wasn’t thinking about my shots but then I ended up not really using the whole
amount of time either so I guess basically my brain was like scrambled
the whole time so I I hope I have some good shots I don’t know when I first
started I I switched between the Sigma 35 and then the second time I went I use
the 10 to 22 from Canon and then I went back to my 35 they both weigh about the
same thing but being able to hold the camera a different way I noticed myself
throughout the shoot I held I held it from my grip the extra grip that I
bought from my camera and then from my camera’s grip and then I dangled it from
from above the water and like manhandled it like like this so I can get so I
don’t drop it so I can click the shutter as well it trained me because I was
using my other hand to balance myself over the water I was like really
extended from the ledge being able to have the skill of using one hand
I think that should be necessary knowing your camera’s weight and knowing what
angle you can hold your camera from can potentially be really helpful in your
future I’m gonna give Monique a chance to explain what she felt because it is
very chaotic you know shooting with different people and trying to figure
out what you know who you’re shooting with so I’m gonna give you a chance even
though you don’t want to speak was pretty easy it was really fun it was my
first time shooting with three photographs I’ve only shot with like two
I really liked it and I really enjoyed it so thank you for asking me to do this
shoot what you you took it very well because like I think some photographers
some models would tell you like be more well my my user name is Monique underscore there you go underscore six
to 14 and before I forget where can we find you as well
um at 985 photography on instagram it’s right down here see it says photography
I’ll put it right there there it is and you guys know me f th
photo but I didn’t save my experience yet cuz I just want to keep it you know
shortened to the point one hand it is not that bit of an issue unless she’s
like you need to adjust the settings as well I wanted to keep doing one one hand
behind my back so that I can just really solidify that I’m shooting one hand and
I think it was a lot of fun I’m just glad we did again that we did shoot with
some of these other challenges that I hope that we get again another chance to
shoot together and do those other challenges because they are pretty
challenging oh yeah yeah that’s why you wanna go
like that thank you guys for watching I hope you guys enjoyed the video and
enjoy all the photos that we all took and I’ll see you guys in the next video
why do you think I’m interviewing here

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