3 PHOTOGRAPHERS – ONE MODEL – Mirroring Challenge (ft. Godox AD600BM)

3 PHOTOGRAPHERS – ONE MODEL – Mirroring Challenge (ft. Godox AD600BM)

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today we’re doing another challenge video the last one was a lot of fun to
make so we wanted to do another and I’m gonna have a couple new photographers
here and I’m gonna let them introduce themselves as well as let you guys know
what’s really there what they’re gonna be shooting with what’s up guys rolling
sent us here with Roland Sanchez photography you can also follow me on
instagram under Sanchez underscore Roland today I’ll be shooting with a
Canon 5d Mark four with couple of a couple different lenses I’m gonna be
using 24 to 70 f28 the mark 2 and also be shooting sony a7 3 with the 85
millimeter sigma art so just I’m a hybrid shooter so this is why I’ll be
shooting with both systems hey guys my name’s Joe Sanchez from LJ photography
26 today I’ll be shooting with a 5d Mark 3 and a Sigma 51.4 as well with the sony
a7r three and a twenty four seventy two point eight and a 135 2.0 and I’m gonna
be shooting with the Sony a7 r3 with the with two lenses the Sigma art 105 1.4
and the samyang 35 1.4 and we’re all gonna be taking pictures of this awesome
model I’m gonna let her introduce herself as well as let you guys know
where you can find her on Instagram and YouTube right yes hi everyone my name is
Sarah Lopez and you can find me out as Miss Sarah MUA on Instagram on YouTube
alright so now that you guys know who we are and what we’re gonna be doing today
let’s talk about what the challenge is gonna be today the challenge is going to
be model mirroring model mirroring we’re gonna basically direct the model with
our bodies and not our words we’re not going to be able to talk whatsoever
while we’re doing our photo shoot or five-minute photoshoot we’re all times
so it’s gonna be a little bit challenge I think it’ll be a challenge with you it’s gonna be fun yeah I think it’s
gonna be fun that’s why we wanted to do this challenge I hope you guys enjoy it
and let’s go ahead and start to shoot let’s do it let’s see maybe it next to this tree
over here camera right know where your oh wait oh yeah I can’t talk right wait
up for them like okay yeah get it closer closer and then angle
it down the only thing I want GPS back yet first you got 20 seconds rolling time next
five after here you can’t talk I’m like
lighting so quiet three two one zero next ball right over there this building
here thinking like real close follow him your time started rolling you
have three minutes and 40 seconds left yeah it’s mine now three two one go there alright time
started one okay it’s not his turn and he’s he’s getting
supposes and testing settings out all right there is fine you know sign
language is cheap abcdefg he used to be dancer hey what is the that’s for BTS okay three two one good
ah you lucky settle down yes no I’m in the way three-two-one all right now it’s up wreath up just an
instant so nice how I would be wasted if you stand over here rodents and just
hold your hold it there look on the street like let’s put a
limit they got yeah yeah yeah one two three – why
I did that fence okay alright guys we just got done shooting
it was definitely an experience and we want to let you guys know what we felt
throughout the whole shoot so we’re all gonna take turns and tell you guys what
we felt and what we experienced well with this challenge actually had a lot
of fun I was nervous coming in thinking it was gonna be another some other dumb
challenge but or harder but I was like you know what just conversing back and
forth with a model for non-verbally just posing and doing it it was a little
challenging because I wanted to talk being that far from the model and of
course I was trying to show her how to pose and we struggled a little bit right
so I was just trying to get her to pose but my time ran out so that was it but
the shots came out awesome yeah trying to take as many good shots within 5
minutes I mean this is something that’s new to mean someone finishes the time
automatically begins and kind of hard it is especially doing everything on the
fly that’s new to me especially you know having to pose a model without speaking
that’s exactly and they’re doing the micro adjustments well I’m sorry
adjustments yes like you start off a certain way and then we start moving the
chin but yeah I mean overall it was fun it was a good experience a good time
with Sarah Sarah was an excellent model she knows how to pose that makes the job
of a photographer that much easier for us so that was great so the issues that
I experienced where I kept wanting to talk if it’s not posing get still talk
to the model about like like what movie came down or something like that
yeah I really wanted to just talk to her and but it was that was the main thing I
like to talk to people but I never bought me I want to ask the model her
name’s Sarah Lopez you’ll find her on Instagram in a sec yeah how did you feel
throughout the shoot was hard shooting with several photographers
especially if they couldn’t talk to you it was fun
more than anything I had a lot of fun it was something new and challenging so
that was super fun and I enjoyed it I had a great time
did you shoot with several photographers before well at the once before but it
wasn’t like on the spot like it was we had time we could yeah we definitely had
to keep going it was timed and everything so it was like ray we had to
be quick yeah so that’s pretty much everything I hope you guys enjoy the
photos that we should you know we all took I’m pretty sure they’re really
really legit and yeah we’ll see you guys in the next challenge video but before I
go I’m going to show you guys exactly where you can find all these different
photographers and the model where can we find you again you can find me out at
miss Sara M Ewing on Instagram and YouTube
I’ll put on the bottom of her somewhere here and then where can we find you
again I am on Instagram LJ photography I’m on Facebook as well but more of an
Instagram type of guy hey thanks again and you can find me here on instagram @
scientist underscore roland that is sanchez underscore rowland see you guys
on the next video you guys know me fjh photo but yeah
that’s pretty much everything be you guys for watching we’ll see you in the
next video I meant to go like this

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    Hey Francisco how are you? love your channel. something I would like to tell you is I feel you need to get out of the comfy zone, I think you are a really good but I feel you depend so much in flash. Start doing videos only natural light they looks way better. Please don't get mad with me to take care. Cuidate mi hermano

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    Suns out, guns out! 😁 @FJHPhotography

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    Great adventure with photography, in this video i always like your work its too awsome #fjhphotos❤

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    Video made me LOL….Thanks for making it. I had a lot of fun.

  • September 10, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    The next video should be let the model pose and take photo's of the photographers. Role reversal lol

  • September 10, 2019 at 10:11 pm

    Looks fun man. Bring this to Shutterfest 2020. Lol

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    en español te ve gente latina

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    awesome stuff! love the time limit too

  • September 11, 2019 at 12:19 am

    fun content. hope you get a million subscribers

  • September 11, 2019 at 4:19 am

    Great video, would love to try a challenge like this some day.

  • September 11, 2019 at 5:24 am

    Good practice to get into and once you shoot with a regular model it’ll be just like shorthand between the two!


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