23 Shocking Photos That Show How Much The World Has Changed

23 Shocking Photos That Show How Much The World Has Changed

It’s crazy how much the world has changed. I’m not talking about political stuff, but
more about the landscapes and architectures. People don’t really realize it, I mean how
could they? You’d have to be fairly old to really notice
the significant change. For places that haven’t changed much, it’s
nice to know that beautiful landscapes have remained untouched. Before we begin this video, don’t forget
to subscribe to our channel for more daily tips like this and turn on notifications so
you never miss our new videos! 23. Rysstad, Norway, 1888-2013. During 1888 it appeared to be nothing but
gorgeous farmland. By 2013, it became more of a little country
town with adorable homes. Either way, it looks like a peaceful town
to live in, even back in the day, I would have camped out there for a night or two! 22. This is Seljestadjuvet, Odda, Norway, 1887-2014. Looking at the two different times, it seems
as though this gorgeous place has remained more or less the same. Why would anyone want to touch it? It looks so peaceful! If you look at the rocks aligned along the
water, they are almost in the exact same spot. Incredible! Have you seen the movie Moulin Rouge? Well, you might be surprised to find out it
is an actual place located in Paris, France! Keep watching til the end to learn more about
it and see a historic picture from its past! 21. The Martin Luther Statue in Dresden, Germany. The two photos are showing how times have
changed from 1958-2014. The building in 1958 is almost completely
nonexistent. Perhaps the war had something to do with it? But in 2014, the building standing behind
the statue adds so much to the photo, kind of giving it more of a European feel. 20. Hofbrauhaus Munchen, Germany. Okay, this photo is a little crazy. If you look at the two buildings, they remain
almost untouched. It’s hard to believe that they managed to
look the exact same way from 1910 through 2017. This photo is of Hofbrauhaus Munchen, Germany. Sure if you pay attention to detail, some
things have changed but for the most part, it looks IDENTICAL! Unbelievable, right? 19. Quai Des Nations, Paris, France. Opposite to the last photo, Quai Des Nations,
Paris, France has changed significantly from 1900-2017. You’d think there would be more buildings
now than there were back then but it’s the exact opposite. In the 1900’s you can’t see the water
on the other side! Now, the entire area is essentially water. 18. Poznan, Poland. This is the Corner Of Ratajczaka And Sw. Marcin Streets in Poznan, Poland. The photo shows the changes from 1945-2017. The first photo shows the building completely
destroyed. Not sure about the historical facts about
this place but I’m glad it was restored and now it looks like a gorgeous, historic
building. Very nice! 17. Pripyat, Ukraine. From 1986-2017, Pripyat, Ukraine looks more
or less the same. The 1986 photo was actually taken shortly
before the Chernobyl meltdown. That is the nearby town where the employees
and their families lived. The only difference is that someone decided
to plant some trees and make the area look a little more…green! 16. The Chaney Glacier in the United States. The two photos depict 1911-2005. If you notice, the 1911 photo has significantly
more snow compared to the bottom one. Some people believe it might be due to global
warming but I’m thinking it’s just two different seasons? Who knows. Regardless, this photo definitely tells its
own story about history and how things have changed. 15. Osnabruck, Germany, 1953. This looks like it’s from an old Italian
mobster film. No one in site, fog everywhere and just an
overall very mysterious feel. Fast forward to 2015, and this area looks
more “popping”, more people walking up and down the streets. It also appears that the area has been turned
more into a shopping area than a place to live. Looks nice either way though! It’s crazy how things can change over the
course of history! 14. Mont Saint-Michel France. Okay, is this place real? It looks like a scene from a fairytale or
the original Disneyland. Absolute goosebumps. These two pictures are from 1908-2016. Not a whole lot has changed, which is so amazing
because it doesn’t need any change. Whatsoever. 13. Reichstag Fire. In case you didn’t know, the Reichstag Fire
in Germany happened in 1933, just one month after Adolf Hitler had become Chancellor of
Germany. This photo shows the building from 1945-2012. It looked like it was on its way to being
rebuilt in 1945 and now it looks like a stunning building. Luckily they fixed it right up. Such a historic photo! 12. Hammerfest, Norway. This is a stunning photo of Hammerfest, Norway
from 1889-2004. Both photos look beautiful and peaceful. The only difference is that more trees were
planted and more homes were built. Honestly, if I lived in Norway I would live
there. Looks like you would live such a calm life
there…with no worries in the world. 11. Frauenkirche Dresden. Looking at the two photos from 1897-2010 of
Frauenkirche Dresden in Dresden, Germany, the two photos look like nothing has changed. But actually, it has. The building was actually burned down during
the war and it was rebuilt after. It looks almost identical to the original,
and the black bricks are remains from the old building! 10. The Eiffel Tower. I’m sure most of us know this building. It’s the Tour Eiffel in Paris, France. The two photos are from 1910-2016. A lot of people prefer the 1910 photos…some
say it looks more romantic, others say the 2016 one looks way busier. Regardless, the city has become a lot more
popular by 2016. In 1910, the city looks very peaceful and…romantic. 9. Marcin Street, Poznan, Poland. These two photos show the years 1945-2017. Look at the mess that the war left in that
particular area and now it looks like nothing happened. It’s crazy to think that people today walk
into something every day without ever knowing what happened there in the past…or what
will happen in the future! 8. Osnabruck, Germany in 1904-2016. Again, in 1904 there wasn’t much going on. Just a ton of farmland and a few homes here
and there. If they are even homes. But now? It looks way busier, with a ton of trees planted,
more homes and just a lot is going on. Regardless, it looks gorgeous back then and
now! 7. Osnabruck Central Railway Station. Clearly, people have become a little more
environmentally friendly and health conscious in Germany. Check out this photo at Osnabruck Central
Railway Station from 1965-2015. There were no bikes on the site in the 60’s
and now mostly it’s all bikes! That’s pretty impressive Germany, pretty
impressive. Luckily, the buildings still look the same. Still looks so incredibly pretty. 6. Szyperska Street, Poznan, Poland in 2006-2017. Through the years aren’t so incredibly far
apart, it’s crazy to see the changes that this place has gone through. Not only does it look significantly greener
now, there is an entirely new building that was built and the buildings that stayed there
look a lot better! Very, very nice! 5. Paris, France. This is Paris France in 1900-2017. I don’t know about you, but the photo from
1900 looks a lot better. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s not in color
and there’s some sort of classy, mysterious vibe to it but it looks a lot better. But this isn’t to say that the photo from
today looks bad. The place still looks gorgeous and I would
love to visit! 4. Kjeasen, Norway. Kjeasen Railway Bridge in Kjeasen Norway doesn’t
seem like it has changed a whole lot from 1927 to 2008. The bridge looks the same, even the trains
look more or less the same. The only thing that has really changed is
the area where people can walk. It’s nice to see that not much has been
changed in this pretty area! 3. Dresden, Germany. Is this Mr. Darcy’s house from Pride & Prejudice? Probably not but it definitely looks like
it could be! This is Palais Im Groben Garten in Dresden,
Germany. The top photo is from the 1900’s and the
second is from 2005. Not a whole lot has changed, and nothing really
needs to be changed. The area is beautiful and truly looks like
what most of Jane Austen’s stories were based on. 2. Lodz, Poland. Alright, it’s time to play “Spot the Difference”. Check out the St. Matthew Evangelical Church
in Lodz, Poland. The first photo is from 1937 the other photo
is from 2017. There are only a few minor, unnoticeable changes. But overall, inside the building looks completely
identical. It’s a special feeling to walk into a building
with so much history behind it. Now that you’ve seen some unbelievable before
and after photos that show how much the world has changed over time, here is a picture from
Moulin Rouge! You may be surprised to see that it hasn’t
changed much. 1. Moulin Rouge in Paris, France. This is the Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
from the 1900’s-2016. The only significant changes in the photos
are the people and the cars. Obviously, in the 1930’s, the cars look
super vintage and the people are dressed for the time. But other than that everything looks more
or less the same. There’s something about walking into a building
that’s been there for so many years. Do you like history? What was the most surprising photo from this
video? Let us know in the comments section below!

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