#014 Photographer – Sniperstreets

#014 Photographer -  Sniperstreets

welcome to episode zero one four four wrongness of reality I'm your host Kevin Scott in this episode you have the opportunity to meet sniper streets of a 10-8 Street in this episode you'll hear him talk about his zine that just came out on June 19 how he goes about street photography and what it's like to really strive to have an open dialogue with people who don't really always want to have that battle but enough from me here's secures a lot of my photography has me like out on the street just going out into the world and like photographing kind of whatever I run into it's kind of like ironic so I'm just kind of like stuck with the last name yeah and when I was in college a lot of people called me streets and I'd never gone by like it kind of like a nickname and it was kind of like started digging it like okay like people like this that's I I do like how do you say your last name is streets right yeah and you really incorporated that into your whole like yeah it just kind of like it worked you know like I don't like push it or like try and do anything super extra with it it's just like it works ya know but it's funny because my last name is actually stalker right and I don't push it and apparently it's everyone else that works like they all call me stalking yeah and if you don't know me you're like why are they calling oh my god dude grown up was hilarious yes for everyone else they thought it was the best thing ever like my last name is stalker people loved it I didn't mind after a while there was one kid that's probably like middle school no it's like elementary school he thought it was funny to call me sidewalk because my last name was street that's hilarious it was the first step if the only time anyone's ever like mm-hmm tried that but I don't know I it was okay that's like what some Nathan for you humor I don't know if you've heard of them where some Eric Andre the Eric Andre show that's like that kind of humor where it's like come on man yeah yeah exactly yeah that's that's funny it says streets and so you go by streets you are sniper streets on Instagram yeah that was like the handle basically you know when it came time to like make a name just put on internet that's kind of what I went with are you are you like American sniper with a like with a camera could you could you tell our listeners about what kind of photography you shoot and what to expect from your new zine so I'm basically like a photojournalist or a documentary photographer I mean what interests me is everyday you know getting up just putting the camera around my neck whether I'm going to work or going you know to the store whatever I'm doing just having the camera with me and just being ready for whenever I see something that interests me whether it be a person or something physical that somebody did or some architecture it it could be anything so it's kind of you know just you know stepping outside my door every day and just like taking on whatever the world brings my way or whatever I walk into you know it's not necessarily about like going out to make photographs it's about going out and being ready to make a photograph should you immerse yourself and complete it on you completely um just kind of being like not necessarily the fly on the wall but you know just chameleon yeah okay yeah even thing uh the world's fascinating man mm-hmm people are fascinating even if I don't necessarily agree or even if I feel uncomfortable in the situation like the moment I'm working with my camera like you know is it really in the zone okay my zone yeah it's it's just a it's a happy place and it brings me mad joy like when I know I got a good photograph mm-hmm when I'm able to like interact with somebody it's very challenging to to Wow and suddenly you know either ask for a photograph or just suddenly be in somebody's space and you know follow that gut instinct you know boom get the photo because yeah like maybe that's second or two just depending on the situation it's definitely and like the slang term for it is street photography and it's definitely to me it's I believe it's the hardest form of photography to do well and maybe at the same time also the most rewarding it's definitely the most fun because you just never know what's gonna happen and it continually continually challenges me and opens up my eyes to you know new things where's the first location you just started picking up street photography so like I guess like a little background like I grew up around cameras mm-hmm well what age oh goodness I mean like from the moment I was a little kid like my parents were like you know back then in the 90s you know you had a little point and shoot 35 millimeter cameras which I actually still love to shoot on just because of the ease and workability and then you know that transition to like digital cameras and then phone so it's just something I always had I didn't seriously consider or think of like oh I'm gonna do photography until I dropped out of college the first time and I had just taken like a basic intro to digital photography because when I'm like going into that second semester and I'm like okay like here's the class of need let's do everything else easy so I'm like boost my GPA up a little bit that's all photography I'm like oh I've been doing that for years like that'll be no problem you know so I kind of like my parents graciously bought me a DSLR and I just hung on to it and I kept shooting here and there and I was a football player in college and I see wide receiver yeah I mean that was the without football I wouldn't have gone to college I wouldn't be Who I am in a lot of ways today and so I kind of I had this feeling that football was kind of slipping away and I just had absolutely no idea what I really wanted to do with life but I knew I wanted to do something I enjoyed and then just from there kind of figure out like okay how do we make a living from this so year year of 2015 I'm just left school I'm back home I'm living with my parents and my parents house in Alabama I'm working and in all these and just on my free time I grab my camera and drive you know the 25 miles to downtown Birmingham and just walk around and take pictures and so I basically just kind of learned that way and then of course like looking at what people were shared on Instagram and you know down the road starting to like pick up on you know photographers from before Instagram and that was when I think I really started to learn and figure out kind of like an avenue and just start to to gather some real develop some real intention behind the lens because I think in tension especially in this day and age when there's just like massive content pushed out every day is like Matt important like why what who are you doing it for you know and then how does that relate I took some photos last summer I was waiting for the bus and there were these kids playing on a trash can like three kids and a mom and I just instantly saw myself because like my mom dragged me and my five siblings around we were kids everywhere so it's like there was emotional and emotional relation there and if that's the best way to put it no I got actually told me about that the first time we met yeah like I whenever I can you know whenever sometimes you know you I see something it's just like boom shoot that and other times like you know I relate to it you know empathetically or maybe I'm curious about what's happening anyway so you know like they they like caught me taking the picture of them caught a fly another trash can and something like they wanted to see the camera you know so I let him see the camera they started taking pictures of each other and so on and yeah it was I mean anytime I get to do that with anybody well kids especially you got to think about the experience that's going through their mind maybe that's first time they've really touched a nice camera and you know as funny as the kids they always are like the kids will always be like where's the picture where's the picture cuz they're used to the digital world you know film is like a 35-millimeter they don't know yeah with that Heather used to instantly band then the older generation her and I was in Walmart last summer I was shooting a Nikon f3 at the time so it's you know hanging around my neck and I run into a guy he recognizes the camera and we talked for like 30 minutes in the middle of the aisle and he ended up giving me a really nice and larger for free that's kind of like another example it's like you because I'm shooting a film when somebody recognizes somebody you know older than me recognizes that you know they instantly like excited you see somebody young still using like an older medium and I think I don't know if I want to give the credit to Instagram necessarily but like film has come back in a way it's very interesting house come back things that would have been so frowned on aesthetically years ago are now like popular now like light leaks and dusts or scratches on your film blemishes basically or like pop culture within like I don't know if I wanna call it pop culture their pop culture for kids shooting film I'll put it like that like you would think because film was tangible something we can hold onto that that it's becoming more popular because we're we're seeing our society go to phones and Technology so much that everything is not you can't really like hold on to these right it's not yeah um you know that I remember when Instagram first came out and you know we had these little film filters like all those filters are built around you know film ain't no like high-level photographers like I get it they laugh they're like you know I can do that with any camera I pick up I think over time like we started to figure out like oh that's from film oh I can go to CBS and buy some film I can get on eBay and buy a cheap SLR for a few bucks yeah and oh now I can say much off to be developed I think people just kind of started to figure it out and they're like oh this is fun you know something they start doing it that's that's awesome and and do you have you met a lot of people doing it now yeah yeah I have I see I see you know especially if I'm like around a lot of the colleges maybe like Point Park or just in Market Square like I see you know of course everybody's carrying a digital camera but yeah you know here and there scatter throughout yeah you see somebody carrying it and all that so that's cool you know so it's always fun you know those are the people I like to go up and like like hey what film you shooting like how long you've been working with it or whatnot you know just like I think it's really cool how you will just go out on the street and take picture of anyone yeah like I think that's awesome yeah I had a conversation with you about it and then the reason why is because I was sitting somewhere it was a Market Square this will give you guys a little background on how we met so it was a Market Square and I was sitting down writing some notes and directly behind me there was another guy and I think he was also writing something down but he was he sitting on the ground he was sitting down yeah hoping it's the light pole mm-hmm and and apparently looked it looked really symmetrical is that right it wasn't even that I just saw two people who had a one was sitting on the ground what was sitting in the chair and you're both doing the same thing so it was really a kind of a juxtaposition of like two people doing kind of like the same physical task but like in kind of a very different situation you're like how they were using the space sometimes it's not even about the person it's about how the person is using the space you know or what they've done with it you know yeah I thought I thought it was really funny how I I was writing something and then I looked to my right and I just see you with this camera I guess I'm thinking myself this guy's taking a picture of me and then and then I I think I asked are you a photographer mm-hmm yeah and then we have like a 30 40 minute conversation at least 40 yeah yeah it was it was really cool and that's that's how we met so I just think that's awesome how do you have the balls to literally take a particular put any like that that takes that takes a lot of confidence and that's what I mean by like it's challenging to enter people's space there's moments I'm ashamed to say it were like I ducked out of the picture and but that also pushes me to do better and that's again why intention is so important because when I first was taking images it was on a digital camera so it's easy to be shutter happy and I just like shoot anything mm-hmm not really knowing why yeah just getting content right yeah just figuring it out so you know it's not that like if somebody gets mad at you you're gonna be able to explain your way out of it but at least knowing why that's big for me it's not like oh yeah I just wanted you know just love you up a camera know like your hairs do your pants I love your outfit the way you were sitting your demeanor the look on your face it can be you know anything or the intention yeah or you're sitting on the ground you know and recently I've actually been pushing myself to walk up and make contact first in some situations where I just want to get like a portrait mm-hmm and I don't know why that's more challenging for me than just like pop it into somebody's face and getting the camera I think because what I've realized is I've been slowly starting to get some of my film back because I'm just like I'm always shooting more than I'm developing that's the fun part all right yeah it's also just like when I get tired of shooting Pittsburgh I'll get tired of it you know I'm not like trying to like I'm not rush into the process what's your favorite part of Pittsburgh to go and shoot uh anywhere where there's a crowd okay so three rivers Arts fest yeah what there is I was there on the opening weekend okay what do you what do you think of the three resides fast and house I didn't get to go last year since I've only lived up here for almost a year and a half now so it was a lot of fun I mean no we went down to have a picnic so you know like walking down like I'm taking pictures we sit down to eat and like I remember this little kid came up and like had a soccer ball I just like reach for my cameras like you know just any where I'm at like I don't have to be in like I'm shooting pictures you know he's whatever the pictures there if I'm can get it it's good to have it on you right you said all you gotta do is put a camera around your net you know and then the rest is I learned that from Ricky Powell he said you know if that's too much then Ricky power I'm not familiar he's a man a legend new york new york new york street photographer of the day ricky pal Ricky Powell yeah there's a documentary that really there there were certain moments that like really like like I remember the first time I saw Bruce killings work and I was like wow I'm doing street photography wrong like this is how I've always wanted to do it like I like to look at pictures where I feel like I'm right there that's why I talked about like getting in somebody's face like I'm not there with like a fifth-year in 85 like I'm shooting my 28th Prime and I'm there and everybody Street was one of those moments too when I watched that documentary and I still I watched it more times I encounter go back and watch it because I'm always trying to glean or learn something from somebody wherever they're at you know if they've got a second yeah I'm not familiar with not worried anything it's like there's like a fancy word for like what pick up I maybe I didn't even use it right okay well we're gonna factor so I do this all the time I'll just look up the definition of a word mm-hmm Cirie's uh you ever like that you hear a word used somewhere and then you try to use it in a sentence and you keep using it and then you realize yeah here we go so I glean is like extract information from various sources so like I might type in so like Bruce killed an interview on YouTube and just like watch through all those interviews or like you know oh come on written articles everybody streets one of my favorite Docs I always go back to it because there's a lot of different photographers in there and it's them on the street it's them in interviews and you know I'm constantly picking up something new from them and then I can take that and put it into what I do in my own way just so Greene's a verb then it's the basic actions so then I I you I gleaned to prepare for this discussion so then I have a question about something that I found some of your work and I was wondering if you could talk about it so mass reality yeah I didn't really understand but I I did like I liked like what was going on but I didn't really understand what I'm watching and then I was wondering if you could help or maybe that's the bear that's the wrong point cuz everybody says that mm-hmm and I get it because so how mass reality started like hey let's give let's give the listeners a little background on what master reality is so mass reality is under his YouTube channel sniper streets or no it's it's probably its underscore space streets probably yeah that's your YouTube channel and underneath that you have a video called mass reality and it's about 24 25 minutes long of various video and pictures yeah yeah yeah it's like a massive reality's real things that happen okay when I went to learn Adobe Premiere which is a video editing software I was like well I have to have content I have to have some audio to work with just to figure this thing out and for the past two years I had just been randomly shooting video randomly collecting audio in the same way where I'm on the street and just like he's like boo take that mm-hmm I didn't know why I was taking the video I didn't know why listing the audio I just knew I had to capture it and that's the same way this with my photographs a lot so now I finally like oh cool I'm gonna get to do something with this like I always knew this day would come yeah so like I started toying around with it and then I like I put it off like with my projects you know when it's when it's on my own time I could sit on the shelf for six months and then I come back around to it just cuz it's like I hit a wall and it's like okay well like either you know if I don't figure this out it's like I don't have an energy anymore of it I'm not gonna like stick with something if I'm not having fun with it you know I think a lot of times when people put something on a strict timetable like now your intention is like oh I got to meet this deadline and not just make it the best you can you know obviously like I can watch mass reality now and see things I could have done better but it was about like getting it to a moment where it was like okay I'm ready to put this out mm-hmm and it wasn't even gonna be public because since there's like a lot of my homies in there I just scented them like hey like I made this in the process of teaching myself at dobby premiere what do you all think and they're all like you know what this is dope I'm like yeah it's basically like a short film a short documentary and I somewhat formed a narrative of it but it's basically just a mass of reality as a mass of moments I'll put that yeah that's what I was capturing yeah with a little bit of me sprinkled in there with the and I did the photographs the way I did um I'm trying to remember the music video kendrick lamar did it was from it was it was one of the to pimp a butterfly music videos and he had type in there but it flashed up on the screen so fast you didn't know if you saw it and so i just pulled that idea because I didn't want the doc to be necessarily about the photos now when it did come to like being in Washington DC for the inauguration I didn't want people to see those photos because I thought it worked so well with the Trump audio in the background but everything else it was just fun to light flash up like oh did I see that now I'm gonna keep watching there's some people like oh no I gotta go back you know it's like ya gotta lay a little gem for like that surrounding it so everybody loved it and I was like all right cool I'll just I'll put it out there yeah people see it you know the only in the only public video I've yeah I couldn't feel anything yes so you know and then so so that was the only public video you've done but now is it June 19th or June 16th June 19 June 19th you will be releasing your first thing zine yeah and a zine for those of you who don't know it is a short form magazine that is created by an individual like himself or a group of people and the zine it's really cool neat idea could you talk about what we can expect to be in using so this thing it covers basically for individual peaceful protests from Antoine Rose okay again I was just there for the first three because I knew I had to be there and then by the time the the very last I don't want to give away too much but the last protest at that point I knew when I was photographing it like a zine will come out of this eventually I have a lot of there's a lot of other projects in the works down the road I wanted to go if this one it just kind of worked out because of the timing the Wednesday will be the one year anniversary since his death that I mean that's when that's when the pre-order will be live and all the money is going to his mother Michelle Kenny mmm if anyone's gonna make money off of you know these photographs I've done it yes a position absolutely agree yeah but you know it's I I really hope that it's really embraced and a lot of people buy it and share it how many copies are you making I'm not sure that's why we're doing a pre-order okay I'm on a shoestring budget so I'm trying to be like physically are you crowdfunding safe not at the moment no yeah that looks so like it's the business side of all this is like like I'm a photographer that's like that's my weak spot but I've had a lot of other people around me help me yeah wouldn't it wouldn't be happening without them mm-hmm teamwork makes the dream absolutely it's so vital yeah it is when I'm trying to do things that I'm not good at like I just get you know I just get frustrated in well we'll see three years of playing sports actually comes into play when it when like you were a receiver so so you're a team player yes yes you run an individual around by the quarterback has 230 of the ball you know what I mean where I have to run a route to you know pull this safety down oh yeah well you got the floor of a Zeppelin through a block yeah only not I'm kind of small I'm sure you enjoyed the crack back yeah yeah I just go I'd go for your legs the point I'm making is that you understand what when to ask somebody for help and and I think football teaches that it teaches camaraderie and to know that you're not alone so that's that's cool that you continue to not rely on other people but continue vital it yes yeah you continue to to literally speak up for when you need a hand it's good the seams are fun because it's allowing me to work out this process you know down the road I want to put out books I have books in the work that's all and so I look at the scene like need a big hip-hop fan it's kind of like the mixtape you know like figuring it out I'm putting my first this is the first physical product I've ever put out you know it's not digital it's not how many pages it's gonna be like 75 so that's um that's more big Z Magazine it is big isn't that a magazine basically if you're doing it by pages if you're doing it by definition yeah yeah so it's funny like when when I I wasn't even aware of like what is he was until like maybe six I wasn't until I met you really yeah yeah I was afraid I'm totally brand-new and so when I saw this it's super hipster yeah yeah yeah I was like oh snap I can do this like it's cuz I've been thinking like you know I really want to find a way to like cuz I tried doing prints like going to art stuff and like selling prints and whatnot and I was like okay this is something like where I can really take my photographs and get into design and narrative and some of these places I wanted to be in and so do you do describe the surroundings and the photographs does it leave me like where are the other brief descriptions anywhere no no brief descriptions in this one there is there is some tight okay um but yet no no descriptions no material what do you mean as far as the paper tight yeah semi gloss semi-gloss okay yeah and I say that it's to be completely truthful like we're like backs against the wall to get this thing like available for the pre-order Wednesday but it is it is gonna happen it is gonna happen what are you estimating the cost per person right now I don't want it to be above 25 okay to be truthful I wanted to be lower than those 75 pages there's a lot of work yeah you have to understand like people I think they'll respect that amount of work so around like 18 and 25 seems like a pretty yeah and I mean the fact that we have to give it to a printer it's fine you know next scene the third one definitely by the third printing will be in-house okay so I cut down that costume like I said we're sitting it out to like I got an invoice back yesterday and I'm like Oh too much yeah other other printers I'm truthfully expecting it I mean it could be I my hope is that it's lower than 20 I believe I can have it look 20 because you know I want people I want it to be like something you know special when they look the price like oh yeah no problem see coming from your shoes to being a creative and it's it's like this is your own baby right yeah and you're also so you have this work this this work that you've compiled and you've created a zine and you want it to be like a good price for people to respect it and buy it but then again you have that other side where all the proceeds all the profit person is go to antwon raises mother so then again it's like it's it's not necessarily a bad thing if it is over 20 right because the family event one rose the second is receiving writing and and they're actually so like another way I look at it there's been a couple months ago there were two Z's I wanted to get at the time they're both $25 hmm and I was just too broke to light like I could have bought 25 you know got the Xenia is like that's $25 spit the wrong way I got bills to pay you know so I kind of looked at it a little bit from my perspective as well and just understanding that you know he also Antoine you know grew up in a poor community so but you only have a few bucks like you're good you can still get that yeah you know and you know provided with like it does well you know I mean II obviously I would love for his mother to gather in a lot of money off of it mm-hmm but I'm gonna be grateful like for whatever amount um well that's not even your entire focus with it though no no yeah not at all because you know isn't a message behind it absolutely and you know I'm just I'm just excited that like I'm finally able to like put something physical out to the world I'm excited to like I'm really looking forward to it I if you guys haven't seen his work check out your Instagram what's the heads on a groceries at snipers it's basically like it's funny cuz you're like like I I guess my YouTube streets or sniper streets yes so people like if you Google's streets you'll pull up my stuff they'll be a tumblr website Instagram whatever is under that yeah could you talk about to fellow creatives so I noticed your layout on Instagram has kind of changed a little lately where you put the white panels right you put three white panels and then you put three picture panels and then you put another set of three white panels and then there's another set of three white panels so as you scroll you see that it goes in this this order but when you put those white panels other people who see your posts are only receiving a white panel picture and that's three in a row and I could see some people being agitated about something like that but coming from a creative like yourself what are your thoughts in it and does it does it I I think it looks aesthetically pleasing when I go to your page so how does how does it make you feel what yeah it's like far as the page like is definitely like for the aesthetics it's more to show you like to like break up the work mm-hm so that the works not all running together and you can see that this set of twelve images was a whole project and this set of three was a whole hmm that's that's really cool basically because yeah because like at one point last summer and I got this from what I saw childish gambino do this first on this program and then I saw Kanye do it for Valentine's Day his and he was new to Instagram at the time which is unique his feet was blank he shared 50 images of basically like celebrity couples the fifty-first was him and Kim and that was like it was there for a couple days and he deleted it I was like wow like that is beautiful in a place where it's like I feel like the Internet just has so much stuff on it and it's always there like he put something there briefly it was like a virtual gallery that you can come to mm-hmm and then it's gone the same way like okay here's the gallery in a museum for the week and then it's gone you know it was like this momentary thing so I actually did that when I first shared the photos I crafted from the Antwone Rose protest they were up on my Instagram for a while and then they were gone I thought I was gonna do the same moving forward I did it because I realized you know what like it's important to have what I've done there recently and so that's why I started just doing like the three blank posts and at first it was totally blank like I wouldn't even put anything down there I mean even with my photos like I'll put information maybe like the date the event I don't caption it or anything because it's like the photo should speak for itself if it's a good photo you know I don't need to like add my words to it at all that but recently with the blink post I've started like writing something in there I think that's so cool yeah because I'm like because people would actually like the blank post and that amused me so much I'm like yeah that's funny and like really at the same time it's like someone would just be my homies and like they'd get in the comments and like talk trash or whatever I'm like this is great but I was like well yeah you're like just be a little more interactive like say something even if it's like I ate a bagel this morning yeah just interact a little bit you know because I know for me personally I can be like super reclusive and I don't care at all I don't care how it comes off that's just that's my space that's like a comfort zone I become okay I'm in my house for a week working on stuff or I'm out and about you know yeah I but yeah like I'm like open up a little bit yeah I was reading I was reading them and and some were just like catching me off guard I was like oh okay well one of the most recent ones were like I finally did it yeah yeah yeah we're coming to Princeton I was like I always talk about the zine yeah like so I thought that you know we really obscure like that I enjoy being obscure as do i yeah it's fun to tease like yeah yeah you know and just like what was he doing yeah what what did he print yeah yeah and um you know like even in the process of making the zine in the process like a lot of my process is just super organic you know I get into it and I'm working on titling last night and I'm working working I'm like this isn't working you know so you just figure out another way like you know kind of going in with a plan and then just totally deviating from that and doing something totally different I think it's easier for me to create like when I'm into space and I'm working if I have to like plan it out and like okay this is what we're gonna go with like sometimes just hard to even come up with the idea you know I gotta have to be active so uh is there any advice that you'd give to a person who just picked up their first camera within the past year and they're looking to be a photographer but they don't know where to take it or what to do where to take yeah I would get on YouTube I would Google how to shoot and manual and I would start there and I would learn that and then I would go outside my house or in my house or whatever I would just have my camera with me and I would just start taking pictures I mean the same way I did it just start taking pictures figuring it out messing around with your setting you know there's always two there's always at least two ways to do the same picture once you understand manual could you elaborate on what that means I'm not letting my best on yourself you know like if if if I took your portrait right now you know I could do it I can change you I could see you having your ISO or your NSA which basically is telling your light meter or telling your camera the sensitivity of your film or whatever is that makes sense you have your aperture which is basically like a hole in your lens and that hole can widen or tighten so it's controlling how much light is coming in and then you have your shutter speed on the back so you have this little shutter that's gonna you know pop up and allow that light to come in and hit your digital sensor your film whatever medium you're working with your old glass plates if you're doing it like the old time of you guys four by five you know like in the cartoons where they go under those yeah yeah yeah yeah um so basically because I'm gonna try and give it like a better example of it like I would mess that up too much if you change just one of those things just change just by changing if you've set it up one way you could change one of those things and then adjust the other two settings to do the same picture and you would get different I think that's correct you would get a different effect aesthetically mm-hmm because you're crafting the photo different technically but I mean you nobody likes a subject matter why it's the same photo okay yeah that's cool so say one more time there's three duets oh ISO aperture and shutter speed those are like those are the three I guess the three technical pieces as far as your camera is concerned that you should be concerned about to understand first and then of course you need to go out of the world you're gonna start thinking about light and where is light coming from and oh the lights bouncing off of this building and hitting down here you know and am i shooting into the light am i shooting against the light the light to my back all sorts of stuff what's your ideal setting for a photo as far as okay let's see or would you not want an ideal setting since you kind of just go out there yes yeah I'm more like I just go out there I just take something that yes I do I do it I do like a lot of sunlight okay I like I like what the place yeah I guess so we only have 190 sunny days a year yeah between which is funny because when I lived in Alabama I wasn't shooting a lot of film at the time I came to this place where I was like I knew film was the direction I wanted to go in and I knew that okay kind of what I've done digitally like that's great but I'm gonna have to kind of take a step back and really put in a lot of work and not really have anything to show for it for a while well I you know figure this thing out which is another reason why this thing is so exciting I've recently been striving to get better at as well it's just like because you can listen with a stubborn ear mm-hmm okay I listen to you all right I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing yeah yeah that's yeah well you're just hearing me at that point yeah right yeah you're not hearing there correct yeah you know and just you know also like you know putting little things into perspective you know like okay I'm sick today well I have this bill to pay but you know what my Health's more important so all right hey I got a you know I got a call off today yeah you know we I found it you know there's certain things my life I was just far too emotionally attached to in some form or fashion because I wasn't looking at it with a proper or healthy perspective okay you know it was like lower or higher than where it should have been mm-hmm I guess is the best way to put it would you say you're getting that yeah I'm striving so I'm gonna find just that balance just balance and everything that's cool and like our bodies man like we're messed up we're all just messed up so for me it's it's it's it's it's a spiritual place mm-hmm being a piece with your spirit yes that's where it starts because like you know like you see the clothes you see me but like me is what's speaking I'll go to you from this Bob this is just the show I'm living in you know yeah so also kind of looking at my stuff like that like okay well like you know maybe you didn't he didn't like you know what t-shirt you were today but it's all good like that's just the t-shirt you war over what you live inside yeah it's hard I get it's hard to have it's hard to have a healthy perspective if you don't have truth to you know no that's that's para fide and I think that's your you're right about that because it is hard to have any perspective if you can't be honest and truthful with one yourself and then to those around you but one you have to be truthful to who who you are and what and what your intent is right and and the way you carry your stuff the the actions that follow and the choices you make and that that all comes full circle to create you and men especially just it's kind of like constant re-evaluation mm-hmm Carl and Col another thing that you had to fail to win mm-hmm you have to lose to gain a lot you know you have to mess up maybe to figure out okay well this is how I'd do it I'm next so great at failing yeah great feeling yeah that's good yeah I I've I've strived to do well and never fail but I've realized that while doing that I felt so much but learning from that failure has rated this mindset and that's and that is what keeps pushing me healthy very effective yeah not like ah down in the dumps no like no you have an opportunity now opportunity yeah hey I tore my ACL once mm-hmm about this yeah yeah and I read alright or my other ACO I didn't get surgery I felt depressed for a while and it was eating me off eating me up and it's still torn to this day but I realized I took it as a lesson as an opportunity to do something different so I couldn't just get that depression hold of me and keep injuring myself doing like I mean I was running but it was just like they behind us yeah it's so powerful it was it was insane when it happened but I realized that it was a lesson for me and there's some growth to be laying here so that's that's how how I'm striving to be I hope that's how we're all today each and every day um cuz like you know and I think I think you know again I've some things I picked up from football you know you get knocked down a lot in football so you have to learn how to pick yourself back up and then just you know taking kind of like that same aspect and fun and her same approach in life you know it's not about what happened to you it's about how you respond to what happened to you you have you you have a choice you know in a situation like okay this happened to me but how am I gonna respond to this yeah what are the next step right because that is that what determines what gets you where you are is your response to every thing that comes your way and oftentimes that can be unfair or cruel I mean you think about a kid you know and maybe in a bad situation it's not like they're logically proper you know this thing's just coming up mm-hmm regardless you know so you get down the road you know maybe no one ever brings you know shares at them like yo you know you can it'll be painful but you can actually unearth and get rid of a lot of these burdens just by going back and saying like you know okay this is what happened this is what was done to me and this is how I responded to it but what is the appropriate response that I should have had and oh you know what it's not my fault either let's put the blame appropriately let's put the blame where it should be and okay now I'm gonna have this new response because now I have truth mmm in this area that's yeah that's um that's and that's another thing that I recently you know just threw out my they just stop and like why are we feeling like this you know and just like just work into it and like okay like is what happened and I mean it like it'd be stuff from years ago bro mm-hmm you know I mean we carry that this body we carry everything you know these memories and emotions they're just in there tumblin you know like a dryer you know you see the clothes they're just there you're not even conscious of it until somebody or something in life like shakes it all of a sudden like it comes out mm-hmm you know like oh snap you know where did that come from ya know that but you know we're sewing like you know we got to go to job we got it we got so much stuff going on in this society so much we got to do it's like people don't even have time to even think about the fact oh I got I need to deal with myself because I got to survive every day yeah um it's it's tough but like you said it's a balance yeah mm-hmm and this it's a hundred percent worth striving for oh yeah definitely is you you need an inner peace you do yes how can how can those around you have peace if you yourself don't have inner peace right yeah it's not exactly the way we feed off each others energy so this is now burst time burst time and there's the first time for base time okay let's get it oh yes this is starburst let's go I hope I don't get sued so burst time means we're gonna eat some starburst I'm gonna ask streets here some quick questions they could be quick or I'm not little long-winded first yeah that's okay that's okay so yeah we're just gonna crack these open I got all pink it's like watermelon I think I love all the starters I'm not sure take as many as you want okay I'll put them here so yeah so I wish please don't sue me right now so base time here's how it's gonna work I'm just gonna ask you some random questions obscure things sometimes come to my head sometimes they don't and they're very basic I'm gonna start with what's your favorite starburst the one you just handed me not even not those not these mmm this woman that's a good one you should keep the wrapper than a little pocket oh wow these are so good when I was working at Moe's my boy DeVaughn shut up to vote a man would always bring in candy which I love because like any little candy during your birthday you know it's even funnier another story my first year playing football 8th grade one of our senior wide receivers another guy who's loved candy on thursdays before a game we'd have like a light practice mm-hmm just like helmet shoulder pads this man would be out there of gobstoppers and all candies in his pocket even candy and practice I just thought like you know what's up Christian just like stick that hand in there grab some candy like you already knew what was good that's cool that's really cool I like that all right so most inspiring photographer oh man is it criminal to bite a starburst and not eat the whole thing at once just some people I feel like those people are weirdos because like you should be able to eat and enjoy this beautiful piece of candy however you desire okay hmm because there's been so many moments where either and the inspiration is always different sometimes it's not necessarily their photography it's like how well like joel meyerwitz classic example of somebody's not necessarily his work I admire but how well-spoken he is mm-hmm because I don't necessarily consider myself a person who's well-spoken I'm like abrupt and blunt and often will commute communicate something poorly and that's you know that's I think I'm gonna have to go Bruce Gill no cuz that's the guy that keeps popping my head just because when I first saw his work it impacted me so profoundly Bruce Gilman Bruce Gildan Yeah right if you could write a check of any amount of money and give it to charity would you write the check yes if you go to any water park what would it be in Wyatt the beach because the beach that's a terrible answer to that question no no I got my shit because I grew up going to the beach every summer mm-hmm with a pack where you know we passed by the water parks but we always went to the beach I don't know why we didn't go to the water park I guess like my parents just weren't about like paying for six kids and themselves to go to water that's quite a bit yeah yeah that is but having gone to a water park or two now they still doesn't meet the beach the big as my guy Rizzo in Muppet Treasure Island says the big blue wedding nothing beats that all right and anything you want to tell the listeners that's coming up we even if we've talked about it something they obviously um please support the scene Antoine's mom the pre-order will be live when today this wednesday 619 where did they get it so it's funny like I have a big cartel up now cartel cartel yeah I think that's what we're gonna do it through because I have a poor habit of like what what is that sorry I'm not from Italy but I was like I'm aiso an online shop basically um are you going to link that to your Instagram I might will be linked to my Instagram okay how about your website link to my website okay engine I change sniper streets calm and that's on your Instagram URL bio spot mm-hmm yeah that would probably be the best place to go yeah that's probably next time I do a podcast like all this stuff will be done ahead of the I'm not gonna be such a noob but no the thing is so say his name by the way as the title of the scene okay I'll say just say his name mmm that was a sign that was present throughout the protests and a chant that was present rustling entire part of the protest so the scene is very much a documentary of the people the environment the events the moments that took place and I think my most one of my most joyous things about it is just how and I want to be careful how I say this because a photograph can be honest and still misconstrued or mislead and sometimes like I'll even look at a photograph and like I kind of have an idea of what's going on but it's still very relative and what I like so much about this project is just like if 50 years from now or a hundred years from now someone picked this up like there would be you know 70 something you know beautiful photographs of this event that took place and I want to know more about this and they get on whatever some futuristic internet you know yeah they go back in a hologram or something and they're like you know right there with it you know whatever we're gonna be another year not it's scary yeah I hope I've passed peacefully about it I'm not sure um the future is gonna be nuts the the the chance they said say his name his name yeah and I have a sound clip in do you know Jimmy Joe Buzek I do not he he's a lead singer of the Uptown woods but he also this is his own solo project I'm just gonna play this yeah go first hello what's your opinion sir we are I got shit on play that it's all if you like me you probably work the ass beat I don't need much I'm even in stomping all my day when you need to hear the real shit catch me dead for the catch me in an office I can't trust cause I've had to be a culprit read my rights and then lock me in handcuffs to set me off we all lost in America your master champion at your heels away our character master tool has produced the news ruin their mothers mascara mass shootings mass incarceration there's no juice pray in the past efficient fast the past the master bagan massacres from la the massachusetts i guess nothing matters we all puppets to and masters bidding but iceberg at all my rights and then lock me in handcuffs then beat off we all lost in America Dylan being from Philadelphia police employing serial killers it's serious business terrorizing a fifth and leaving kids without a father I hope it aren't you I hope you see his face forever the great they don't member be his soul never recipes temperature rising got me in the cold world this a matter of survival deep inside a nightmare life lost no love felt no question and stuff la failed free to roam bail unsecured on house arrest became home there's a load of officers better off and a more instead they acquitted in court this sister could run puts the does full to serve protective a provoking destruct there's no justice [Applause] back then yeah I remember when I first started listening to a lot of hip-hop and it still kind of blows my mind a day that like even if your ideas are outdated or just wrong or different however you want to put it like when someone puts it that eloquently that straight you know from the cut and light you cannot empathize with that you know that's why this keeps happening there's a and it's funny you brought the audio up the material we're gonna tease out on social media for this pre-order it's photo with audio mm-hmm and it's just like that and there's a photograph it's my favorite photograph of the book or the zine it was a Market Square you know the funny thing about Pittsburgh being a small dense city bigger than what I'm used to but yeah it's still small and dense which I love um you see a lot of the same faces mm-hm so this is the first time I had seen this couple seen him multiple times since there's a couple sitting at the table there you know those little colored tables man's on his phone the lady has her hands over her ears like this eyes closed behind her is a protester for fists raised you can see the protesters around in the back you can see a sign fan Khan's name on it and I mean I took several photos of this because when I saw what was happening like I realize the power of that frame the story that was there and then there's kind of like just coming into the frame on each side like you know somebody's arm whatever I mean just form wise the photo was excellent I think it's an excellent photo it's my favorite in the book because it perfectly illustrates where I believe we're at today in a small sense with I guess you would say race relations uh I'm sorry I'm I'm always so careful when I talk my thing because I'm not the best field own telling the best most spoken but basically this lady's not listening she refuses to listen you know it doesn't matter what youth you can't even listen mm-hmm no one's forcing you but you can't you refuse to listen mm-hmm you know that's that's insane I can even visualize what that looks like and that that kind of I'm gonna that kind of speaks to what I'm gonna show you the photo now yeah that speaks our society right now and it's you know we share information so quickly you know we're the most connected we've ever been but we have to be open to receiving it absolutely you know would you would you like any service well there probably probably probably the doughnuts earlier this morning – uh-huh here it is Wow that's insane you know that's that's yeah I don't there's s no worse that's it it's a trim powerful photo a second later you wouldn't have gotten it because that guy was about to walk in front of mes like yeah I think you know as far as Sam and the lady that are they kind of work they just added kind of like net balance and almost a natural kind of goes the the circle around right because if he's here then this wraps and you're a part of that mm-hmm but for her not to even okay you disagree but you can't listen you can yeah open to hear another band this this is a sign of disrespect right that I can't even hear myself right when I'm saying right but it was this it was the physical act mm-hmm as a such a sign of disrespect and and it's it's like your cause means nothing to me I don't even have I don't even have an ounce of respect for you listen to me that is a perfect example of what white privilege is it is the environment where there are just straight there are things that we as white people do not have to deal with yes yes even if we have to deal with it a little bit mm-hmm we do not have to deal with it on the level that poor classes or black culture has to deal with it mm-hmm police brutality is absolutely one of those things when if that if that was in a white neighborhood and the kid ran out of the car in fear there's no way that kid would have gotten shot mm-hmm I mean that's that's my no no wait there isn't it and that's anything he would have gotten tased exactly and there's some audio a part of this material we're gonna put out we're an activist speaks to that the fact that the officer Michael Rosco did not follow appropriate police procedure in fact the activists even says he didn't follow his training I would even argue a little bit that he didn't follow his training but he's a victim too in the fact that you know as a white male if he's growing up in the suburbs he's watching his own television programming he's got other people's information coming at him you know like he was wrong but it's like his mindset needs to change to white babies are not coming into the world racist or hateful no no baby no baby this stuff's taught mm-hmm that man acted out on some things that he learned that we're not healthy yeah and then got away with it yet the energy outside because I I got off work and I ran up to the courthouse that Saturday night as the trial was finishing and the energy you know outside of that place it was you know there's I've been in shock before you know unfortunately like we all a lot of us knew that was a good possibility based on how things have been handled in the past mhm but still to like be there we were right after all that effort and had been put forth you know and hope for the right the right thing to come out and we were to be handled like that was just uh it's it's it's sad but it speaks to the vomit of all of our words yeah speaks to where our society is at yeah and it shows we do need it we can either empathize outside of our own fishbowls mm-hmm man dude it's yeah the world is bigger than like our own individual well that's why we need to keep talking keep listening exactly but especially as us it's very important that we especially I'm talking about us as why men listen you know because I've seen people in the past it's like all right I can tell you meant good but like you should have listened more before you act it out mm-hmm you don't I'm saying that makes sense because actor was in town right because you know and you know your intention was good you want to help but it's like listen a little bit more because there's there's just things and situations and experiences that we've been blessed and never have to deal with because we've been looked at differently mm-hmm straighter yeah it's completely true it's uh that sounds so basic and it just blows my mind that there's still people who don't want to hear that don't even want to try and understand that yes so we need the basic simple to be basic like when I first heard that it's like wow you know I'm thinking back to it's it's 2014 and I'm in Kansas in at school and I'm watching on you know one of the BS news channels we have many of the live coverage of the protests for believers Eric garner you know this is the first time as at like 21 22 so this is the first time like I'm learning this but you know these kids had to grow up in that why would why am I just now learning that I mean that speaks to my education mm-hmm what was placed in front of me what was it placed in front of me so that I would develop you know but it from the jump it just made sense to me I'm like this is wrong you know it's crucial to be a no or not no or not and so it is it's it can continue I just I don't see why we need to educate each other just like you know just like this I that's that's that's a big part of wrongness of reality as there is things in our lives not just us but everyone that go on notice to the whole of society but to us they extremely powerful and how we learn how we grow and what we see and what we do impact that that that thing in which creates us so we need to have an open dialogue and we need to be able to talk about the things we don't want to talk about the things that make us uncomfortable to talk about because then we'll start talking about right and we'll get somewhere we'll move forward right somewhere and nothing changes if nothing changes no exactly it's completely so what is rawness or reality meaning you man openness just like it's all on the table you know we're not holding back I feel insecure about this well let's just put it on the table then you know just just have faith to open up um I did want to ask you one question because I feel like you know like the lady pudding you know doing that like mhm that's not just an act that's an attitude and I know that when I come into certain circles there's certain attitudes there and how do we and I'm just wondering if you had experiences like because if someone's unwilling to listen like there's only so much you could do mm-hmm especially if somebody doesn't want to have a mature conversation yeah and that's often time I think the big kind of like building block if somebody will like jump off to some other rabbit trail and I'm up whoa like we're talking about apples not oranges they're both fruit but we're talking about apples yeah just because you like apples has nothing to do with you see what I'm saying so like when you've been in these situations with very likely white peers and tried to check it have you had success have you not had success how do you even go about that because so I've been frustrating on my end I I have an answer and it may be wrong yeah I'm gonna be wrong but most I'm gonna be right so it's okay like that yeah so let's say you and I are talking we don't know each other I say something to you and you just you can't you can't agree yeah you don't want to hear it I'm wrong I then give you an opportunity to tell me why I will let you play it out all on the table I turn it around mm-hmm and I listen to you I engage in what you have to say I take an interest in your interest right and then I create the common you there is now that common ground mm-hmm you find the common ground by taking interest in others interest and if you take interest in their interests then you will inevitably find a channel in which both of you are able to communicate and in an environment where that woman was with her her hands on her head is not going to be in the environment in which she has an opportunity to speak mm-hmm so what then needs to happen is part of that crowd once they leave a person should go up to somebody who they see is agitated or rebuking whatever sound is around and and let them talk you need other people to speak and you need to have us as the other individuals to listen in order for them to even want to listen to us sometimes it's about us being quiet the the the one who who has a message to say to be quiet to eat last mmm I like that that's on point and that's so healthy for me to hear because being a very outgoing and passionate person I'm naturally a hothead mm-hmm and that kills me in some of those situations sometimes because I yeah I don't act from like a mature patient place yeah but that equation it's like I was like well how could you oh you know yeah well that's that's coming I think another thing is a lot of times it's a loved one I'm speaking with so there's like that emotional factors thing yeah yeah you you you have to outside of yourself oh yeah and and and I think I think the crucial thing is take interest in others interest because that will show somebody that they have your attention and then if they have your attention they will give you their attention I think that's an excellent pattern yeah right on that's that's all I have heard this isn't great yeah so much joy and what we're gonna have you and again I'm gonna live in I'm really really looking forward to it ya know I mean keeping it in the back of my mind I wanted to I wanted to come you know the first time we did it and as a photographer you know one of the few earthly labels I will allow my spirit in this flesh to be under mm-hmm have something you know to bring to the table yeah that's that's awesome that you do I the day we met you were talking about a zine June 19th it's coming to fruition so I'm excited about it I really am and I look forward to the work you'll be doing in the future do you have anything to say to our listeners before we know that I mean that's it a sniper streets say his name June 19th thank you for the support please support you know all the place that all the the proceeds are going to Antoine's mother so snag it up next a week from now I need to be scrambling because y'all bought me out and I gotta get more done so that's the situation I want all right we'll see you see you on the next episode when I have a discussion with mad rabbit but for now let's acknowledge snipers streets and go check out a zine the links in the vial I enjoyed speaking with streets and I hope you all enjoyed listening if so please like comment subscribe share tell us how we can prove the only way I'm going to get better is with the help of you so all the constructive criticism you can deliver I can receive our episodes can only get better for you and another big thank you to Mike campus our production manager and Joe cow on the beats and remember stay law with reality oh yeah

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